AvatarFest 2015

By the users, for the users, OF the users


The AvatarFest 2015 was a festival from Friday, November 13th to Monday November 16th – four days of exiting exhibitions of OpenSim creations and great performances of wonderful artists on: http://avatarfest.net:6000.

“AvatarFest went out on a high, joyful note – thank you SO MUCH to everyone who’s been a part of it and whose organized, publicised, performed and showed up. There’s people here —- and we proved it!” says Han Held, initiator of AvatarFest.

Find all information about our exhibitors and the performances from 2015. Our planning Meeting transcripts are all here.

Many users made great pictures.

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Credits for the 2015 AvatarFest go to:
– AvatarFest SIM: hosted by Lena Vanilli
AvatarFest promotional poster created and generously donated by Sofee Supermarine (c)2015