Performances 2017

By the users, for the users, OF the users

Saturday, September 23rd

Truelie Telling

Truelie Telling performs LIVE
September 23rd, 2 PM PDT (23:00 MESZ/CEST, 21:00 UTC)


Region “Avatarfest”

Oshi Shikigami

Oshi Shikigami reads her poetry for AvatarFest
September 23rd, 3 PM PDT (midnight MESZ/CEST, 22:00 UTC)

Region “Avatarfest”


DJ Rosa Alekseev – CANCELLED


Sunday, September 24th

Sofee Supermarine

DJ Sofee Supermarine plays the crowds’ favorites and requests
September 24th, 12 pm noon PDT (22:00 MESZ/CEST, 21:00 UTC)

Region “Avatarfest”


DJ strannik

DJ strannik rocks AvatarFest
September 24th, 6 PM PDT (3:00 MESZ/CEST, 1:00 UTC)

Region “Avatarfest”



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