Transcript: 7th April, 2018

By the users, for the users, OF the users

[12:02] Mal.Burns yay – Thirza dances!
[12:02] Bill.Blight That did not take nearly as long as I thought it was going to take
[12:02] Leighton.Marjoram hehehe that lady loves to dance …
[12:02] Thirza.Ember dance while you wait
[12:02] Thirza.Ember i wonder if the transcript will include gifs
[12:02] Leighton.Marjoram definitely better than hold music
[12:03] Thirza.Ember maybe we should thro in some wild phrases that make people wish there was a film of this meeting
[12:03] Han Held: that would certainly make them come to the next one!
[12:03] Han Held: “So…I’m here for the tap-dancing dinosaurs…?”
[12:03] Han Held: 😀
[12:04] Bill.Blight just every once in a while someone shout, “Thirza STOP!” or “Thirza, put that back on”, or “WTF is that even legal”
[12:04] Han Held: YOU CAN”T DO THAT ON LIVE TV o.O;;
[12:04] Thirza.Ember yes
[12:04] Thirza.Ember Bill – wow – is that thing scripted?
[12:04] Han Held: I promise to throw out at least one “omg the nbc censors are gonna kill me for this…”
[12:04] Leighton.Marjoram rofl
[12:05] Thirza.Ember … and now we know what Mal keeps under his hat
[12:05] Han Held: heheheh
[12:05] Thirza.Ember whispers: LOL
[12:05] Han Held: Ok, it’s 12:05 …I think we should get the ball rolling?
[12:05] Bill.Blight “come on thirza, stop, not even Stormy Daniels would do that in public”
[12:05] Thirza.Ember ouch
[12:05] Thirza.Ember hehe
[12:06] Bill.Blight Mal you have a hot mic
[12:06] Bill.Blight just so you know
[12:06] Han Held: ? I don’t hear anything; I don’t think I even have voice on here?
[12:06] Han Held: Or is that on Discord or something?
[12:06] Thirza.Ember i heard him
[12:06] Leighton.Marjoram hahaha is that what the youfs are calling it these days
[12:06] Bill.Blight no here
[12:06] Thirza.Ember it was good ole Vivox
[12:07] Han Held: weeeird; I’m in Singu so it might be my settings
[12:07] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[12:07] Connected
[12:07] Han Held: I hear you
[12:07] Han Held: no, in text
[12:07] Han Held: so I can save a transcript
[12:07] Han Held: I’m going to start now that we have that sorted
[12:07] Han Held: Order
[12:08] Han Held: Hey, Order!
[12:08] Han Held: with order called…let’s get to it 🙂
[12:08] Bill.Blight Fries and a larg drink
[12:08] Bill.Blight (sorry I couldn’t help it)
[12:08] Han Held: Glad someone did
[12:09] Han Held: So, I was hoping folks interested in participating would show up…thank you Leighton and Michel for coming…and would give me their thoughts on when would be good to hold Avatarfest
[12:09] Han Held: How they feel about keeping the same weekend, or what they’d like to do.
[12:10] Han Held: I’ve got and read your email, Thirza…I feel better that there might not be as much overlap as I was afraid of
[12:10] Han Held: If I read it right, it sounds like a lot of the prep y’all are going to do is already done, and doesn’t really match up with what we’re doing…so folks who want to do both probably won’t get burned out
[12:11] Han Held: Oh, hiya Tosha! We’ve just started but haven’t gotten very far y et 🙂
[12:11] Han Held: glad you made it
[12:11] Tosha.Tyran hi
[12:11] Michel.Farrell Hi Tosha
[12:11] Han Held: For the record, I’m saving a record of the meeting to publish on G+
[12:11] Leighton.Marjoram Hello Tosha 🙂
[12:12] Mal.Burns hi Tosh
[12:12] Bill.Blight Hello Tosh
[12:12] Tosha.Tyran :)))
[12:12] Tosha.Tyran nice to be greeting so warmly, thanks
[12:12] Han Held: 🙂
[12:12] Thirza.Ember so yes, the HIE expo moved to the end of September
[12:13] Thirza.Ember but as you say, it’s a very different event
[12:13] Thirza.Ember most of our speakers are already committed, indeed, many have already written their talks
[12:14] Mal.Burns and largely european times/european languages too
[12:14] Han Held: The preparation is totally different, which I wasn’t sure of. Basically if someone wants to exhibit in AF, and talk in HIE they shouldn’t have too much problem.
