Szavanna Sunshine – Sunvibes India Exhibition

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Szavanna Exhibit

This year our Sunvibes project showcases art works of two of our Indian artists, CreativeSam India ( SL name ) and Seahawk Davi (SL name ).
They are both from India and working on India related art work – Davi shows his RL paintings and Sam introduces us to Indian life via his beautiful photos.
Sunvibes India is part of our Sunvibes project that strives to introduce world cultures and world music through our parties in virtual worlds.

While enjoying the beautiful art work – please remember to turn on music at the exhibit for the Sunvibes India stream that is playing peaceful classical Indian ragas during the festival.

Information about Sunvibes:
Sunvibes Jives are dedicated to exploring world cultures through music – enjoying tunes from all over our planet.
Through the tunes – we learn about stories from different parts of the world, learn about different traditions, dances, musical instruments, musical styles of all kinds.From African desert blues, to Bollywood tunes, traditional Indian ragas, zulu guitar styles, or the mbalanx tunes of Senegal – we jive to so many different kinds of music, in different languages, created by talented artists from all over the world.
We also watch as these tunes all mingle, mix together in so many ways, noticing how each culture influences the other and how we all influence, teach and learn from each other everyday.Music has always been the great healer of the world – the tunes open minds and sooth the soul – unite and relax us.Come check out one of our planetary jives by visiting our site and online calendar of events at: