Transcript: 23rd October Meeting, 2015

By the users, for the users, OF the users

[11:01] Tom Frost: i’ll just relog πŸ™‚
[11:01] Oshi Shikigami: WB Han!
[11:01] Han Held: Hi again
[11:01] Han Held: Thanks
[11:01] Tom Frost: hey han πŸ™‚
[11:01] Han Held: Heya Tom!
[11:01] Selby Evans: You dont have to see me — dont worry
[11:01] Han Held: we can see you, but I’ve become part of the chair :3
[11:01] Han Held: `*β€’.ΒΈ(`*β€’.ΒΈ lool ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄)ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄
[11:01] Selby Evans: I dont look all that great anyway
[11:01] Han Held: there I am
[11:02] Han Held: good, bad, I look better than last time –I hope!
[11:02] Oshi Shikigami: I thnk you look handsom… πŸ˜‰
[11:02] Han Held: Hi, Magnuz! Glad you could make it :0
[11:02] Han Held: I’m going afk a few mins to get coffee and give everyone a chance to get here
[11:02] Han Held: πŸ™‚ **smiles and waves to Magnuz** πŸ˜€
[11:03] Han Held: brb
[11:03] Oshi Shikigami: Hello Magnuz πŸ™‚
[11:03] Selby Evans: Hi Magnuz.Binder
[11:03] Magnuz Binder: Hello Han, Selby, Oshi and Jessica.
[11:03] Oshi Shikigami: πŸ™‚
[11:03] Your Teacher: Hi.
[11:04] Magnuz Binder: Hello again, Your Teacher.
[11:04] Selby Evans: hi Your teacher
[11:05] Your Teacher: Hi Selby.
[11:05] Oshi Shikigami: Hello your teacher πŸ™‚
[11:05] Your Teacher: I’ve tried to change the name, but can’t.
[11:05] Oshi Shikigami: LOL, I know the problem…
[11:06] Magnuz Binder: Hello, Isis.
[11:06] Isis.Ophelia hello everyone
[11:06] Selby Evans: hi Isis.Ophelia
[11:06] Oshi Shikigami: Isis! hugz πŸ™‚
[11:06] Han Held: Hi, Isis! Glad you could make it πŸ™‚
[11:06] Isis.Ophelia hi Oshi πŸ™‚
[11:06] Han Held: Hiya Lynne πŸ™‚
[11:06] Isis.Ophelia thanks Han, I had to run, busy RL, but here I am
[11:06] Oshi Shikigami: WB Selbe LOL
[11:06] Magnuz Binder: Hi there, Emil and Tom.
[11:07] Oshi Shikigami: NM
[11:07] Han Held: Hi, Emil! Glad that worked, lool πŸ˜€
[11:07] Isis.Ophelia waves at Tom
[11:07] Tom Frost: re
[11:07] Isis.Ophelia good to see you all πŸ™‚
[11:07] Tom Frost: hi all!
[11:07] Oshi Shikigami: Great to see you Isis! πŸ™‚
[11:07] Selby Evans: Hi Em
[11:07] Emil Jannings: Hi Selby
[11:07] Magnuz Binder: I’ve used the same name all over since I entered SL back in 2007. Not enough imagination to come up with new ones, I guess.
[11:07] Oshi Shikigami: Hello Tom πŸ™‚
[11:07] Han Held: It’s awesome how much interest we have going on, and we have most of the parcels full which is great
[11:08] Magnuz Binder coughs
[11:08] Han Held: I don’t let my lack of imagination stop me from makin 32 ish alts πŸ˜‰
[11:08] Isis.Ophelia thats awesome Han
[11:08] Your Teacher: I used to call myself YT, but that caused much confusion.
[11:08] Magnuz Binder: I haven’t really started yet, besides preparing some textures I need.
[11:08] Han Held: np, Magnuz, we have time
[11:08] Isis.Ophelia I am very happy that the ART actors are going to join us. They are phantastic
[11:08] Tom Frost: yeah, i saw that too and rejoiced πŸ™‚
[11:08] Han Held: THE REGION IS UP !!!!! xD xD xD ECKSDEEE
[11:09] Han Held: Me too! That’s gonna be awesome to see πŸ™‚
[11:09] Tom Frost: sweet, can we get to it already? πŸ™‚
[11:09] Your Teacher: Ooh. Congratulations on the birth of your new region.
[11:09] Magnuz Binder: I tried to TP there tonight, but it couldn’t identify me.
[11:09] Isis.Ophelia we have to thank Selby that he brought them to the AAM group, that way we were able to reach them with the AvatarFest announcement
[11:09] Han Held: Thank you Lynne! We can’t get there yet because of validation probelms, I’m gonna ping Eryn about that
[11:09] Isis.Ophelia Tom seems the region is sometimes offline
[11:09] Han Held: Hi, Joyce, glad you could make it! PUll up a seat
[11:09] Magnuz Binder: Hi Joyce.