[12:15] Han Held: At least that’s what I’m hearing.
[12:15] Han Held: Gotcha, Mal -thank you.
[12:15] Mal.Burns correct Han
[12:15] Thirza.Ember personally I think it would be very neat to have the two events on successive weekends
[12:15] Thirza.Ember this formula worked very well with OSCC in december
[12:16] Thirza.Ember the two events kind of fuelled each other
[12:16] Han Held: We’ve have folks ask if I could slide AF forward into October before
[12:16] Han Held: it’s not unreasonable
[12:16] Mal.Burns they did
[12:17] Han Held: Leighton, Michel….if you have any thoughts, please feel free to throw them out there
[12:17] Han Held: I could go roberts’ rules of order but unless it’s a problem, I think free-for-all might work better; we’re all pros here 🙂
[12:17] Leighton.Marjoram No comments at the moment I am pretty flexible just enjoy taking part in AvatarFest.
[12:17] Thirza.Ember Bill ! I’m shocked. *thank goodness no cameras here*
[12:18] Han Held: No idea what you’re talking abo-oh crap, the censors at nbc are gonna KILL me
[12:18] Han Held clears throat
[12:18] Han Held: moving right along
[12:18] Bill.Blight Ok I’ll put it away,
[12:18] Han Held: Leighton…do you feel like having the events back-to-back causes any problems for you?
[12:19] Leighton.Marjoram So are you thinking of having HIE and AF on the same weekend or one then the other over two weekends?
[12:20] Bill.Blight things leighton was asleep
[12:20] Han Held: If I understand Thirza; HIE would run on Sept 29/30; AF would run Oct 6th/7th
[12:20] Leighton.Marjoram That works for me
[12:20] Bill.Blight I came because I know Leighton participates in the AvatarFest, and not wanting to feel left out, I thought I’d offer to throw a pre-Fest dance party, live DJ or maybe I can convince someone to perform if it is not one of our normal performer nights. . Of course proper planning will be needed closer to the event.
[12:20] Thirza.Ember or sep 22 23 if you prefer
[12:21] Han Held: That would be great, Bill …you’d host basically a pre-event party on your grid, kind of a warm-up?
[12:21] Bill.Blight yep
[12:21] Bill.Blight Did the same thing for OSCC had a great turn out
[12:22] Han Held: Is being this close together a problem for that? It would end up being the same time as HIE, or in the middle of the week (I’m not sure how mid-week turnout is for you)
[12:22] Han Held: My thought would be you can have the opener on friday, and we can open AF on Saturday
[12:22] Han Held: unless that conflicts with other events you’re holding
[12:23] Thirza.Ember and we can do a bunch of publicity for it suring HIE
[12:23] Thirza.Ember during*
[12:23] Bill.Blight for me? Friday is always fun, we usually have live music on Fridays, if so we just make it a double party , you tell me the time, I got the place
[12:24] Bill.Blight I’m easy, not as easy as Leighton and Thirza but still easy … 😛
[12:24] Han Held: Sounds great -I mostly wanted to figure out if Oct 6th would be ok for y’all. As you said earlier -we’ll coordinate once it gets closer to opening day
[12:24] Leighton.Marjoram Im not easy I just lack obstacles
[12:24] Han Held: I think they just make it *look* easy *grins*
[12:24] Thirza.Ember I’m complicated. You’ve seen me dance, you should know that.
[12:24] Leighton.Marjoram chuckle
[12:24] Bill.Blight brings the duct tape
[12:24] Han Held: me too, bur replace complicated with uncoroordinated
[12:25] Han Held: So…HIE and AF. I’m not sure what form this would take; but I’d love for us to work together
[12:25] Han Held: publicity sharing? I don’t know…I’m pretty open, tho
[12:25] Leighton.Marjoram I like that idea
[12:25] Thirza.Ember so September 19 and 30, HIE … then from Friday 5 October through the weekend of the 6 & 7 October, AF
[12:26] Leighton.Marjoram Yay I can make a double promo video this year.
[12:26] Han Held: Hi, Cherry Manga….?
[12:26] Bill.Blight Personally I love the idea of events on back to back weekends, some may say it causes burnout, I think it just prevents boredom
[12:26] Han Held: did she make it? LOL
[12:26] Thirza.Ember we can post on the website and more importantly tte social media of HIE about avatarfest, that’s not a problem
[12:26] Mal.Burns would also like you on sunday show again – once when looking for participants/help etc, then again week or 2 before announcing what’s on
[12:26] Han Held: I saw Eryn pop on; let me TP her over here please
[12:26] Han Held: There you are, Cherry! Welcome
[12:26] Eryn Galen received your inventory offer.
[12:26] Thirza.Ember I don’t think it’s going to cause a burnout, it’s too different.
[12:26] Tosha.Tyran Hi Cherry Manga
[12:26] Cherry.Manga aloha all
[12:26] Teleport offer sent to Eryn Galen
[12:26] Leighton.Marjoram waves @ Cherry
[12:26] Mal.Burns salut Cherry
[12:27] Thirza.Ember cierrieuccinetta
[12:27] Bill.Blight more to do back to back keeps the party an interest rolling
[12:27] Michel.Farrell Hi Cherry 🙂
[12:27] Bill.Blight Howdy Cherry
[12:27] Bill.Blight Greetings Eryn
[12:27] Thirza.Ember in December, the two conferences were back to back, and I think it caused Mal and me both some stress, since we both had quite a lot happening on both conventions, but we survived
[12:27] Eryn Galen: Hi there. dont mind me for a bit, still checking in so to speak
[12:28] Han Held: hiya Eryn
[12:28] Tosha.Tyran Hi Eryn
[12:28] Thirza.Ember in terms of keeping people interested, it was a positive experience
[12:28] Michel.Farrell Hi Eryn 🙂
[12:28] Eryn Galen: Hi 🙂
[12:28] Leighton.Marjoram a to be continued feel rather than an ending …
[12:28] Thirza.Ember yes
[12:29] Bill.Blight yep I agree Leighton
[12:29] Bill.Blight we need more cooperation like this, grid to grid, event to event, less “me me me” and more “US US US”
[12:30] Han Held: sorry folks…I was just filling Eryn in on what we’d said
[12:30] Thirza.Ember being tribal is pointless. that is Dark Age mentality
[12:30] Mal.Burns yes yes yes
[12:30] Han Held: very very ‘cliff notes’ version lol
[12:30] Han Held: and yes, and AMEN Bill
[12:30] Eryn Galen: ya, sorry.. I am nosy 😉
[12:31] Han Held: That’s one of the things that makes me want to do this every year…seeing folks I don’t see, from grids I am not at enough, and getting a vivid reminder of how much awesome talent we have, collectively
[12:31] Eryn Galen: But I totally agree that all we can do to support each others events, lets do it
[12:31] Han Held: y’all have seen the exhibits, so you should know I mean that totally literally
[12:31] Leighton.Marjoram nods @ Han knowingly
[12:32] Han Held: So, Cherry…we were talking about having AF on the first week of October, right after HIE
[12:32] Leighton.Marjoram My favourite time of year is arriving on AF region a few days before and seeing the incredible exhibits
[12:32] Han Held: Would that make things difficult for you in any way?
[12:33] Cherry.Manga nothing’s difficult for me
[12:33] Han Held: it’s intimidating LOL I will never be as good as a lot of the folks that exhibit
[12:33] Cherry.Manga *holidays mood here*
[12:33] Bill.Blight ohhh the party can be Fall/Halloween themed ..
[12:33] Bill.Blight makes note
[12:33] Han Held: awesome, great 🙂 You weren’t here when we discussed it so I wanted to ask 🙂
[12:33] Eryn Galen: lol Leighton, is that why you alwazys have a build there? for sneak previews?
[12:33] Eryn Galen: GRIN
[12:33] Han Held: Maybe Walpurgis (sp?)
[12:33] Han Held: for the party, I mean
[12:33] Leighton.Marjoram totally you rumbled me Eryn 🙂
[12:34] Eryn Galen: hehe. oooh I love Walpurgis
[12:34] Han Held: There you go, Bill 🙂
[12:34] Thirza.Ember october 5 is International Teacher’s Day
[12:35] Tosha.Tyran oh
[12:35] Han Held: So, Thirza, Mal …I would like us to work together, I’d be willing to have us help in whatever way; do you have any immediate ideas or suggestions for us?
