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By the users, for the users, OF the users

All objects and assets that a user has created in the context of using the OpenSim standalone region “AvatarFest” remain the property of this user. The organizers reserve the right to display said objects and assets for the purposes of the festival, but this right may be revoked at any time by the user – in which case the objects and assets will be removed by the AvatarFest staff as soon as possible. Other than the right to display, temporarily store and create backup (for the purpose of displaying), AvatarFest makes no claim whatsoever to the users’ objects or assets.

Each participant shall agree to respect the copyrights of others, and to only use assets and properties that they have legal rights to use. Each participant will be responsible for ensuring that they are not using illicitly sourced objects.

If a rights holder discovers their property being used against their wishes, they are invited to contact us immediately through the contact form provided on this site. We require proof of ownership, but will act to safeguard the original creators’ rights during our investigation – including removing said object if appropriate. In particular, if the disputed object is something which is being given away, it will be immediately removed during our investigation for the sake of minimizing its’ distribution.
If you are a visitor and see an object which you consider to be suspicious, we ask that you inform the creator and give them our contact info and request that they contact us with proof to have it removed.
While we will intend to act in good faith and to the best of our knowledge, any liability of either organizers or server operators is expressly excluded.

If the content or design of this site violates third party rights or statutory regulations, please contact us through the provided contact form. The removal of one of these pages with alledged copyright infringement by property rights-holders themselves may not be done without our consent and will not pay any costs incurred prior to a first contact having been established.