[11:09] Oshi Shikigami: Hello Joyce. πŸ™‚
[11:09] Isis.Ophelia I was there today
[11:10] Isis.Ophelia hello Jessica
[11:10] Han Held: I couldn’t get there from metro; did you get there from digiworldz, Isis?
[11:10] Han Held: Joyce, I was just saying that we have our final region online
[11:10] Isis.Ophelia yes, I teleported direct using the LM I made the last time I was there
[11:10] Isis.Ophelia to hyper-travel LMs work best for me, they never fail
[11:10] Han Held: I suspect that there’s a metro/avatarfest networking conflict, I’ll mention that
[11:10] Han Held: Hiya Nara!
[11:10] Han Held: welcome!
[11:11] Magnuz Binder: Hello there, Nara.
[11:11] Nara.Nook heya
[11:11] Isis.Ophelia hey Nara
[11:11] Emil Jannings: Hi Nara
[11:11] Tom Frost: hi joyce, nara!
[11:11] Selby Evans: Hi Nara.Nook
[11:11] Joyce.Bettencourt hi everyone πŸ™‚
[11:11] Oshi Shikigami: NARA! Welcome! πŸ™‚
[11:11] Your Teacher: Hi.
[11:11] Joyce.Bettencourt is online.
[11:11] Isis.Ophelia may I speak out an idea I have before while we wait until all arrive?
[11:12] Han Held: sure thing -go ahead, Isis
[11:12] Selby Evans: We love ideas
[11:12] Isis.Ophelia its about the OSCC… what about we the AvatarFest Community would submit a form
[11:12] Magnuz Binder listens
[11:13] Isis.Ophelia to the OSCC and ask for a plot to showcase our community?
[11:13] Selby Evans: Sounds great
[11:13] Joyce.Bettencourt what are you thinking of needing for that
[11:13] Han Held: I like the idea
[11:13] Isis.Ophelia tell you why. My opnion its versity. OSCC and we are complementary
[11:13] Han Held: as long as I don’t have to speak on voice, I’m in favor of it
[11:13] Isis.Ophelia we can work together. They are more for technical stuff, which has also a place. Technique its important
[11:13] Han Held: I’d even do a q+a in text if that’d help
[11:14] Isis.Ophelia and community its important too
[11:14] Joyce.Bettencourt I agree too btw, and am one of the OSCC organizers, and think that the more we can share each others events , better for the community
[11:14] Isis.Ophelia exactly Joyce
[11:14] Han Held: I agree; I see the OSCC handling the enterprise/educational part and avatarfest handling the ameateur/hobbyist side
[11:14] Selby Evans: We also need a promotion group
[11:14] Joyce.Bettencourt I wanted to pop by here today for that reason. πŸ™‚
[11:14] Tom Frost: i like the idea as well πŸ™‚
[11:14] Isis.Ophelia so lets Han submit such request, and we all work on making it a similar event like we are organizing now
[11:14] Nara.Nook I would like to see the hypergrid users get more attention as a community
[11:15] Oshi Shikigami: “Community” is the fabric that binds all of us with any of the grids.Seldom if ever we are content to live in a sim by ourself…
[11:15] Han Held: Thank you, Joyce -we’re definately appreciative of that. and we’d like to help OSCC in any way we can, of course
[11:15] Han Held: Amen, Oshi!
[11:15] Joyce.Bettencourt πŸ™‚
[11:15] Tom Frost: so, some of you’ve seen this already, but one of the things i want to do personally to strengthen the hg bonds is this: [redacted until Nov 13th]
[11:15] Tom Frost: i’ll be launching it at avatarfest, so consider this a sneak preview πŸ™‚
[11:15] Selby Evans: My favored concept is Hypergrid chamber of commerce
[11:15] Isis.Ophelia second Han on that. We can offer to help as volunteers
[11:15] Joyce.Bettencourt we put up a form too.. for folks to fill out if they want to have us promote any of their events related to OpenSimulator
[11:16] Joyce.Bettencourt that would be great.. there is a volunteer sign up on the site too
[11:16] Nara.Nook ty Joyce
[11:16] Tom Frost: i was halfway filling in the oscc volunteer form earlier today btw, when i got distracted πŸ™‚
[11:16] Joyce.Bettencourt aww
[11:16] Magnuz Binder: That’s a great idea and good work, Tom.
[11:16] Selby Evans: Yes, Tom –we need that
[11:16] Han Held: I’m with Magnuz -that’s great, Tom!
[11:16] Isis.Ophelia Tom that is an awesome idea
[11:16] Selby Evans: I will promote it on my Blog
[11:16] Isis.Ophelia we definetly need that
[11:16] Han Held: I think that will give us a real boost as a community
[11:17] Tom Frost: selby: cool, thanks, but just wait until avatarfest please, it’s only half done and not running stable yet
[11:17] Han Held: Isis, what would you like to see us do for an exhibit at OSCC if we can get a space?
[11:17] Tom Frost: OSW was a real good thing to happen to the hg as well btw, i think..
[11:17] Tom Frost: have we started the meeting already btw? πŸ™‚
[11:17] Han Held: Yes, sorry, the meeting is started –I should have called it to order
[11:17] Isis.Ophelia well what do you all think, if we make a copy of the avatar fest 2015?
[11:18] Selby Evans: Tom –I won’t promote it till it is ready
[11:18] Han Held: the CDS burned me out on formalites tho
[11:18] Tom Frost: and shrink it down to 30×30 meters or so
[11:18] Isis.Ophelia see why remake what we have worked making for so many weeks
[11:18] Tom Frost: ?
[11:18] Tom Frost: a mini-avatarfest-diorama
[11:18] Isis.Ophelia yes
[11:18] Han Held: you’re thinking like a small model of the region, Isis? Can we do that?
[11:18] Isis.Ophelia first we needed to ask if we could get more than 1 plot
[11:19] Isis.Ophelia if we can get maybe more space, then we could put representative parts of the avatarfest exhibitions
[11:19] Emil Jannings: can we use video?
[11:19] Isis.Ophelia and ask e.g. Ada if she could perform there too
[11:19] Han Held: If we can’t, we could use a portal from OSCC to an external exhibit, perhaps?
[11:19] Magnuz Binder: MAD = mini-avatarfest-diorama…?
[11:19] Emil Jannings: if the purpose is simple to connect AVFest with OSCC
[11:19] Tom Frost: πŸ™‚
[11:19] Han Held: `*β€’.ΒΈ(`*β€’.ΒΈ lool ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄)ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄
[11:19] Han Held: Magnuz
[11:19] Han Held: I like it
[11:19] Isis.Ophelia hahaha Magnuz
[11:20] Han Held: Well, avatarfest will be offlien once OSCC is started
[11:20] Joyce.Bettencourt yes to video/media on a prim, yes to links out to hypergrid places
[11:20] Oshi Shikigami: Yea, lets all get MAD? Cool! LOL
[11:20] Joyce.Bettencourt and space amount not sure on yet. We have an OSCC organizers meeting a bit later and will chat on that
[11:20] Selby Evans: I would be glad to run that on my blog
[11:20] Isis.Ophelia I think with the avatarfest, coming from 0, we have all together brought something up that is awesome
[11:21] Han Held: I agree
[11:21] Nara.Nook yes
[11:21] Isis.Ophelia so many have worked, have joined
[11:21] Han Held: It’s been astounding how much response we’ve gotten
[11:21] Isis.Ophelia do want to support the idea, so it show it is something they want
[11:21] Tom Frost: btw, i have spoken to george from opensimworld – sadly won’t have time to set up an exhibit
[11:21] Joyce.Bettencourt and my hope is that if you guys get to us/OSCC event info, we can combine that with our conference calendar, and let others know of those events too
[11:21] Han Held: I think that points to a healthy community and we should take advantage of that –and I think that’s worth exhibiting at OSCC
[11:21] Isis.Ophelia oh pity Tom
[11:22] Han Held: oh, that’s sad, I hope he’s able to drop by, at least
[11:22] Tom Frost: but we’ll have the beacon and surely we can put the osw tools kit somewhere πŸ™‚
[11:22] Isis.Ophelia ok so its decided right?
[11:22] Han Held: oscc decided? That’s up to Joyce. I’d love to work with them
[11:22] Isis.Ophelia Tom good suggestion, we could do that for him
[11:22] Isis.Ophelia just need to set a small plot
[11:23] Joyce.Bettencourt nod, can let you know after this weekend’s meeting most likely
[11:23] Selby Evans: I can provide poster of things from the internet — blogs, videos, ect
[11:23] Joyce.Bettencourt would imagine space should be ok, just sorting size, etc
[11:23] Han Held: That would be great, thank you Joyce.
[11:23] Selby Evans: posters
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia Joyce would you please check if it is possible to set the whole region besides the OSCC region?
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia that way we could just load the oar and done
[11:24] Joyce.Bettencourt and, we are working on a poster for ours, would be great to have that shared at your event too
[11:24] Han Held: Thank you Selby, we’d defaintely like to get your help and coverage, also anything that you think we should do that we’re not –feel free to let us know. I know this is my first time around the block and I can use the advice
[11:24] Joyce.Bettencourt not sure what you mean Isis
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia ok the oscc is hold in the osgrid right?