[12:35] Bill.Blight Walpurgis ends May 1st
[12:35] Thirza.Ember I have a Headmistress outfit somewhere….
[12:35] Han Held: D’OH
[12:35] Eryn Galen: How do you know that stuff, Thirza?
[12:35] Han Held: I’m always confusing it with halloween…. 🙁
[12:35] Cherry.Manga Thirza knows everything, instead of jon snow
[12:35] Eryn Galen: hahaahaha
[12:35] Thirza.Ember Eyrn I wish the medicine cured me from knowing stuff like that
[12:35] Leighton.Marjoram gasps
[12:36] Eryn Galen: Nah, its good to know you Thirza.. That way I dont have to know it all 😉
[12:36] Thirza.Ember so, we can put some notices on our groups in FB and G+ and on our blog, encouraging people to apply to be in AF
[12:36] Thirza.Ember as well as applying for HIE
[12:36] Eryn Galen: And we can put a link to HIE on our website
[12:36] Mal.Burns and plenty signage space on HIE grounds
[12:36] Bill.Blight Bring me adverts for both events and or give them to Leighton, we will lay them out as well,
[12:37] Eryn Galen: Adverts in what form, Bill?
[12:37] Thirza.Ember the main thing to know is the dealine for applying/building
[12:37] Han Held: And we’ll do likewise, plus what Eryn said about putting something up on our website
[12:37] Bill.Blight whatever form you like , we can deal with just about anything
[12:37] Thirza.Ember we will have the reegions up shortly, and I sppose at the beginning of September will begin rehearsals
[12:37] Eryn Galen: uhm ok. I meant for what medium? Inworld, website, FB, G+
[12:37] Han Held: I think we traditionally begin building in August
[12:38] Eryn Galen: everything?
[12:38] Eryn Galen: hehe
[12:38] Han Held: So we’ll start sign-ups in June? *looks to Eryn*
[12:38] Eryn Galen: yes, I would love to be a little more early this year. I am due for a holiday in September 😉
[12:38] Bill.Blight Eryn, all of the above, we can help post it everywhere
[12:38] Han Held: 40 whacks, coming up =D
[12:38] Eryn Galen: WOW Leighton !!!!
[12:39] Eryn Galen: Heeheehehehe. We’ll figure out something 😉
[12:39] Han Held: So, start signups in June, and then end them Aug 30th…would that work, Eryn?
[12:39] Thirza.Ember congrats ni advance Leighton
[12:39] Eryn Galen: That would work brilliantly Han
[12:39] Eryn Galen: lol
[12:39] Han Held: Ok, that’s the plan then.
[12:40] Eryn Galen: Ok, Hand and I will figure out the look for this year and prepare some poster / link pic, etc.
[12:40] Han Held: I didn’t have a lot of meetings last year -I think that left a void where people just kinda wen’t ‘meh’ so I’m planning on having twice monthly get-togethers
[12:40] Han Held: not necessarily formal meetings, but hangouts inworld where folks can bring things up
[12:40] Han Held: for Avatarfest
[12:40] Thirza.Ember I have oe more suggestionE
[12:40] Han Held: Go for it, Thirza
[12:40] Thirza.Ember that could tie the events together, if Ery feels up to it
[12:41] Eryn Galen: lololol
[12:41] Eryn Galen: I know whats coming now
[12:41] Thirza.Ember if Eryn wanted to give a talk at HIE about Avatarfest
[12:41] Thirza.Ember lol
[12:41] Han Held: errrr…that’s up to her.
[12:41] Thirza.Ember she could bring some pictures and stuff
[12:41] Eryn Galen: I knew it. ack
[12:41] Thirza.Ember it’s only an idea
[12:41] Mal.Burns lol
[12:41] Thirza.Ember hehe
[12:41] Tosha.Tyran true, ingeniuous, thirza
[12:41] Thirza.Ember in your own language
[12:41] Bill.Blight wonders if he should exhibit at AF this year, a giant paddle
[12:41] Eryn Galen: Well, I could make it easy
[12:41] Mal.Burns gotcha Ey7rn!
