Deanna Janus – AvatarFest Tribute to Cultural Diversity with Tango and Fileteado Porteño!

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Exhibit Deanna Janus

When I had to think about what subject of Art I could exhibit this year, I began to imagine the Sim with all the exhibitions and saw a diversity of cultures, all of them in a virtual world. Everyone with their own thoughts and feelings about Art.
The Tango, its music, dance and poetry, and the Fileteado Porteño, an artistic style drawing, are expressions of our culture, “Porteña” Culture that belongs to the people from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and both have been included in the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
This is why I want to tribute to AvatarFest with these expressions of Art.
Tango has grown and changed, ceasing to be music, poetry and dance, to become a philosophy of life, to think, reflect and, above all, love with passion, deeply, without frontiers. It connects us with our deep Self, where only we are, our mind and soul, trying to understand our existence and the why of everything. Tango is passion, eroticism, sensuality, inner connection, existential reflections, the search of the Being, and the recognition of the true love, which we all yearn for.

I invite you to come and enjoy, staying a while in our exhibition, listening the tangos by Aníbal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla, different styles, but beautiful. Troilo, describing the frenzy of life of city, with a bandoneón complaining to be heard, violins answering, and a piano saying its opinion, like a conversation of Café among friends, where everyone knows the salvation for the world, but none can … : “Quejas de Bandoneón” (Complaints of Bandoneón).
Piazzolla, thoughtful, meditative, speaking with the Inner Being, and reflecting on the existence and the afterlife, with hard reflections, as the name implies: “Oblivion”.

And I also invite you to visit the Playlist that I offer in a MOAP, where you can appreciate all kinds of “tangueras” expressions, in videos of all around the world and even movies. Observe, meanwhile, our Plastic Artist Benito Quinquela Martín, who painted in his canvases the work in the Port of Buenos Aires. The Fileteado Porteño shown in the presentation boards and images of posters, buildings fronts and bodies.
With nothing more to say… What are you waiting for!?
Go to feel the Tango!!
With Tanguero Love,
Deanna Janus.