[11:24] Joyce.Bettencourt oh, we will probably have to do it by an IAR load.. sorry
[11:24] Selby Evans: Will do, Han.Held
[11:24] Joyce.Bettencourt didnt read the second line immediately
[11:24] Han Held: OSCC is on it’s own grid, like we are
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia on a complete region
[11:24] Tom Frost: joyce: yeah, i was wondering about that earlier today, wanted to put up oscc posters on my sims πŸ™‚
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia ah ok
[11:25] Magnuz Binder: OSCC is an own grid, separate from OSgrid.
[11:25] Isis.Ophelia what I mean is to set our 256×256 region besides the oscc region
[11:25] Isis.Ophelia or oscc regions
[11:25] Joyce.Bettencourt but can easily do an IAR.. it become problematic loading OARs when we have the very parceled off exhibition areas, which is where you guys would be part of would think
[11:25] Isis.Ophelia to let it be part of the oscc as a whole
[11:25] Joyce.Bettencourt but an IAR works fine
[11:26] Isis.Ophelia ok so no region
[11:26] Han Held: I think a model would be fine, but I’m leery of showing off people’s things outside of our festival
[11:26] Isis.Ophelia I was thinking would show what it is. One part / region its the oscc with all technical conferences etc, technical projects etc
[11:26] Han Held: We didn’t get permission for that
[11:26] Joyce.Bettencourt not this time… linked regions that show up on our map aren’t something i can probably gaurantee
[11:26] Isis.Ophelia and our festival as part of the user basis, in another region
[11:26] Selby Evans: Have to get their permission to show off people’s things
[11:27] Han Held: exactly
[11:27] Nara.Nook maybe you could put a gate to it from your exhibit
[11:27] Tom Frost: who wouldn’t want to show off their things? πŸ™‚
[11:27] Han Held: You never know, Tom
[11:27] Isis.Ophelia I accept and allow to show my things
[11:27] Emil Jannings: open mic
[11:27] Han Held: I’m gonna put up a poll
[11:27] Your Teacher: πŸ™‚
[11:27] Han Held: that’s the best I can think of
[11:28] Your Teacher: FYI – (We can hear you).
[11:28] Isis.Ophelia we must confirm that we allow to make an oar with our stuff
[11:28] Isis.Ophelia to Eryn too
[11:28] Han Held: We already do for archival purposes, but that’s different than exibhiting
[11:28] Tom Frost: yeah indeed
[11:28] Selby Evans: You need to get permission from each person with things to show
[11:28] Han Held: We have time between the two festivals
[11:29] Han Held: we can ask around, get explicit permission
[11:29] Joyce.Bettencourt nod yes there will be time between
[11:29] Isis.Ophelia we could ask our performers if they would perform also for the OSCC
[11:29] Han Held: and anyone who desn’t give us specific permission, we don’t include their stuff
[11:29] Tom Frost: sounds like a plan
[11:29] Isis.Ophelia that way we are supporting and helping the oscc to get performers they would for sure love that
[11:29] Tom Frost: isis: will there be parties at oscc?
[11:29] Magnuz Binder: Anything I contribute I count as CC0 / public domain, so it is OK by me, but some is based on input from other sources, so I’d need to check with them. Maria at Hypergrid Business will most probably be OK with it though.
[11:30] Han Held: Thanks, Magnuz πŸ™‚
[11:30] Tom Frost: she’s a big fan of cc0 i think πŸ™‚
[11:30] Isis.Ophelia I have no idea about the OSCC Tom, I couldnt be there last year
[11:30] Selby Evans: You can ask for permission for reuse as part of the original submission
[11:30] Joyce.Bettencourt so, we have a formal program on the Saturday, but we are opening up the space for others to do their own presentations/performances/meetups in on the Sunday.. so more unconference style
[11:30] Han Held: I should have done that, but didn’t think to.
[11:30] Tom Frost: btw, two things i wanted to bring up today: a terrain map and some signposts with directions on the region
[11:30] Han Held: Joyce
[11:30] Han Held: We’re running for four days
[11:30] Magnuz Binder: When I asked her to use it for my regions and here, she gave me more or less carte blanche to use it however, but I still want to make sure.
[11:30] Your Teacher: Aren’t the permissions much tighter now, even in an OAR? It should be possible to protect people’s content.
[11:31] Han Held: I’m wondering if there’s something we can do on teh day before or after OSCC
[11:31] Joyce.Bettencourt oh, that was about OSCC.. the idea that we are letting folks use the space on Sunday
[11:31] Isis.Ophelia Tom listening to you now
[11:31] Han Held: I’m not sure what, party, exhibit, q+a
[11:31] Tom Frost: well.. we should have them (signs with directions and a map)
[11:31] Joyce.Bettencourt and yes last year others hosted social events during OSCC, and if they filled out the events form we put that on the calendar too
[11:31] Tom Frost: that’s as far is i thought about it really πŸ™‚
[11:31] Han Held: but something to make the OSCC 3 days instead of 2
[11:32] Tom Frost: joyce: is the calendar available in ical btw??
