Transcript: gridwarming and meeting, 30 Oct 2015

By the users, for the users, OF the users

[10:24] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://
[10:24] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: OpenSim Post_Fixes        (Unix/Mono)
Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017]       (Unix/Mono)
[10:24] AvatarFest TP gate whispers: Teleporting you to :
[10:24] AvatarFest TP gate whispers: Teleporting you to :
[10:24] AvatarFest TP gate whispers: Teleporting you to :
[10:32] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://
[10:32] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator
[10:38] Han Held: Hi, Ada
[10:38] Han Held: Welcome! 🙂
[10:38] Ada.Radius Hi Han! Are you set up for Talk?
[10:38] Han Held: Voice? I’m not sure I don’t know if Eryn has that working yet or not
[10:38] Han Held: I don’t see “dots” so I’m guessing it’s not up yet
[10:38] Ada.Radius ya. A.R.T. will need it for the theater presentation
[10:39] Ada.Radius it’s live voice
[10:39] Han Held: Yes, we’ll have it –Eryn is going to use her vivox credentials
[10:39] Ada.Radius but, I’m in a new house, just setting up this computer, it’s a miracle I’m in world at all 🙂
[10:40] Han Held: Congrats on your new home! This is like a dual housewarming event! 😀
[10:40] Ada.Radius yes!
[10:40] Han Held: I sent Eryn a tp and I expected her here, let me see if she’s getting my im’s and such
[10:40] Ada.Radius I’m looking forward to this event. I’ve been on hiatus since May, and missed it a lot
[10:40] Ada.Radius I think a few ART and/or NMA (New Media Arts) people are planning to show up. One is in email, trying to figure out how to HG
[10:41] Han Held: I’m thrilled y’all are performing for us, I’m really flabbergasted at  the turnout, I am nervous about the event days but we’ve got some stuff to see, at least
[10:41] Han Held: We have gates you can set out on kitely; if they can walk through them, they’ll get here
[10:41] Han Held: I’ll give you one to test when you go home
[10:41] Ada.Radius That would be wonderful
[10:42] Ada.Radius I got here by putting the address in the map
[10:42] Han Held: that should work, test it and tell me if it doesn’t
[10:42] Ada.Radius OK. We have other gates there, it should work fine
[10:42] Ada.Radius OR they could just find Map and copy paste, lol
[10:42] Han Held: ok, great; you should still double-check tho. I came h ere from the metro region and it worked from there….
[10:42] Ada.Radius but before the actual event we’ll want lots of access from Cookie II
[10:43] Han Held: that’s kinda hard to explain. It’s better to just go “see that there? walk through it and wait” :3
[10:43] Ada.Radius and posters and such
[10:43] Ada.Radius yaa. Our actors are expected to learn some tech…
[10:43] Ada.Radius and they do, with some nudging
[10:44] Han Held: yeah, it can still be a challenge
[10:44] Han Held: Hi, Selby
[10:44] Selby Evans: hi ada
[10:44] Ada.Radius Selby! The NMA board chair has arrived, we’re in business 🙂
[10:44] Selby Evans: Hi everyne
[10:44] Han Held: I was going to suggest, Ada, that you write up what you’ll need and post it to G+, and we can coordinate there?
[10:44] Ada.Radius long time no see, I missed this
[10:45] Han Held: I’m trying to get Eryn over here, the hg teleport didn’t work
[10:45] Han Held: I think you’re gonna be impressed, Ada
[10:45] Han Held: I am, and I’m jaded
[10:45] Ada.Radius OK. Em Jammings is in charge of this particular show (I may provide the dramaturgy) so he’ll be in charge of getting everyone ready. I’ll help
[10:46] Han Held: ok, well you mentioned posters, etc
[10:46] Tom Frost: hello!
[10:46] Ada.Radius Hi Tom!
[10:46] Han Held: Selby, would you be willing to put out on Cookie II whatever they want for the event?
[10:46] Ada.Radius Right. Yes, Selby and I will make sure there’s publicity at G+ and Cookie II
[10:46] Han Held: Hi, Tom!
[10:46] Han Held: Hi Kayden!
[10:46] Kayden.Oconnell Hey
[10:46] Han Held: Welcome to the final region, y’all!
[10:46] Ada.Radius Kayden! you made it!
[10:46] Kayden.Oconnell this works!
[10:46] Tom Frost: looks a bit bare still 🙂
[10:47] Ada.Radius I’ll have to humanize in honor 🙂
[10:47] Tom Frost: (or are things still rezzing?)
[10:47] Han Held: Yeah, I was hoping it would be for the warming party
[10:47] Kayden.Oconnell no voice?
[10:47] Tom Frost: i’m currently in a moving car…
[10:47] Ada.Radius no voice
[10:47] Han Held: there is a problem but I’ve asked Eryn to chase it down
[10:47] Han Held: no voice yet, sorry; we have to add vivox creditentials
[10:47] Kayden.Oconnell oh, ok
[10:47] Han Held: There will be voice for the event, though
[10:48] Grid: want2 tinkel gave you From Want2 Tinkel.
[10:48] Kayden.Oconnell ok, so where are we?
[10:48] Ada.Radius I’ve spent two days trying to get my mixer hooked up again, but settled for a cheapo headset for now.
[10:48] Kayden.Oconnell Hey Ada
[10:48] Tom Frost: hey isis!
[10:48] Ada.Radius probably another broken cable
[10:48] Isis.Ophelia huhu hello all
[10:48] Han Held: Hi, Isis! Great to see you! 🙂
[10:48] Ada.Radius Hi Isis!
