Han Held – Startled Angel

By the users, for the users, OF the users

“Startled Angel”; the centerpiece of Admeja in Opensim and Secondlife. Inspired by the song “Ripples” by Genesis.

In January I ended my “neuanzere” project and wiped Funadama clean, and then started a new build based on Seattle.

That build failed so I returned to my previous theme (remaking 2007 in my own image). I decided to set aside at least two parts of the region for artistic builds.

The “town square” is one such area. I had a vision of an angel in the middle of town with it’s wings spread. Instead, I have converted a makehuman model, with gown, Linda Kellie’s “Quinn” hair and wings that I made myself and a small book. The “pool” it is standing in is a smaller version of the one in Admeja and Secondlife.

While I expect to refine the base it’s standing on (and eventually the wings), this statue will continue to be the centerpiece of Admeja. Both for it’s sentiment and also as a technique I intend to continue to use in my future builds.