AvatarFest 2018 Exhibitor Application

By the users, for the users, OF the users

Thank you for participating!
To participate with an exhibit, please fill out this form and have it submitted by August 24th, 2018.

AvatarFEST is a celebration of what amateur, home users do on the hypergrid. Think of it a bit like “show and tell”. Other events are geared towards professional users for the sake of networking, this festival is geared towards home users with the intent of celebrating what we, the non-professional class, do in virtual worlds.
(Last year highlighted the need to spell these out, sorry)
1) All exhibitors retain the full intellectual property rights to their exhibits, but must grant us permission to retain the exhibits for the duration of AvatarFEST including the preparation period for the purposes of exhibiting them and including the right to make OAR solely for backup reasons. Should any exhibitor revoke that permission, their exhibit will be cleared as soon as possible. Please note that we reserve the right to keep the OAR solely for security reasons until a time after the AvatarFEST, but we will NEVER give out any part of your exhibit.

2) All exhibits must not exceed about 500 prims (we will not stop you at 501, but we will stop you if you go overboard). We ask exhibitors to be mindful of fellow exhibitors, especially with exhibit heights and NO skyboxes please! Scripts must be used sparingly, responsively and cautiously, a max. of 2 NPC must be kept within the boundaries of the exhibit. Please note that although we strive to give exhibitors the most freedom to express themselves, should we find that scripts affect server performance of cause technical issues we do reserve the right to immediately remove the scripts or the items causing the issues. We will of course inform the exhibitor and work together to come up with a solution, but once removed, the same script may NOT be put out again for any reason.

3) All exhibits must be personal in nature, and non-commercial. This means personal non-commercial activities such as roleplay, creating art, hanging out, giving user-to-user support (e.g. emotional support, educational help or help setting up OpenSim and/or derivatives), etc. Exhibits that we feel excessively promote commercial activity, grids, currency, hosting services or other “professional” activities will be asked to change, and if they are not changed will be returned at our convenience.

4) The AvatarFEST staff (mainly Han Held) reserve the right to remove exhibits they feel are inappropriate for any reason, though exhibitors will be informed of the decision and the reasons and given time to remove or change the exhibit. Please note that Hate Speech is specifically disallowed in exhibits and hateful or discriminating (racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, etc.) exhibits will be returned (and the exhibitor banned) immediately.

5) All participants must be responsive and communicative. We will need a functional email to ensure smooth and swift communication. Life happens, and this is recreational; but for the sake of working out issues, we will expect a reasonable response to communications (email, etc.). After a week and a half without a response, a participant may lose their spot if we are unable to work the issue out without them.

6) We try our best to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation = DSGVO = DatenSchutz-GrundVerOrdnung) – compliant, but we are neither infallible nor IT professionals. We will only ask you for information strictly necessary to process this form and ensure your participation in the festival. OpenSim collects minimal data, which is inherent in the program and cannot be stopped. However, only the AvatarFest organizers will see your data – collected with from this form, which is stored as an email and in a local Excel file for handling until it is no longer needed or you tell us to delete it, or on OpenSim, which will disappear when the the region does. As far as we know no additional personal information is being collected and/or stored. You can send us a request at any time via our contact form to delete any stored personal data and we will try our best to make it happen (as said, neither of us is an IT professional). If you are unsure about this, contact us inworld or via G+. If you cannot consent to these terms, unfortunately you cannot participate.

Exhibitor Application form