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Here all exhibitors are listed in order of sign-up:

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The multitude of very creative and talented people to exhibit their OpenSim dreams and projects on this last AvatarFest are listed with name of exhibitor, name of exhibition and category.
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Caro Fayray


Caro Fayray, Crystal Bowl, Artistic


Leighton Marjoram

Leighton Marjoram, Out and Proud, Other


Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall, Spider Motion, Other


Cherry Manga

Cherry Manga, Fest’Avi Finale, Artistic


Juliette Surrealdreaming & Art Blue

Juliette Surrealdreaming & Art Blue, Digital Biennale, Artistic


Sixtus Majus & Wordfromthe Wise

Scripted Artwork, Movement Scenarios, Artistic


Franziska Bossi & Eryn Galen

Eryn Galen & Franziska Bossi, Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts – Privet Drive, Showcase


Emil Jannings

Emil Jannings, Soccer Playing Fields, Other


plastichansa bade & Zonja Capalini

plastichansa bade & Zonja Capalini, Art in Opensim, Artistic


Neovo Geesink

Neovo Geesink, Classroom and Tools, Showcase


Han Held

Han Held, New colony on Opensim, Showcase


Franziska Bossi

Franziska Bossi, Pandora, Showcase


Additionally, AvatarFest features a chiroplane roundabout as well as a hot air balloon ride above the region this year for your entertainment. Enjoy!