[12:41] Eryn Galen: and just show the brilliant video Leighton made
[12:41] Eryn Galen: hahaha
[12:41] Han Held: I’m not gonna ask her LOL
[12:41] Eryn Galen: That is still on our website
[12:41] Eryn Galen: lol
[12:41] Thirza.Ember we want to hear your sweet voice
[12:42] Eryn Galen: erm, sweet?
[12:42] Han Held: heheh there you go…it’d be an artistic statement *laughs*
[12:42] Eryn Galen: dunno about that
[12:42] Han Held: Obvs not talkin about MY voice LMAO
[12:42] Eryn Galen: hahahaha Han. But you sounded really good on Mels show
[12:42] Cherry.Manga come on Eryn, every language that isn’t french is sweet
[12:42] Eryn Galen: GRIN
[12:42] Thirza.Ember anyway, it’s a thought, there is still time for people to sign up, we have quite a lot of speakers, but there’s rom for more
[12:42] Han Held: I sounded awesome if your fave words are “um” and “er”
[12:42] Eryn Galen: LOLOLOL, and that from a FRENCHY. I need to mark that in my calendar ASAP
[12:42] Han Held: *grins*
[12:42] Eryn Galen: haha
[12:43] Eryn Galen: anyway
[12:43] Eryn Galen: how long are we talking about Thirza?
[12:43] Thirza.Ember Cherry hates to speak and she did the best talk of the whole conference
[12:43] Eryn Galen: More than 10 mins and not so much, lol
[12:43] Tosha.Tyran indeed
[12:43] Han Held: So she’s ‘volunteered’ for this year too?
[12:43] Eryn Galen: LOL
[12:43] Han Held grins
[12:43] Eryn Galen: How come I always get into situations like that?
[12:43] Thirza.Ember also Tosha did a brilliant talk in german about the history of Craft, it was a masterpiece
[12:44] Cherry.Manga talk 5 min and wear prims 15 min is perfect XD
[12:44] Tosha.Tyran lol
[12:44] Eryn Galen: Nice 🙂
[12:44] Eryn Galen: Now you make me feel bad that I missed it
[12:44] Eryn Galen: rofl Cherry, I can do that
[12:44] Thirza.Ember it’s between 15 and 20 minutes, you can bring items to show
[12:44] Thirza.Ember photos
[12:44] Han Held: Ok, I think we’ve sortedmy concerns and have a good base to start from. I’m gonna stop logging and call it good
[12:44] Thirza.Ember and you can talk slow so we can do the translation ‘subtitles’
[12:44] Eryn Galen: video / Slideshow?
[12:44] Han Held: unless anyone has something else they want covered before we close?
[12:45] Eryn Galen: yes Han
[12:45] Mal.Burns 1 minute to articulate, 14 to particulate!!
[12:45] Eryn Galen: I loved Mals show last time, can we do this again? I feel we got a good response from that
[12:45] Mal.Burns eh Cherry?
[12:45] Thirza.Ember not a video, we try to keep the immediacy of the conference setting , with videos, people have trouble getting them started, and then everyone is watching from a different time point
[12:45] Cherry.Manga yes and no, I’d like to…ermm include fest’avi somehow, you all speaking about crossing events, but at the same time….i don’t really know
[12:45] Cherry.Manga confused about this idea
[12:46] Han Held: we, Eryn?
[12:46] Eryn Galen: ah ok. Well, I think we can sort out the particulars for my “voluntary”talk in Skype Thirza?
[12:46] Thirza.Ember well Ery, you can get Han to hel you construct the talk
[12:46] Thirza.Ember sure
[12:46] Eryn Galen: lol yes Han. I cant do everything by myself 😉
[12:46] Han Held: Good point, sure I’m in
[12:47] Eryn Galen: Great 🙂
[12:47] Eryn Galen: Now we only need Mals ok 😉
[12:47] Mal.Burns fine here
[12:47] Mal.Burns juast set dates
[12:47] Thirza.Ember in 2019 when typonese and gobbledygook are official languages of opensim, we hill have Bill doing a talk at HIE
[12:47] Eryn Galen: cool
[12:47] Eryn Galen: Cherry, what are your concerns?