[10:48] Han Held: Trying to get Eryn over here too
[10:48] Isis.Ophelia Ada hello good to see you 🙂
[10:48] Han Held: she’s on her private sandbox and can’t do hg from it
[10:48] Isis.Ophelia hello everyone
[10:48] Kayden.Oconnell Hi Isis, Tom, Han
[10:48] Ada.Radius Is Em coming today?
[10:49] Ada.Radius some of my chats are not making it in
[10:49] Kayden.Oconnell said he was in the note
[10:49] Isis.Ophelia hi Kayden nice to see you
[10:49] Selby Evans: Han — sure i will put stuff on Cookie II and in my blog
[10:49] Han Held: Thanks, Selby; Ada said there was stuff she wanted, I’m not sure what.
[10:49] Isis.Ophelia btw Han I cant find the link to the page you put up
[10:49] Han Held: Em is listed as “going” on the event, I assume he’ll be here
[10:50] Ada.Radius same stuff Selby needs – Selby is better at it, he should handle it
[10:50] Han Held: Which page? It might not have posted
[10:50] Isis.Ophelia at the begin you said you had made a blog? or page?
[10:50] Isis.Ophelia and you wrote the link but I cant find now
[10:50] Tom Frost:
[10:50] Tom Frost: ?
[10:51] Isis.Ophelia ahh
[10:51] Selby Evans: There is a Googlegroup
[10:51] Han Held: I had written an entry on my personal blog saying “let’s do this”, but mostly I’ve been using the G+ group and posting on
[10:51] Ada.Radius this is a total thrill, seeing people from several grids, including A.R.T. I’ve been wanting this for a while
[10:51] Selby Evans: google community:
[10:51] Isis.Ophelia I have been thinking we needed a page, where the final list of all Exhibitors, their thema, all performers
[10:51] Han Held: I went to the metro region just now
[10:51] Han Held: it’s stunning
[10:51] Han Held: straight-up stunning
[10:51] Isis.Ophelia is listed
[10:52] Isis.Ophelia *are listed I mean
[10:52] Selby Evans: Google community is good for communication
[10:52] Isis.Ophelia Leighton has done good job listing the performers and exhibitors
[10:52] Han Held: i’ts been invaluable, Selby
[10:52] Isis.Ophelia yes, without G+ would have been very hard to organize all this
[10:52] Tom Frost: yeah i’m gonna coordinate with eryn next weekend to get the final exhibition details into the interactive map thingy
[10:52] Ada.Radius I think A.R.T. now has a list of who will be performing, but we need to check with Em.
[10:52] Han Held: I can create a page listing exhibitors and post it on the main site
[10:52] Kayden.Oconnell figured out how to sit
[10:52] Han Held: I’d also like help getting a list of contributors
[10:52] Selby Evans: Google Calendar:
[10:53] Han Held: I’d like to get them listed and posted.
[10:53] Isis.Ophelia remember the page Metro put up for the SOA?
[10:53] Tom Frost: Metro put up a page for soa?
[10:53] Isis.Ophelia there one got all the information about soas on 1 place
[10:53] Isis.Ophelia yes Tom
[10:53] Tom Frost: i missed that 🙂
[10:53] Han Held: I did too
[10:54] Isis.Ophelia I have been using it to coordinate my activities
[10:54] Isis.Ophelia was helpful
[10:54] Selby Evans: I assume main site is :
[10:54] Han Held: We have and we can make a contributor/exhibitor page there
[10:54] Han Held: No, the main site is
[10:54] Isis.Ophelia yes Selby that is the blog page Leighton put up
[10:54] Tom Frost: btw, i think the soa closing party is at our saturday evening (european evening)
[10:54] Isis.Ophelia awww Tom, too bad, well
[10:54] Tom Frost: the avatarfest saturday that is..
[10:54] Han Held: we have a page of links and lieghton’s page is the only link on it rn
[10:55] Tom Frost: but yeah, torben is playing on avatarfest, so i know where *i* will be..
[10:55] Isis.Ophelia one can not be at 2 spots at the same time lol
[10:55] Tom Frost: of course one can! in virtual worlds, you just clone yourself 🙂
[10:55] Han Held: hypergrid is good, but not that good…yet
[10:55] Isis.Ophelia hahaha Tom
[10:55] Isis.Ophelia and switching screen works too
[10:56] Han Held: Isis, this might be the page you meant, that I said I created:
[10:56] Selby Evans: Think about how to continue this in the future
[10:56] Tom Frost: i’m pretty excited that i’m the warm up act for torben 🙂
[10:56] Isis.Ophelia Selby, you mean how to continue Avatarfest?
[10:56] Han Held: it’s the links page, right now leighton’s is the only link on there. I’m open to putting other links up though. I should probably put Selby’s page up there, for instance
[10:56] Ada.Radius Yes, try to set up the structure so it can be an annual event
[10:56] Isis.Ophelia for me its clear that we should be together with the OSCC ………. they do the technique and we represent the community hehe
[10:57] Han Held: I have to afk for 3 or 5 minutes, I’ll be right back
[10:57] Isis.Ophelia that is why I asked if they could give us a complete region besides the OSCC but somehow
[10:57] Han Held: Hi Magnuz! Welcome to our final region!
[10:57] Tom Frost: hey magnuz!
[10:57] Han Held: ok, brb in less than 6 mins
[10:57] Isis.Ophelia hey Magnuz good to see you
[10:57] Isis.Ophelia ok Han
[10:57] Magnuz.Binder Hello, everyone, and thank you, Han, Tom and Isis.
