Our Exhibitors 2017

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Here all exhibitors are listed in order of sign-up:

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AvatarFest is proud to have attracted a multitude of very creative and talented people to exhibit their OpenSim dreams and projects.
All exhibitors are listed with name of exhibitor, name of exhibition and category.

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Sunbeam Magic


Sunbeam Magic, VISIONZ, News



Eldovar Lamilton


Eldovar Lamilton, The Elves, Artistic



Leighton Majoram


Leighton Majoram, VW basics, Educational



UFS Roleplay


UF Starfleet Astraios, United Federation Starfleet (Star Trek) on 3rd Rock Grid, Roleplay



Caro Fayray


Caro Fayray, Solar Winds (Northern Lights), Artistic



Bink Draconia


Bink Draconia, Roanoke City, Showcase & Info



Jeff Hall


Jeff Hall, Miniature train, Showcase & Info



Cherry Manga


Cherry Manga, Selfie: Social Disgrace, Artistic



Jamie Wright


Jamie Wright, Fall Supper, Showcase & Info



Thirza Ember


Thirza Ember, Hypergrid Safari, Showcase & Info



Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts


Franziska Bossi & Eryn Galen, Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts, Showcase & Info



Timber Wolfe


Timber Wolfe, Wolf Library, Showcase & Info



Cyberserenity Vella


Cyberserenity Vella, Tech to Art, Showcase & Info



Butler2 Evelyn


Butler2 Evelyn, Senses Places, Showcase & Info



Sunshine Szavanna


Szavanna Sunshine, Sunvibes India Exhibition, Showcase & Info



Han Held


Han Held, Startled Angel, Showcase & Info



Deanna Janus


Deanna Janus, Tribute to Cultural Diversity, Artistic



Tosha Tyran


Tosha Tyran, Vincent van Gogh goes Virtual, Artistic



Neovo Geesink


Keve Magic, Train park, Showcase & Info



Neovo Geesink


Neovo Geesink, OpenSim tools, Showcase & Info



Arielle Delamerlibre


Arielle Delamerlibre, Room Visions Gallery, Artistic



Copper Tomsen


Copper Tomsen, Gateway to the Stars, Showcase & Info