[12:47] Han Held: Alrighty. Now, I’m like…half senile? Maybe more? Everyone should expect emails asking “what did I agree to”? LOL
[12:48] Han Held: But hopefully I’ll get my stuff together. 🙂
[12:48] Han Held listens
[12:48] Eryn Galen: lol you already have Han, we are all here 😉
[12:48] Cherry.Manga don’t know, i think i misunderstood something, sorry, it has nothing with the purpose
[12:48] Han Held: Well, I think it would be great to have all three work together
[12:48] Bill.Blight Ok everyone line up for your brands and tattoos .. Oh you missed that part, well suck it up buttercup .. 😛
[12:48] Eryn Galen: Ok then, tell us what you think you misunderstood
[12:49] Bill.Blight Oh not that kind of meeting , my bad
[12:49] Han Held: heheh
[12:49] Eryn Galen: not late enough Bill 😉
[12:49] Cherry.Manga forget it, it’s HIE and avatar fest 🙂 I mixed all
[12:49] Han Held: ok, **puts on my serious face and listens to Cherry**
[12:49] Eryn Galen: Well its HIE and AvatarFest and Fest dÄvi
[12:49] Eryn Galen: d”Avi
[12:49] Cherry.Manga Fest’Avi
[12:49] Cherry.Manga 🙂
[12:49] Eryn Galen: ok 🙂
[12:50] Eryn Galen: my bad
[12:50] Cherry.Manga well it will be the last one
[12:50] Eryn Galen: haha, then you have all the good bits
[12:50] Tosha.Tyran awww
[12:50] Eryn Galen: both other events promoting for you
[12:50] Eryn Galen: hehe
[12:50] Thirza.Ember we need to find a way to do publicity also for Fest’Avi
[12:50] Cherry.Manga and unsure how it it can help the whole stuff of everything but
[12:50] Han Held: I’m open…I think it would be great if we could all three coordinate
[12:50] Han Held: a triple threat, if you will
[12:50] Eryn Galen: If Fest”Avi has a website, you can put up links to the other two events
[12:51] Mal.Burns is there a date for festAvi Cherry?
[12:51] Eryn Galen: ROFL Han, thats brilliant
[12:51] Cherry.Manga I miss something in collabs, I’m not good at it, but i’d like to help
[12:51] Cherry.Manga I think it will probably happen in september if i don’t receive much mor eavatrs
[12:51] Cherry.Manga avatars*
[12:51] Eryn Galen: Also, Cherry, if you have a poster for promotion inworld, we can put it up at both events, informing of Fest”Avi
[12:52] Cherry.Manga I have nothing, that’s why I feel bad talking to you about this right now
[12:52] Han Held: Well, for what it’s worth I don’t mind notices relating to Fest’Avi in our G+ group, and we can make posts in the FB group too
[12:52] Thirza.Ember i have a fest’avi poster
[12:52] Eryn Galen: I suck at avatar making, so dont expect anything from me in that regard, sorry Cherry
[12:52] Han Held: on top of web links
[12:52] Eryn Galen: Well there is still time to make something.
[12:52] Eryn Galen: If you want, I can help you with that
[12:52] Eryn Galen: great Thirza
[12:52] Leighton.Marjoram im no expert and I have made two 🙂
[12:53] Han Held: I’m a little lost, but I might be able to help too
[12:53] Bill.Blight I’m sure leighton and I will share anything you throw our way
[12:53] Cherry.Manga and they rock Leighton
[12:53] Han Held: I’m using makehuman
[12:53] Han Held: I can make an avatar….not sure anyone would want to use it
[12:53] Thirza.Ember Leighton – the PG poster and the XXX poster?
[12:53] Tosha.Tyran Cherry, I would like to have a talk with you about fest’avi for my blog
[12:53] Eryn Galen: And Cherry, we ahve nothing for this year Avatarfest ready either, but we can still talk about what would be good to have
[12:53] Han Held: I’ll make up some, and send them, and you can use them or not
[12:53] Han Held: When’s the deadline, Cherry?
[12:53] Cherry.Manga Tosha, I want a build collab with you on craft… 🙂
[12:53] Tosha.Tyran oh great!
