Neovo Geesink – OpenSim tools

By the users, for the users, OF the users

Neovo Geesink exhibit

Neovo Geesink, located primarily at Metropolis, showcases his tools for OpenSim. At ground Level, there is a Voting Table which makes it possible to democratically vote upon 4 choices including built-in information on how to use the system. At the deck above there is a 16-seat area where one can seat and chat. There is also a ColorSphere in which you can set your Avatar and take a Snapshot so that you get a picture of your Avatar with an uniformely colored background also including information on how to use that system. In the Give-out Rack, there are some gadgets which you can take to use on your regions.
There is also a transparent Skybox above this parcel at 200 Metres high. In there, you can oversee the entire region with the help of Camera Movement.
He also provides teleporters for all three parts of his exhibit.