[10:57] Han Held: I have thoughts on that, but brb (meds, water, etc)
[10:58] Kayden.Oconnell Hi Magnuz
[10:58] Isis.Ophelia take your time Han
[10:58] Ada.Radius last year at OSCC it was really difficult to find and get to the auxiliary events, some of them. Their tech for the main speakers was terrific though
[10:58] Isis.Ophelia wves to Emil, welcome
[10:58] Kayden.Oconnell Mr. Jannings, sir
[10:58] Ada.Radius Hi Magnuz
[10:58] Tom Frost: hello there emil 🙂
[10:58] Ada.Radius Em Jannings is in the building?
[10:58] Kayden.Oconnell yah
[10:58] Emil Jannings: Hi everyone
[10:58] Ada.Radius As long as he didn’t bring weapons, OK
[10:59] Emil Jannings: just trying to rez a stool
[10:59] Isis.Ophelia hello
[10:59] Isis.Ophelia Sun!
[10:59] Tom Frost: sunbeam!
[10:59] Isis.Ophelia hugggies Sun
[10:59] Tom Frost: get yo ass out offa my facea! 🙂
[10:59] Sunbeam.Magic HUGS Goddess!
[10:59] Isis.Ophelia haha
[10:59] Magnuz.Binder Hello, E,il. Sunbeam.
[10:59] Tom Frost: woooo particles
[10:59] Kayden.Oconnell lol
[10:59] Magnuz.Binder Emil even…
[10:59] Sunbeam.Magic Hello everyone 🙂
[10:59] Kayden.Oconnell Hi Sunbeam
[11:00] Tom Frost: i’ve been researching that.. i need to get into that
[11:00] Isis.Ophelia Tom into what?
[11:00] Tom Frost: particle systems
[11:00] Sunbeam.Magic oh sorry
[11:00] Ada.Radius beyond fun, particle systems
[11:00] Isis.Ophelia uh I tried months, my brain particled while doing it haha
[11:00] Tom Frost: lol
[11:00] Sunbeam.Magic lol
[11:01] Ada.Radius in Firestorm you can make them kind of automatically, but it’s better to get a scripter to  clean them up\
[11:01] Kayden.Oconnell Em brought stools
[11:01] Tom Frost: awesome! the ground is still a bit wet…
[11:01] Isis.Ophelia woot Em, my butt was getting cold
[11:01] Emil Jannings: it says in your contract you haveto have one
[11:01] Sunbeam.Magic thx for the cair
[11:01] Kayden.Oconnell that’s right
[11:01] Sunbeam.Magic Chair * even
[11:01] Magnuz.Binder Hello, John.
[11:01] Isis.Ophelia hiya John *waves
[11:02] Tom Frost: howdy john!
[11:02] John.Sheppard Hello!
[11:02] Isis.Ophelia we should move from the landing point?
[11:02] Isis.Ophelia *away
[11:02] Han Held: Hi, and back
[11:02] John.Sheppard I have a new kindle so i’m kind of switching between
[11:02] John.Sheppard wb, Han
[11:02] Isis.Ophelia WB Han
[11:02] Han Held: Thank you and hi John 🙂
[11:02] Han Held: Hi everyone who came while I was afk
[11:02] Han Held: I think we should stick close to the landing point though
[11:03] Emil Jannings: can i try to rez a theater?
[11:03] Han Held: I’d like to see AvatarFEST 2016
[11:03] Tom Frost: this’ll be close enough
[11:03] Han Held: and AvatarFEST 2017
[11:03] Tom Frost: hmm i can’t rez here i think
[11:03] Han Held: only if they’re independant, tho
[11:03] Isis.Ophelia uffffff I cant stand up
[11:03] Kayden.Oconnell be nice to see your theater, Em
[11:03] Han Held: should be able to, Tom
[11:03] Tom Frost: han: me too!
[11:03] Tom Frost: yeah put up the theatre, this is supposed to be a load test 🙂
[11:03] John.Sheppard Sunbeam, your wings are wonderful
[11:03] Sunbeam.Magic TY John
[11:03] Han Held: sounds good to me!
[11:04] Sunbeam.Magic Linda Diva gifted them to 🙂
[11:04] John.Sheppard Heads up, flying prims?
[11:04] Kayden.Oconnell is that a theater in your pants, or are ya glad to see me?
[11:04] Tom Frost: han: can you give rez rights, or?
[11:04] Han Held: anything here will be wiped out when Eryn loads the oar so go for it
[11:04] Han Held: Rez is turned on, Tom
[11:04] Han Held: You should be able to rez
[11:04] Ada.Radius He’s happy. He hasn’t gotten an email from me about the script in over 24 hours 🙂
[11:04] Isis.Ophelia Tom the land is open to rez
[11:04] Emil Jannings: a little higher than I wanted
[11:04] Kayden.Oconnell whoa, nice
[11:04] Isis.Ophelia but it is laggy, that might be the reason
[11:05] Tom Frost: hmm
[11:05] Han Held: It’s probably good we built on metro, then
[11:05] John.Sheppard shall I bring more avatars?
[11:05] Isis.Ophelia yes
[11:05] Han Held: Hi, Avatar Fest *waves*
[11:05] Emil Jannings: the seats work too
[11:05] Han Held: There’s the admin now
[11:05] Tom Frost: ah i can create new stuff, but not rez from inventory it seems
[11:05] Sunbeam.Magic JESSICA !!!!!!!!!!!
[11:05] Kayden.Oconnell nice!
[11:05] Han Held: Hi, Jessica!
[11:05] Magnuz.Binder Hi there, Jessica.
[11:05] Jessica.Pixel Hello Sun :3
[11:05] John.Sheppard Hi Jessica!
[11:05] Isis.Ophelia woot it rezzed
[11:06] Ada.Radius nice
[11:06] Tom Frost: evening jessica
[11:06] Jessica.Pixel Hello Han, Magnuz, John :3
[11:06] John.Sheppard Yes, Tom unless you put it in suitcase
[11:06] Emil Jannings: How’s this?