[11:32] Your Teacher: OSCC should be on all year. πŸ˜‰
[11:32] Han Held: Avatarfest should be on all year :3
[11:32] Joyce.Bettencourt πŸ™‚
[11:32] Your Teacher: Yes!
[11:32] Oshi Shikigami: COOL!
[11:32] Han Held: personally, I’d love to do something this spring, but I’m focusing on this for now
[11:32] Joyce.Bettencourt well I think we can export as such.. we use a event app that even has a mobile version.. sort of what you might see at a physical conference..
[11:33] Magnuz Binder: I’m with you, Tom (on the map). I set up a TP map in all my regions recently, and people seem to jump around between regions a lot more now than before.
[11:33] Joyce.Bettencourt that way it can list speaker info, etc
[11:33] Isis.Ophelia Tom good suggestion. Avatarfest needs such boards
[11:33] Tom Frost: will we have warp3d on the final region for the map btw? that’s a nice base for a map
[11:33] Selby Evans: Remember — I need the complete info to post about events. Calif. time and date, grid and parcel
[11:34] Tom Frost: joyce: well as long as it’s available through http/https i can probably fetch & parse it, is it online already ?
[11:34] Your Teacher: Will you share it on G+? Once it’s there I can throw it into the LEN community.
[11:35] Magnuz Binder: Warp3D could probably be turned on at least for a “snapshot”, Tom. Otherwise you can make a snap from high above.
[11:35] Selby Evans: If there are relevant G+ communities, I will link to them
[11:35] Tom Frost: warp3d is cleaner πŸ™‚
[11:35] Oshi Shikigami: Yes you can get a a LOT of exposure on G+ it gets reshared a lot too.
[11:35] Han Held: I’d like to bring up two things before we go
[11:35] Magnuz Binder listens
[11:35] Tom Frost: i dunno, i never liked g+ much, instant information overload πŸ™‚
[11:36] Tom Frost: do we have a list of exhibitors and where their exhibits are? i can give the sign posts a go..
[11:36] Han Held: First, the friday after next is the deadline for submissions; I think we should have some sort of social event (housewarming for the region) next friday –too keep the momentum going
[11:36] Han Held: So I’m going to probably put on a dance or mixer or something
[11:36] Isis.Ophelia Tom the most complete list of Exhibitors is on my last post in G+ calling for exhibitors and perfroemrs
[11:36] Magnuz Binder: I would be in on such an event, Han.
[11:37] Han Held: Great! We can brainstorm on it
[11:37] Isis.Ophelia and their parcels if they have already been set should show their name
[11:37] Emil Jannings: does Eryn get these submissions and is there a form or something?
[11:37] Emil Jannings: I’m still new to all this
[11:37] Tom Frost: han: cool – maybe have some short sets from performers / djs who want to ?
[11:37] Selby Evans: I reshare everything I see of interest on my G+ stream. Gets about 3000-4000 a day.
[11:37] Han Held: I think tha’ts a great idea, Tom; I’ll submit that to the G+ group
[11:38] Han Held: The second thing –and the last thing from me this week– Maria has offered to do a follow-up article about us
[11:38] Han Held: I think we should come up with something around the 1st or the 7th
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia no Emil, no submission form. All was organized using the G+ group
[11:38] Magnuz Binder: That’s good PR, Han.
[11:38] Han Held: so I’m thinking of that
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia ty Joyce
[11:38] Emil Jannings: so Isis where do Ii break in?
[11:38] Han Held: I’d welcome any ideas of what to put to her
[11:38] Tom Frost: we should highlight some exhibits / performers in that piece
[11:38] Tom Frost: maybe get some quotes from some of the more famous ones
[11:39] Isis.Ophelia thats good Tom
[11:39] Han Held: I agree, Tom
[11:39] Isis.Ophelia am getting lost here though. I lost you Emil
[11:39] Tom Frost: but not reveal all, people still need to come of course πŸ™‚
[11:39] Han Held: We should take advantage of who we have to work with. πŸ™‚
[11:39] Isis.Ophelia what do you need to know please? @ Emil
[11:40] Emil Jannings: How do I sign up a theater group and get an event time and a space and all that
[11:40] Tom Frost: emil: you poke han πŸ™‚
[11:40] Han Held: Emil, I can set that up for you
[11:40] Han Held: First look at the calendar and see if any of the spots open work for you
[11:40] Han Held: I’ll get the calendar link for you
[11:40] Han Held: brb
[11:40] Han Held:
[11:40] Tom Frost:
[11:40] Isis.Ophelia ahh you go to this link, left side you see Exhibitors
[11:40] Emil Jannings: πŸ™‚
[11:40] Isis.Ophelia
[11:40] Tom Frost: oops that’s the ical link…
[11:41] Emil Jannings: thanks — I need all the help I can get
[11:41] Han Held: Thanks, Tom, Isis
[11:41] Oshi Shikigami: Sounds like we are making great progress, it’s exciting! πŸ™‚
[11:41] Tom Frost: emil: sounds great though!
[11:41] Han Held: Emil, after that, talk to Eryn and tell her what you need; we have parcels, or you can use our stage.
[11:41] Isis.Ophelia there you write a message tells us what your exhibit its about and what you need. Eryn will then contact you to get set you
[11:41] Han Held: Yes it does sound great!
[11:41] Tom Frost: this is gonna be so much fun πŸ™‚
[11:41] Han Held: It’s gonna be a blast!
[11:41] Emil Jannings: thanks Isis and Han
[11:42] Han Held: Thank you, Emil πŸ™‚
[11:42] Emil Jannings: I’ll copy those URLs
[11:42] Jessica.Pixel ECHO
[11:42] Isis.Ophelia yw Emil πŸ™‚
[11:42] Tom Frost: so, two questions: when is the housewarming party gonna be, and when do we start building on the new region?
[11:42] Han Held: So –that’s me for the week.
[11:42] Isis.Ophelia this one you need
[11:42] Jessica.Pixel damn it, wrong window but it didn’t look like it
[11:42] Han Held: Tom; Next friday is the party
[11:42] Tom Frost: got it
[11:42] Han Held: and I think the plan is to build on metro, save as an oar, load on the new region
[11:42] Jessica.Pixel ment to make a new folder in outlook on another computer forgot to swap KVM 😑
[11:43] Joyce.Bettencourt do you guys share the transcript out after
[11:43] Isis.Ophelia Folks dont forget on the 4th and 11th are the Promotion parties. I except that many of you will attend πŸ™‚
[11:43] Your Teacher: Ooh – Shakespeare!
[11:43] Han Held: Joyce, yes
[11:43] Tom Frost: ok cool, i’ll continue on metro then πŸ™‚
[11:43] Joyce.Bettencourt great
[11:43] Han Held: though I’m redcating the URL for Tom’s project; but I’ll be posting the transcript after the meeting
[11:43] Isis.Ophelia no, I should say I hope haha
[11:43] Tom Frost: oh right, i forgot about the logs πŸ™‚
[11:43] Han Held: NP. πŸ™‚
[11:43] Han Held: that’s my fault, tbh
[11:43] Tom Frost: tnx πŸ™‚
[11:44] Oshi Shikigami: Isis please make sure that ends up on the G+ caladars?
[11:44] Isis.Ophelia we still needed a live performer or DJ for Sunday
[11:44] Han Held: I have a punk DJ in SL I need to talk to
[11:44] Isis.Ophelia on Sunday we got now ART performance, but we could need one more event
[11:44] Han Held: I’ll ask if he’d be open to playing then
[11:45] Isis.Ophelia Oshi that link for Emil to submit his Exhibitions points to the avatarfest Community
[11:45] Oshi Shikigami: Would that be a good time for my readings?
[11:45] Isis.Ophelia he doesnt need the calendar
[11:45] Han Held: If that’s good for you, Oshi, yeah. Sunday is wide open I think
[11:45] Emil Jannings: Isis — did ART get signed up already?
[11:45] Isis.Ophelia yet, cuz only performances are in the calendar now
[11:45] Oshi Shikigami: Cool in thecalandar.
[11:45] Isis.Ophelia yes Emil Ada did
[11:46] Isis.Ophelia for Sunday for 1 hour
[11:46] Tom Frost: emil: yep, shakespeare on sunday
[11:46] Emil Jannings: ok
[11:46] Emil Jannings: looks like she’s taken the lead
[11:46] Isis.Ophelia are you part of ART Emil?
[11:46] Emil Jannings: yeah – I thought that was why I was here today
[11:47] Emil Jannings: Ada has a way of running off with things
[11:47] Emil Jannings: :))
[11:47] Tom Frost: lol πŸ™‚
[11:47] Isis.Ophelia she was in the process of moving (RL) and 2 days ago she said she had emailed the actors
[11:47] Tom Frost: you’re welcome to do *two* shows of course!
[11:47] Isis.Ophelia to get their yas or noys
[11:47] Han Held: it’s fine, it’s good ART has a person at the meeting anway
[11:47] Emil Jannings: one with Ada will be plenty
[11:47] Emil Jannings: thanks
[11:47] Han Held: I think that’s everything? We’re gonna wait to hear from Joyce about OSCC I think?
