Franziska Bossi & Eryn Galen – Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts

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Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts Exhibit

Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts (HFB) is taking part in AvatarFest for the third time now. Returning builders Franziska Bossi and Eryn Galen show yet another part of their epic build Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts, a 9 Var region on Metropolis Grid. This time its a part of the garden reminding fans of the Harry Potter games. The exhibits have always featured interactive elements.
In the first year of AvatarFest in 2015 it was a mini-castle with classroom and hospital, a sorting into a house by the sorting hat and hidden treasures.
In 2016 a section from the Forbidden Forest with giant spider, dragon and unicorn was shown and both years visitors were able to take a small gift specially made for AvatarFest – but there was always a catch.
Thus also this year in order to receive the gift, visitors will have to overcome obstacles and follow instructions.

So have fun at this year’s interactive exhibition of Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts!