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“Angels never know it’s time  To close the book, and gracefully decline …”
(Genesis, “Ripples”)

I love that song – that line in particular. We see it played out time and again. The book franchise that goes on two books too long, the TV series that should lasts three seasons after it’s story arcs are resolved, the band who keeps making records thirty years past their shelf date. Once you’re the focus of attention – of positive feedback, you begin to feel that you’ll surrender it only when wrested from your cadaver’s icy grip.
It takes wisdom and self-control to set the mic back on the stand and then exit stage right…

VisionZ has folded, Maria is moving on, the HG Safari has wound down and I feel in my heart and I feel in my bones that it’s time for Avatarfest to join them. 2018 will be the final year that I hold this festival. There is only one more statement to make. This October we will make that statement. After that, it’s time to close the book, and more importantly, to get off the stage so that newer voices can be heard and newer players can have room to play.
I feel a sea change happening in the Hypergrid, but I couldn’t tell you what it means. The pessimist isn’t wrong to point out that this is the end of an era, the optimist may be correct in saying that now a new era might begin. There might not be *this* user-focused festival next year, but I am confident that there will be *a* user-focused festival. One that, perhaps, better reflects the sensibilities of 2018 and not 2010.

Each year I’ve been impressed with the creativity of the exhibitors and the generosity of those we have out here. I’ve done the SL birthdays for years, and been to the Linden Art exhibits and several events on the hypergrid as well – but what I’ve seen from y’all stands toe to toe with anything on those events – and often better! I’m damned proud and awestruck by the talent and creativity that people put into their exhibits. I’m very proud of all of you, and I am very greatful for your support for these three years that the festival has been going on. This has been a humbling experience and I am thankful to everyone who’s shared a part of themselves to make this festival happen. I thank all of you, all of the exhibitors, all of the performers, all of the folks who’ve helped with promotion and videos over the years and those who have volunteered their time and greeted as well, and of course I thank all who’ve come to the festival as well.

Thank you all – Han Held

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Now for the dateline for this final festival:

July 23rd – Applications are accepted for Avatarfest exhibitors.

August 17th – Region will open for builders.

September 8th – Deadline for applications. Nothing added after this date.

September 29th – Region closed to builders for troubleshooting.

October 6h – Avatarfest opens!

November 30th – Avatarfest closes to the public.

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