Tosha Tyran – Vincent van Gogh goes Virtual

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Vincent van Gogh goes Virtual

For her second exhibit at AvatarFest features a walk-in house right out of one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.
Her first exhibit at AvatarFest 2016 called “Ivory City” had been a tribute to the late Lumiere Noir, who was a very early resident of Second Life and well known there as a teacher of building.

Tosha wrote a letter to Vincent van Gogh, explaining her showcase:

Dear Vincent,

I am happy to tell you, that I found a little house for you near Arles in the Provence. Just what you were looking for, I am sure.

Well, actually the house is kind of pretty surrounded by a little garden with plenty of sunflowers and trees – among them the tall thujas. The garden has a little wall around it, so you can close the gate if you do not want to be disturbed. And it is big enough for your dream of of founding a colony for artists to live and work together in that blue southern light. Gauguin who has recently returned from Martinique, has already announced his coming as has Christian Mourier-Petersen.

At the moment there is only one problem: renovation of the house is still underway so that at the moment – if you wish to rush here – you shall be confined to one single and rather simple room.

Ah, but I promise: the light IS wonderful and I really think you will adore this place!

I hope to be in France still when you’ll come here in and we must then make sure not to miss each other.

Yours truly

Tosha Tyran