[11:06] Tom Frost: ah crap
[11:06] Jessica.Pixel Hello Tom :3 not quite evening for me yet
[11:06] Ada.Radius will you sink it so people can walk in?
[11:06] Tom Frost: no rezzing for me then 🙂
[11:06] Emil Jannings: yes
[11:06] Kayden.Oconnell hello mr shakespeare
[11:06] Han Held: Does anyone want to say anything before I throw open the floodgates by posting on my stream?
[11:06] Emil Jannings: it’s supposed to be on the ground almost
[11:06] Tom Frost: unless i go home and come back…
[11:06] Tom Frost: brb
[11:06] Han Held: and in opensim virtual?
[11:06] Emil Jannings: htat base needs to be remove
[11:06] Isis.Ophelia who is sitting stays sitted and the owner can lower it down with us
[11:07] Emil Jannings: i’s not linked
[11:07] Isis.Ophelia aww
[11:07] Emil Jannings: I need to temp link it first
[11:07] Isis.Ophelia ok
[11:07] Jessica.Pixel you want us sitting?
[11:07] Isis.Ophelia ok
[11:07] Ada.Radius After Selby and Jamie go at the publicity, we might need more seats. I like the design a lot
[11:07] Isis.Ophelia a big box around and all linked lol
[11:08] Han Held: Ada
[11:08] Isis.Ophelia I mean paint a big square
[11:08] Ada.Radius Han – do you know what sim capacity will be for avatars?
[11:08] Isis.Ophelia is Eryn joining us?
[11:08] Kayden.Oconnell really likes that outside texture
[11:08] Jessica.Pixel is there anything here except a few chair and the lady mural?
[11:08] Han Held: I don’t know speicifically, I am going to guess between 20-40 though I don’t think opensim has much limits these days
[11:08] Emil Jannings: 🙂
[11:08] Han Held: I’ll ask Eryn for an estimate
[11:08] John.Sheppard several people
[11:08] Isis.Ophelia hello Jessica
[11:08] Jessica.Pixel making sure i’m actually loading
[11:08] Jessica.Pixel hello isis :3
[11:08] Emil Jannings: wait till the refreshments are in place Kayden
[11:08] Avatar Fest: Im Eryn 🙂
[11:08] Ada.Radius 40 at least, depending on the server. My guess
[11:09] Han Held: I see you Jessica; I see everyone except our admin
[11:09] Tom Frost: re
[11:09] John.Sheppard and a gate on the other side
[11:09] Tom Frost: did isis say her thing yet?
[11:09] Kayden.Oconnell lol, good
[11:09] Isis.Ophelia Han it depends on the server this region is on
[11:09] Han Held: 😀
[11:09] Magnuz.Binder I see you well at least, Jessica.
[11:09] Ada.Radius there are six actors I think
[11:09] Sunbeam.Magic we have ours set at 40 avatars 🙂 seem good number
[11:09] Selby Evans: Yes, Isis, how to continue grow something like annual event or more frequent
[11:09] Han Held: Yes, it does, Isis, idk what the settings are here
[11:09] Jessica.Pixel good good, all my rings made it over from my grid :3
[11:09] Emil Jannings: how many do we have now?
[11:09] Han Held: Selby
[11:09] Han Held: I agree
[11:09] Isis.Ophelia Sun dear yours is on Robust and for sure own server
[11:09] Han Held: we’ve gotten a LOT o finterest
[11:09] Emil Jannings: weI see 11
[11:09] Han Held: part of that is because this is a one-time-thing though
[11:10] Isis.Ophelia I hope many come to visit
[11:10] Han Held: I have no idea about sustaining it, I’d love to, though
[11:10] Isis.Ophelia would make happy if they do
[11:10] Selby Evans: (I have been making notes and may have missed something,)
[11:10] Jessica.Pixel i have a few test accounts on my grid i can bring over if you need some more bodies
[11:10] Tom Frost: han: sustaining..
[11:10] Sunbeam.Magic I’m sure they will come, if we build it they will come!!! he hee
[11:10] Tom Frost: probably one thing to do is to have, like, every 2 months an ‘avatarfest party’
[11:10] Tom Frost: that will keep the people together on a regular basis
[11:10] Han Held: I’ve been focusing on just getting this specific event done, but it would be a waste if we didn’t find a way to leverage this community
[11:10] Isis.Ophelia Eryn wrote she will be calling for load-tests
[11:10] Isis.Ophelia seems to me today is not meant to be one
[11:10] John.Sheppard are we doing a load test today or just meeting
[11:11] Han Held: Maybe, I worry about burnout, Tom
[11:11] Tom Frost: hmm only one of the things i put in my suitcase came over here
[11:11] Tom Frost: han: did i mention ‘delegate’ yet?
[11:11] Han Held: Today is a sim-warming party
[11:11] Sunbeam.Magic lol Tom
[11:11] Han Held: Oh, I meant community burnout, Tom
[11:11] Jessica.Pixel having a small event every few months in the theme of avatarfest is a good idea. it’s hard to make it to all the events all the time, gives you a chance to participate
[11:11] Kayden.Oconnell so, people can link in here from any grid?
[11:11] Isis.Ophelia I am wearing my dress, because in 1 hour I will go to SOA to Tango Party YAY
[11:11] Emil Jannings: this is Sonnet 2
[11:11] Emil Jannings: by aschke
[11:12] Sunbeam.Magic oh the Tango Party did sound fun Isis
[11:12] Han Held: yay sounds awesome!
[11:12] Emil Jannings: Yes I’m going to Tango too
[11:12] Emil Jannings: Dings is the dj
[11:12] Isis.Ophelia yesss I will go there
[11:12] Tom Frost: han: ah! in what way ?
[11:12] Sunbeam.Magic i adore Dings 😉
[11:12] Jessica.Pixel i made it over with no issues from my standalone, didn’t have to TP to another grid first or anything
[11:12] John.Sheppard isn’t sure he has suitable clothes to tango… 😉
[11:12] Isis.Ophelia so in 45 minutes I will poof 🙂
[11:12] Tom Frost: that people will be burnt out after avatarfest this year and don’t want to ever do it again?
[11:12] Han Held: Tom; I worry about event overload. People getting sick of hearing it and not attending or participating because they’re bored
[11:12] John.Sheppard brb I need to get my ao going
[11:12] Sunbeam.Magic stop with the negative comments !
[11:12] Kayden.Oconnell I came in from Metropolis
[11:12] Han Held: hb John
[11:13] Sunbeam.Magic lol
[11:13] Tom Frost: ah… maybe.. i dunno, we’ll just have to keep it interesting then uh ? 🙂
[11:13] Emil Jannings: I have a print of this one
[11:13] Jessica.Pixel i wouldn’t worry about event overload
[11:13] Emil Jannings: it hangs in the lobby of chicago Shakespeae
[11:13] Tom Frost: we’ll do it on another grid every time..
[11:13] Kayden.Oconnell punk Shakespeare
[11:13] Jessica.Pixel i think having lots of events avaiable is good… i feel bad that i can’t attend them all, not that there are to omany
[11:13] Han Held: I think breaking it up might help; like maybe having a spring festival?
[11:13] Tom Frost: and someone from that grid can organise some local performers
[11:13] Tom Frost: that way, there’s something new every time
[11:13] Tom Frost: i don’t mean to have avatarfest every 2 months
[11:13] Sunbeam.Magic I always seem to find new things to do 😉
[11:13] Emil Jannings: psychedelic
[11:13] Tom Frost: just a party with 2-3 dj’s / artists
[11:14] Isis.Ophelia please keep in mind on Nov. 4th its the promotional Avatarfest in my venue
[11:14] Kayden.Oconnell far out
[11:14] Tom Frost: isis: looking forward to that 🙂
[11:14] Han Held: For me, the frustrating thing is trying to guess what the community would like to do. We’ve found out we HAVE the community, how do we encourage on-going participation, tho?
[11:14] Sunbeam.Magic and Nov 7th Immersive Edge opens up too
[11:14] Isis.Ophelia 🙂 I hope some will come, thanks Tom
[11:14] Han Held: Isis, do I have that on the calendar? what time and place is it?
[11:14] John.Sheppard ok it’s a different grid thing.
[11:14] Emil Jannings: Kayden what do you think of this for performance?
[11:14] John.Sheppard shame
[11:14] Jessica.Pixel so many awesome things in the last few weeks of the year 😀
[11:14] Kayden.Oconnell ok, got this thing called “work”, they expect me to actually do something, they do
[11:14] Emil Jannings: aaaa
[11:15] Kayden.Oconnell looks great, Em
[11:15] Isis.Ophelia it is on the calendar and place its my venue in digiworldz
[11:15] Emil Jannings: see ya then
[11:15] Sunbeam.Magic lol Kayden
[11:15] Han Held: ugh, I’ve heard of that Kayden :3
[11:15] Ada.Radius @Han: what ART has done for the last 7 years – throw stuff out there and see what sticks. Shakespeare has been one of the best draws for the smaller shows.
[11:15] Han Held: I’ll be there, Isis 🙂
[11:15] Selby Evans: I will repost to my g+ stream and send to other g+ communities
[11:15] John.Sheppard I love virtual shakespeare
[11:15] Ada.Radius actually the biggest too, come to think of it
[11:15] Kayden.Oconnell once more into the breach — see ya all
[11:15] Tom Frost: kayden yeah i have that problem too 🙂
[11:15] Magnuz.Binder I tried to TP in an alt, but got “The region no longer exists.”
[11:15] Sunbeam.Magic Shakespeare is a great draw !
[11:15] Magnuz.Binder But my partner Maggie made it here OK.
[11:15] Ada.Radius GTSY Kayden
[11:15] Han Held: Thanks, Selby. I’d also like some suggestions from you for people I should reach out to in the media, HGB is obvious, who else would you suggest?
[11:16] Han Held: Hi, Maggie
[11:16] Isis.Ophelia hmm I dont see Han in the room
[11:16] Emil Jannings: Ada – I don’t think black will work for video
[11:16] Jessica.Pixel New World Notes maybe?
[11:16] Sunbeam.Magic Waves to Maggie
[11:16] Emil Jannings: it gets pretty dark in here
[11:16] Jessica.Pixel That blog is mostly SL focused though
[11:16] Emil Jannings: lol
[11:16] Han Held: Yeah, NWN blows off opensim
[11:16] Maggie.Binder hello Han, hello everyone… i am just parkering my avi here, i need to go to the kitchen.. Magnuz is hungry *lol
[11:17] Jessica.Pixel He used to get excited that I was doing a lot of livestreams, but only when it’s SL stuff… not so much HGSafari, etc
[11:17] Tom Frost: i’m hungry too!
[11:17] Isis.Ophelia well I believe its not bad to post in a SL focused blog, that way they hear Opensim exists lol
[11:17] Magnuz.Binder Thank you, Maggie.
[11:17] Selby Evans: SL advertises in NWN.  What do you expect?
[11:17] Han Held: Also Hamlet is a former linden
[11:18] Selby Evans: Yes– Post whereever you can
[11:18] Han Held: There’s one blogger I was going to reach out to, Inara Pey I think her name is?
[11:18] Han Held: SLU is covered
[11:18] Ada.Radius Yes Inara – she’s good
[11:18] Sunbeam.Magic Inara is in my Blogz R Us reading shop 😉 and Prim Perfect might do something too
[11:18] Emil Jannings: I think I’ll picke this up now
[11:18] Emil Jannings: run for your lives
[11:19] Han Held: She is, I’m a little speechless about her, I’ll probably write up a blurb and send it to her
[11:19] Sunbeam.Magic 🙂
[11:19] Ada.Radius it’s terrific black box
[11:19] Han Held: Any suggestions for something to put in the stream?
[11:19] Sunbeam.Magic Thirza’s Ping from the Afterlife is quite popular too
[11:19] Han Held: YES!
[11:19] Tom Frost: if i wasn’t in a moving car, i’d give you my stream
[11:19] Isis.Ophelia Maggi pleased to meet you 🙂
[11:19] Emil Jannings: thanks
[11:19] Han Held: Thank you, I’ll write her too
[11:19] Emil Jannings: I love hearing that
[11:19] Emil Jannings: it’s about the 4th version
[11:20] Emil Jannings: of course you always wonder how it will play
[11:20] Han Held: I’d also like to get in Visionz too
[11:20] Magnuz.Binder MAggie is AFK in the kitchen RL, but her inventory is a notorious sim breaker, so I invited her to help “warm” some.
[11:20] Tom Frost: well visionz is represented 🙂
[11:20] Han Held: oooh hehehehh, awesome idea, Magnuz 😀
[11:20] Isis.Ophelia Han? before you went AFK you said wanted to tell us about your thoughts OSCC
[11:20] Ada.Radius I went nuts trying to convert the Elizabethan theater to black box a few years ago – starting over and keeping it simple from the start is a lot better
[11:20] Sunbeam.Magic well VISIONZ next issue doesn’t come out until the 25th
[11:20] Sunbeam.Magic I can do a follow up story though
[11:20] Han Held: Ah, ok, after the event. I was afraid of that.
[11:20] Tom Frost: and and and isis said on g+ she wanted to say something!
[11:20] Han Held: That would be good
[11:20] Ada.Radius and the graffiti face on the outside really works
[11:21] Emil Jannings: I actually started with your theater from the three plays by Devora Medwin
[11:21] Han Held: one sec
[11:21] Selby Evans: My stream is
[11:21] Han Held: I wonder if I have my giant arcadia box
[11:21] Ada.Radius really? yours is much better
[11:21] Emil Jannings: the grafitti was done bcause it ookse so out of place all black with the other exhibits
[11:22] Ada.Radius it sets the tone – we’re doing shakespeare in the 21st C
[11:22] Emil Jannings: I opened it up inside
[11:22] Han Held: be right back
[11:22] Emil Jannings: fiddled with proportions
[11:22] Emil Jannings: yep
[11:22] Ada.Radius Yes. and better seating
[11:22] Emil Jannings: with comfy seats
[11:22] Emil Jannings: :))
[11:22] Tom Frost: btw, i do have to poof in about 15 minutes, i apparently made double appointments
[11:22] Emil Jannings: lol
[11:22] Ada.Radius I hope we’ll need a lot more seats
[11:22] Isis.Ophelia ok Tom, I will poof in 30 minutes
[11:22] Jessica.Pixel i’m very excited to see Shakespeare :3
[11:23] Emil Jannings: thanks John
[11:23] Han Held: I can’t wait
[11:23] Jessica.Pixel live performance that’s not just DJing is fun (not that i don’t like a good dj too)
[11:23] John.Sheppard Isis, which gird is the tango, and may I have a landmark?
[11:23] Sunbeam.Magic and Poetry!!! I love Em and Dings together 😉
[11:23] John.Sheppard Welcome Emil!
[11:23] Tom Frost: yeah, i can’t really do more than just dj-ing, i love live music events!
[11:23] Ada.Radius We’ve been doing live theater since 2008, but only a few shows in OS. I’m really looking forward to this
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia I love equal live theater, poetry or a DJ
[11:24] Tom Frost: i know a bunch of cool bands that play in sl, but i doubt they’d be willing to come over to opensim
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia are different senses they touch
[11:24] Sunbeam.Magic you’d be surprised Tom
[11:24] Joyce.Bettencourt hi all
[11:24] Tom Frost: maybe i should just ask indeed
[11:24] Sunbeam.Magic we have gotten quite a few SL artists to come over
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia hello Joye
[11:24] Emil Jannings: Hi joyce
[11:24] Sunbeam.Magic Waves to Joyce
[11:25] Isis.Ophelia Tom did I understand you right, that you will set a page for the festival?
[11:25] Joyce.Bettencourt 🙂
[11:25] Selby Evans: Can we connect this fest  to Avacon?
[11:25] Magnuz.Binder Hello there, Joyce.
[11:25] Isis.Ophelia just asking, I know you got lot to do
[11:26] Isis.Ophelia Selby that is what I suggested
[11:26] Han Held: We can ally with avacon, but we need to remain independant
[11:26] Joyce.Bettencourt do you mean to OSCC?
[11:26] Tom Frost: isis: i don’t think i said i would set up a page
[11:26] Han Held: I’d love to work with the OSCC but we have to remain our own thing
[11:26] Isis.Ophelia Han I dont worry about that, because its clear we are USERS
[11:26] Tom Frost: i wasn’t planning on that, i’ve got lots of work already finishing my exhibit
[11:27] Isis.Ophelia therefore we dont fit in the technique part
[11:27] Joyce.Bettencourt we are happy to share info on our event calendar
[11:27] Tom Frost: and in rl i’ve just had all my weekends filled.. i’m with a computerclub, and we’ve just been given termination on the lease of our building
[11:27] Isis.Ophelia ok Tom, I can imagine, just asking 🙂
[11:27] Joyce.Bettencourt and we talked on having expos at each others events
[11:27] Tom Frost: have to move 400m^2 full of retro computer stuff in 3 weeks 🙂
[11:27] Selby Evans: Could connect to OSCC  that would be good
[11:27] Tom Frost: and work is crazy too, so the run-up to avatarfest is going to be one hell of a ride for me :))
[11:27] Han Held: Yes, Isis; but I mean in terms of administration, etc. I would love to work with any org that wants to work with us, but control and administration has to remain with us
[11:27] Selby Evans: I just wanto a connection I can write about
[11:27] Han Held: We’re working with them and they’re going to exhibit on our event
[11:28] Isis.Ophelia November and december are heavy months
[11:28] Joyce.Bettencourt nod, yes
[11:28] Han Held: and I want to hold something involving AvatarFEST during OSCC
[11:28] Jessica.Pixel i think having exhibits at each others events is a good idea
[11:28] Isis.Ophelia ok
[11:28] Tom Frost: hi joyce 🙂
[11:28] Jessica.Pixel you don’t really want to merge the two events though, they’re two different beasts :3
[11:28] Han Held: I agree, we would give each other a boost and make the whole community stronger
[11:28] Tom Frost: we talked about oscc connections with joyce last week
[11:28] Han Held: Yeah
[11:28] Han Held: We exchanged contact info
[11:28] Joyce.Bettencourt nod
[11:28] Jessica.Pixel the serious education ppl can find out about the fun community fest and vice versa
[11:29] Jessica.Pixel there’s more to opensim than teaching ;]
[11:29] Han Held: I’d be happy to do some sort of q&a or a video presentation
[11:29] Joyce.Bettencourt and I chatted with the OSCC organizers and they liked the idea
[11:29] Selby Evans: Not a matter of merging —  maybe joint promotion
[11:29] Han Held: Great
[11:29] Han Held: That I would like to see, Selby; yes.
[11:29] Isis.Ophelia well its good that Avatarfest is there, in my opinion it helped to change a bit the view of the OSCC organizators 🙂
[11:29] Joyce.Bettencourt will sort this weekend what we can get you guys space wise
[11:29] Sunbeam.Magic perhaps Fuschia would do a vid promotion for us ?
[11:29] Tom Frost: ok i need to go now, sorry ppl! will there be a transcript again?
[11:29] Han Held: That would be wonderful, Sunbeam; can you ask her please?
[11:29] Isis.Ophelia ahh Sun good point, we needed someone who would make a video for us
[11:30] Han Held: Ok tc Tom; I’ll save one, yes.
[11:30] Sunbeam.Magic yes I will
[11:30] Magnuz.Binder Bye, Yom. Be well and take care.
[11:30] Tom Frost: oh can we get on mal burns’ show?
[11:30] Sunbeam.Magic huggles Tom bye now
[11:30] Tom Frost: in-world review?
[11:30] Isis.Ophelia awesome Sun
[11:30] Isis.Ophelia bye Tom take care
[11:30] Joyce.Bettencourt I will see Mal later today and can pass along that if you like
[11:30] Joyce.Bettencourt he is helping us out this year with OSCC
[11:30] Han Held: I was invited but I declined for personal reasons; if someone would be willing to go on voice and would reach out to them, I’m sure they’d be thrilled
[11:30] Sunbeam.Magic I’m sure Mal would love to do that Han
[11:30] Magnuz.Binder Yom=Tom
[11:30] Sunbeam.Magic he has Nara and the team on this Sat … but the following Sat would be great
[11:31] Tom Frost: i have no problem doing that
[11:31] Tom Frost: (except i need to get voice working 🙂
[11:31] Tom Frost: anyway , i’m off, see ya all later! 🙂
[11:31] Han Held: Ok, tc
[11:31] Jessica.Pixel bye tom :3
[11:31] Sunbeam.Magic yes you have to have sypke to be on Mal’s
[11:31] Selby Evans: I want to be able to report about HG events, recurring and lots of them
[11:31] Han Held: For the transcript; I’d like Tom to go on Mal’s show if he’s willing to, I’ll ask on G+
[11:32] Emil Jannings: bye everyone
[11:32] Joyce.Bettencourt I just IM’d Mal in skype, is there someone he should reach out to
[11:32] Han Held: Bye Emil
[11:32] Joyce.Bettencourt if I cant get him here
[11:32] Emil Jannings: lookslike the region works
[11:32] Sunbeam.Magic its best to PM Mal Han just sayin’
[11:32] Ada.Radius Bye everyone, I have to go unpack more boxes
[11:32] Emil Jannings: it has that new region smell too
[11:32] Han Held: Tom Frost in the group
[11:32] Emil Jannings: time to tango
[11:32] Sunbeam.Magic Bye Ada
[11:32] Ada.Radius heeeee
[11:32] Ada.Radius seeya later alligators
[11:32] Jessica.Pixel bye ada :3
[11:32] Joyce.Bettencourt Mal is logging in now
[11:32] John.Sheppard Emil, Isis, where is the tango event? I’d love to go
[11:32] Jessica.Pixel bye emil :3
[11:33] Sunbeam.Magic Metro SOA John I believe
[11:33] Joyce.Bettencourt so you can sort that with Mal once he gets here
[11:33] Isis.Ophelia waves bye to Emil
[11:33] Magnuz.Binder Bye Ada. Be well.
[11:33] Han Held: Selby; i agree and I want to explore having multiple events
[11:33] Magnuz.Binder And bye, Emil too.