[11:47] Isis.Ophelia oh 2 performances would be awesome
[11:48] Emil Jannings: I was concerned a lot about time
[11:48] Tom Frost: are we gonna nice up the region a bit btw? fill in the empty spaces a bit with trees and stuff?
[11:48] Han Held: Tom Yes, I want to
[11:48] Tom Frost: han: yeah, what we will do pretty much depends on what oscc will let us do πŸ™‚
[11:48] Isis.Ophelia yes if I understood Ery right she is waiting that all plots are set
[11:48] Tom Frost: btw, where’s eryn? she ok?
[11:48] Isis.Ophelia she said long ago the place will have trees and plants
[11:49] Emil Jannings: the plots are all taken?
[11:49] Tom Frost: yeah, makes sense to wait and see how the exhibits pan out
[11:49] Han Held: Yep, that’s the plan, Tom
[11:49] Emil Jannings: you guys move fast
[11:49] Han Held: We have two weeks for people to submit requests
[11:49] Isis.Ophelia hahaha we were good
[11:49] Han Held: The community jumped on this with both feet
[11:49] Isis.Ophelia we worked good together πŸ™‚
[11:49] Han Held: It’s been amazing
[11:49] Joyce.Bettencourt how do the plots work, is there space for something for OSCC to exhibit
[11:49] Nara.Nook Sounds like everything is rolling along
[11:50] Isis.Ophelia Joyce there is space near the relaxing area (the bar and sitting area)
[11:50] Han Held: Joyce, yes, there’s space; we’re building on metro and then loading the oar onto our final region when it’s done
[11:50] Emil Jannings: I dumped a theater there…. can I assume it will be coming along then?
[11:50] Han Held: There are 5 or so open parcels, you can talk to me or Eryn (Eryn has mostly been handling this) and we can invite you to the group and you can build on the parcel you pick out
[11:50] Isis.Ophelia Han oscc could have a space right from the bar what do you think?
[11:50] Han Held: Yes, Emil
[11:51] Joyce.Bettencourt can you send me info on that space size and what the build process/deadlines will be
[11:51] Han Held: I think so, sure
[11:51] Han Held: if they want
[11:51] Magnuz.Binder 32×32 m each plot.
[11:51] Joyce.Bettencourt ok Han
[11:51] Magnuz.Binder Hi Thirza.
[11:51] Isis.Ophelia hello Thirza
[11:51] Han Held: Joyce; it’s 20×20
[11:51] Tom Frost: hey thirza πŸ™‚
[11:51] Han Held: the deadline is Nov 7th
[11:51] Han Held: Hi, Thirza πŸ™‚
[11:51] Nara.Nook Hi Thirza
[11:51] Joyce.Bettencourt waves to Thirza
[11:51] Emil Jannings: I’ve got Eryn on line 2
[11:51] Emil Jannings: I think my space problem will work out
[11:51] Han Held: Ask her if it’s 20×20 or 30×30
[11:52] Han Held: sorry, still have traces o f my flue scrambling my brain
[11:52] Isis.Ophelia oh sorry for that Han. I feel with you. I have been 3 weeks dealing with bronchitis, now finally feeling better
[11:52] Han Held: Are you in the G+ group, Joyce?
[11:53] Isis.Ophelia who would want to join the avatarfest G+ group it is here
[11:54] Joyce.Bettencourt great, am in that πŸ™‚
[11:54] Han Held: Ok, I think this is a good spot to close the meeting unless anyone wants to ask or say anything first?
[11:55] Thirza.Ember can someone pass me notes after class
[11:55] Joyce.Bettencourt πŸ™‚
[11:55] Tom Frost: hehe.. log will be online in the g+ thing
[11:55] Han Held: I’m gonna post a transcript to G+, I’ll ping you πŸ™‚
[11:55] Joyce.Bettencourt and if you do want to post any events or volunteer for OSCC
[11:55] Your Teacher: Yes. Freebies. Will there be freebies for visitors?
[11:55] Thirza.Ember i was feeding the hordes here… couldn’t make it any earlier
[11:56] Thirza.Ember 5 bucks to who sends me the salient points
[11:56] Oshi Shikigami: πŸ™‚
[11:56] Han Held: Freebies? We haven’t made any, I don’t think any of the exhibits have any that I know of. It would be nice to but we don’t have any set plans on that.
[11:56] Joyce.Bettencourt i know I am going to sort details on expo space for you guys on OSCC grid, and get back to you on that
[11:56] Tom Frost: well, i plan to have event board for taking, and if i can make it a hud
[11:56] Han Held: Great, thanks Joyce πŸ™‚
[11:56] Your Teacher: Okay. It’s just a nice breadcrumb to get people to different stages etc.