[12:53] Cherry.Manga deadline for avatars is 30th may
[12:54] Han Held: I’ll do what I can. I’ll submit something, at the least. 🙂
[12:54] Thirza.Ember OK so this is the summer of collaborations, and building on the historic traditions of hypergrid, Fest’Avi, Avatarfest, and the baby of the family, HIE
[12:54] Mal.Burns yay
[12:54] Eryn Galen: YAY Thirza
[12:54] Cherry.Manga if I receive many the show will be later than september, if i have few it will be september, all the thing is around avatars i is hard to annouce anything in advance
[12:55] Han Held: w00t! so we’ve got three cross-grid events going on….wow.
[12:55] Eryn Galen: hehee wonderful
[12:55] Eryn Galen: And Mal is our promotional expert 😉
[12:55] Thirza.Ember OK, so we will all contribute to fest’avi, but we won’tworry about announcing a date about fest’avi until the first days of September ?
[12:56] Leighton.Marjoram Love that thirza “OK so this is the summer of collaborations, and building on the historic traditions of hypergrid, Fest’Avi, Avatarfest, and the baby of the family, HIE” can I quote that.
[12:56] Han Held: SOmeone needs to!
[12:56] Eryn Galen: I want to use it on our website
[12:56] Eryn Galen: for the news section
[12:56] Eryn Galen: and btw, we really should create an article about that to put into hypergridbusiness or something
[12:56] Han Held: Unless Thirza minds, let’s go for it
[12:57] Han Held shudders
[12:57] Han Held: errrrrr…..
[12:57] Han Held: ummm.
[12:57] Thirza.Ember lmao *comment deleted*
[12:57] Eryn Galen: lol, its still the most widely read
[12:57] Han Held: LOL ^5 Thirza
[12:57] Han Held nods
[12:57] Tosha.Tyran as a matter of fact Thirza quote would make the perfect theme for all
[12:57] Han Held: I’ll write things up, and send them in
[12:57] Eryn Galen: I was just thinking that Tosha
[12:57] Han Held: I’m not putting a lot of investment into it, though.
[12:57] Eryn Galen: 🙂
[12:58] Thirza.Ember let’s all commit to going ton Mal’s talk show in coming months
[12:58] Thirza.Ember on*
[12:58] Han Held: I’m not sure how that would work as a theme…but it sounds good to me
[12:58] Eryn Galen: Something like: three major events on the free Hypergrid compine forces
[12:58] Thirza.Ember so we can talk up the events
[12:58] Han Held: I’m down with having a common cause 😀
[12:58] Mal.Burns yep
[12:58] Eryn Galen: combine even
[12:58] Han Held: So, Mal
[12:59] Han Held: I was going to ask a dumb question…more redaction LOL
[12:59] Han Held: I had a brain fart and was going to ask him about HGB, sorry
[12:59] Eryn Galen: there are no dumb questions 😉
[12:59] Bill.Blight Once I get my few last issues with the grid sorted, if anybody needs an extra sandbox to build on , just yell, don’t think you will need, but the offer stands ..
[12:59] Mal.Burns and hoping here that more ppl will use the Hypergrid Explorerrs on Discord to chat across grids and promote
[12:59] Han Held: so I’ll ask the room; any idea what their deadline is, or if they even have one?
[12:59] Mal.Burns you can embed posts and pictures easily
[13:00] Eryn Galen: we should all mention that then Mal 😉
[13:00] Han Held: I feel like that discord is becoming more of a hub than OV on G+
[13:00] Han Held: but I am very, very biased
[13:00] Leighton.Marjoram Nods @ Han
[13:00] Thirza.Ember yes, the Discord system is really good central way to find people. I see in the past 2 weeks a lot of people leaving,FB, and G+ is impossible to navigate for many
[13:00] Bill.Blight discord is way more powerful and organized
[13:01] Han Held: Mind you, Discord could end up being just as messed up as FB
[13:01] Han Held: In the end
[13:01] Cherry.Manga sorry, discord is a social media?
[13:01] Han Held: But for now, I’m simply not worrying about it
[13:01] Cherry.Manga what is it
[13:01] Eryn Galen: I have yet to find my way around, but at least I found the group
[13:01] Thirza.Ember it’s a bit like skype, Cherry
[13:01] Cherry.Manga ok
[13:01] Han Held: Cherry, Discord is like IRC (chat) and a web forum (phpbb)
[13:01] Han Held: like a combination of the two
[13:01] Han Held: if they had a baby LOL