[11:33] Han Held: Selby: we’ve proved that we have a community out here, let’s see what they want and what we can give them
[11:33] Isis.Ophelia bye Ada cant wait to see your group performing woot
[11:34] Selby Evans: I agree, Han
[11:34] Isis.Ophelia I am SO proud of us in avatarfest, we have worked so great together
[11:34] Han Held: I don’t want to derail this specific event, but when it’s underway I think it would be good to ask everyone “what do you want to do now? where should we go from here?”
[11:34] Isis.Ophelia good team we are 🙂
[11:35] Han Held: I am overhwlemed, I am very proud of our community, it’s been overwhelming
[11:35] Selby Evans: Colaborative Creativity — my theme
[11:35] Joyce.Bettencourt its easy to set up a google survey if you want for that, or some in world way of folks dropping in a notecard, etc
[11:35] Isis.Ophelia good point Han, I am behind that… to ask them will give us all an idea
[11:35] Jessica.Pixel i think a google survey people at the event can complete is a good idea
[11:35] Han Held: First, let’s make sure we don’t distract from this event, though
[11:35] Jessica.Pixel put up a few signs here and there: click here to take a survey about the vent
[11:36] Jessica.Pixel “Comments or Suggestions for AVATARFest?”
[11:36] Han Held: I like that
[11:36] Isis.Ophelia over the future of Avatarfest Jessica
[11:36] Magnuz.Binder I haven’t contributed much yet, but I hope I’ll do some more soon, and when I know my schedule ahead, I may sign up as a greeter to.
[11:36] Han Held: “what would you like to see?”
[11:37] Magnuz.Binder Hello, Mal. Welcome.
[11:37] Jessica.Pixel “What would you like to see again?”
[11:37] Mal.Burns Hi all
[11:37] Sunbeam.Magic HUGS Mal
[11:37] Isis.Ophelia hello Mal
[11:37] Han Held: That would be a tremendous help, Magnuz, I want as many people out in the event as we can get
[11:37] Han Held: Hi, Mal
[11:37] Jessica.Pixel “How easy was it for you to teleport to AVATARFest?”
[11:37] Selby Evans: The survey will probably be worth a blog article
[11:37] Isis.Ophelia Han I have planned to be in here as much time as I can
[11:37] Jessica.Pixel “How did you find out about AVATARFest?”
[11:37] Isis.Ophelia its only 4 days
[11:38] Han Held: Great, thank you Isis; that’s gonna help the event a lot. I have nightmares of us holding a near-empty region
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia at European Times though
[11:38] Joyce.Bettencourt again, am happy to cross promote any event listings on the OSCC site
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia Han no worries, it can happen. Not even Metro, such big community. Soas was not full all the days and times
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia so all is good, relax 🙂
[11:38] Joyce.Bettencourt and if you have a broader post about the event, to share that once you get closer
[11:39] Han Held: So, Mal
[11:39] Han Held: We’d like to see if we can send someone over to talk on your show. I think Tom Frost has volunteered but I’m not sure
[11:39] Mal.Burns you have some ppl on voice for show?
[11:40] Mal.Burns cool
[11:40] Sunbeam.Magic I think the biggest event I ever went to was Justin’s Bon voyage party 😉
[11:40] Sunbeam.Magic mostly events like this people come and go
[11:40] Isis.Ophelia Sun me too, over 62 people were there
[11:40] Han Held: Mal, I think Tom has volunteered, I’m going to start a thread in the group and see if anyone would be willing to go.
[11:40] Han Held: I would, but my voice would do more harm than good tbh :p
[11:41] Isis.Ophelia I cant either, my voice has such strong german accent haha
[11:41] Mal.Burns lol
[11:41] Magnuz.Binder I could, but my lovely Swedish accent would probably be close to a natural disaster.
[11:41] Han Held: Thanks, Sunbeam; there will be times we’ll be empty; but I’m hoping that people will still attend and enjoy it as well
[11:41] Sunbeam.Magic I think Nov 7th would be good for Mal’s show since this week is Immersive edge
[11:41] Isis.Ophelia haha Magnuz ditto
[11:41] Mal.Burns Tomorrow we are full with Immersive Edge special
[11:41] Sunbeam.Magic and Tom said he needed to work on voice
[11:42] Sunbeam.Magic jinx Mal 😉
[11:42] Mal.Burns Nov 7th we film in SL (1st satutrday) so would need SL avies
[11:42] Sunbeam.Magic that would be grand as we wanted to inform SL folks too
[11:42] Mal.Burns great
[11:42] Han Held: I’m going to ask in the group, if no one volunteers I’ll send Randall Harker in SL to speak for us
[11:42] Isis.Ophelia Mal SL avas to be just standing pretty?
[11:42] Han Held: What time would he have to be there, Mal?
[11:42] Mal.Burns we have VWBPE on too, but easuilt cover both that week
[11:43] Joyce.Bettencourt and speaking
[11:43] Sunbeam.Magic I think we all pretty much still have our SL avies
[11:43] Sunbeam.Magic maybe we should ask Tom first 🙂
[11:43] Han Held: yes
[11:43] Isis.Ophelia ah ok speaking no, standing pretty I could lol
[11:43] Han Held: This is in the event Tom declines
[11:43] Mal.Burns Noon pacific, but we open skype call about half hour before for sound testing and setup
[11:43] Han Held: Ok.
[11:44] Han Held: I’m going to end the transcript here, I have to save it and then log and take care of my roommate
[11:44] Sunbeam.Magic Thanks Mal!!!
[11:44] Han Held: YES! Thank you so much! 🙂
[11:44] Jessica.Pixel avatarfest hype!!
[11:44] Sunbeam.Magic 🙂
[11:44] Han Held: heheheheh
[11:44] Han Held: ok, bye, everyone
[11:44] Han Held: end transcript :3