[11:56] Tom Frost: (make it in time that is)
[11:57] Joyce.Bettencourt and I guess work with someone on your end for space for us
[11:57] Thirza.Ember can someone tell me wherre the avatartest sim is? what grid?
[11:57] Thirza.Ember or where it will be maybe I should say
[11:57] Han Held: Great, we can set you up with a parcel or a spot by the coffee place –have someone visit and tell us what works for you
[11:57] Tom Frost: it’s on the avatarfest grid πŸ™‚ – i haven’t been able to get there though…
[11:57] Thirza.Ember oh ok
[11:57] Your Teacher: Is there a hypergrid coordinate?
[11:57] Thirza.Ember do we have an address for that?
[11:57] Tom Frost: others have.. lemme think
[11:58] Tom Frost:
[11:58] Your Teacher: I promise I won’t try to go there until it’s official.
[11:58] Tom Frost: i think
[11:58] Your Teacher: Thanks.
[11:58] Thirza.Ember nice n simple
[11:58] Tom Frost: (or wasn’t i supposed to say that?)
[11:58] Tom Frost: .net
[11:58] Your Teacher: Oops – too late.
[11:58] Isis.Ophelia Thirza you hg to metro, then with the world map look for avatarfest to tp
[11:58] Thirza.Ember lmao
[11:58] Joyce.Bettencourt when is next meeting
[11:58] Han Held: It’s fine, we have to get it accessible anyway
[11:58] Han Held: Next friday
[11:58] Han Held: before or during the social/mixer
[11:59] Han Held: depending on what ppl want
[11:59] Your Teacher: Cool.
[11:59] Han Held: Same time, of coruse
[11:59] Isis.Ophelia next friday its Halloween no?
[11:59] Your Teacher: I’m off to crack open a bottle of the red stuff.
[11:59] Isis.Ophelia many events around
[11:59] Your Teacher: See you next week.
[11:59] Han Held: sounds good; I’m calling the meeting over
[11:59] Your Teacher: Thanks Shelby.
[11:59] Han Held: Thanks for coming and for all of your help, everyone πŸ™‚
[11:59] Tom Frost: cool!
[11:59] Magnuz.Binder Bye, Your Teacher.
[11:59] Isis.Ophelia am not sure I will make it, depends
[12:00] Your Teacher: Hmmm – I haven’t actually “done” anything yet, but I’m ready and willing. I could plant some flowers / trees if you need.
[12:00] Tom Frost: yeah han, let us eager volunteers know what we can do πŸ™‚
[12:00] Isis.Ophelia Your Teacher what about being a Greeter?
[12:00] Oshi Shikigami: Goodbye all, blessings and properity wit this project and life. Peace, may wee meet again soon. πŸ™‚
[12:00] Han Held: Being here and giving us feedback helps, Lynne
[12:00] Han Held: bye Osih
[12:00] Emil Jannings: bye Oshi
[12:00] Han Held: *Oshi
[12:00] Magnuz.Binder Bye Oshi.
[12:00] Tom Frost: bye oshi! take care!
[12:00] Isis.Ophelia take care Oshi
[12:00] Han Held: It was awesome seeing you πŸ™‚
[12:00] Your Teacher: Yes, I signed up to meet and greet. /me smiles a warm and friendly smile.
[12:00] Han Held: Joyce
[12:01] Emil Jannings: bye all
[12:01] Oshi Shikigami: Hugz all:-)
[12:01] Isis.Ophelia great Your Teacher, thanks
[12:01] Han Held: Which is easier for contacting y’all; G+ or email?
[12:01] Magnuz.Binder Bye and be well, Emil.
[12:01] Isis.Ophelia bye Emil be well
[12:01] Tom Frost: i prefer email myself, but g+ should be fine too
[12:01] Han Held: Bye Emil and thanks for coming πŸ™‚
[12:01] Isis.Ophelia Han either way works same for me. I get to my email everything posted in the avatarfest G+
[12:02] Han Held: If anyone prefers email or doesn’t check G+, email me at and let me know
[12:02] Tom Frost: i like that the sign is still there selby, no auto-return here?
[12:02] Magnuz.Binder G+ works fine for me.
[12:02] Han Held: I prefer G+ and use that the most
[12:02] Isis.Ophelia me too
[12:02] Han Held: Ok, I’m gonna go for now, my head is pounding –bye everyone!
[12:02] Isis.Ophelia and please make event for next meeting, that way we get reminders
[12:02] Joyce.Bettencourt and you can reach me at if you need for any OSCC things
[12:02] Isis.Ophelia take care Han, be well soon
[12:02] Han Held: Definately! and I’ll add that to my contacts, Joyce :0
[12:03] Han Held: Thanks, you too Isis πŸ™‚
[12:03] Joyce.Bettencourt great