Transcript: 8th July Meeting, 2016

By the users, for the users, OF the users

[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:12]  Han Held: Ok, if no one objects I’m going to start the meeting. I want everyone to be aware that I AM saving and publishing this chat log
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:12]  Eryn Galen: 🙂
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:12]  vegaslon.plutonian will keep the cuss words to a minimum
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:12]  Sunbeam.Magic All of you are way over my head with this techy stuff and phone lines and … on an on …
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:12]  Zinnia.Frenzy indeed
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:12]  Ferd.Frederix I have 35 engineers on a 10 megabit.   If you try to “Ping Elvis”,  the network will tell you its alive.
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:12]  Magnuz Binder decides to can at least his worst jokes
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  Selby.Evans Ada has not rezzed
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  vegaslon.plutonian lol
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  Han Held: or let the jokes fly and they’ll live on in infamy 😉
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  Eryn Galen: lol
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  Sunbeam.Magic or “Elvis has left building”
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  Ada.Radius I’m working on the rezzing, I can see me
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  Ferd.Frederix haha
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  vegaslon.plutonian looks like we need a troll sized chair
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:13]  Han Held: Ok, I think most of y’all other than Zinnia were a part of this last year
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:14]  Magnuz Binder: Ah, Ada is finally rezzed for me now.
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:14]  Zinnia.Frenzy hides
[12:24]  [2016/07/08 12:15]  Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
at this point I crashed and had to restart the server.
Below is where resumes where I was able to log back in:
[12:24]  Magnuz Binder is Online
[12:24]  Sunbeam.Magic is Online
[12:24]  Magnuz.Binder Hello again Zinnia, vegaslon and Han, and hi Slow.
[12:24]  Han Held: Hi, and thanks for y’alls patience
[12:24]  Zinnia.Frenzy Hi Han
[12:25]  Han Held: I just saw your G+ message Zinnia
[12:25]  Magnuz.Binder I couldn’t log into Metropolis neither, so I HG’d from my own grid.
[12:25]  Han Held: I had a hard time logging back in here too
[12:25]  Slow Ibanez: hi eryn
[12:25]  Eryn Galen: Hi Slow
[12:25]  Han Held: Hi, Slow, thanks for coming
[12:26]  Eryn Galen: whew. bck
[12:26]  Han Held: Hi, Feli
[12:26]  Magnuz.Binder Things rezzed a lot faster for me this time, and a lot less lag on arrival as well.
[12:26]  Han Held: I got a message about nursery size so I increased it to 128mb; hopefully that helps and does not crash us
[12:26]  Feli Dae: hi
[12:27]  Magnuz.Binder Uh oh… bad chat lag now…
[12:27]  Magnuz.Binder Hello Feli.
[12:27]  Han Held: It seems to happen when ppl arrive
[12:27]  Han Held: if we crash again I’m going to have us meet on the nadah region on 3rg
[12:27]  Han Held: BRB writing that in the thread
[12:27]  Eryn Galen: I offer my region again…
[12:28]  Magnuz.Binder sits very still trying not to rock the region
[12:28]  Eryn Galen: Avatarfest
[12:28]  Eryn Galen: where I made the layout…
[12:28]  Slow Ibanez: dont bite me Feli
[12:28]  Han Held: Hi, Ramesh
[12:29]  Ramesh.Ramloll Hello Han
[12:29]  Han Held: So -as I was saying
[12:29]  Feli Dae: warum sollte ich :-))
[12:29]  Slow Ibanez: weil du …
[12:29]  Han Held: er, I better wait a min
[12:29]  Han Held: I know Leighton is on his way
[12:29]  Magnuz.Binder Hello Ramesh.
[12:30]  Ramesh.Ramloll Hello Magnuz
[12:30]  Eryn Galen: I saw Ferd on the Startregion
[12:31]  Han Held: So, if we crash, we go to Eryn’s region avatarfest
[12:31]  Han Held: if that crashes, we’ll go to Selby’s region on kitely
[12:31]  Eryn Galen: lol good plan
[12:31]  vegaslon.plutonian if that crashes, only kitely is to blame
[12:31]  Zinnia.Frenzy and keep ging until we finf something ol
[12:31]  Han Held: LOL yep, Vega
[12:32]  Zinnia.Frenzy always welcome on 3RG
[12:32]  Han Held: LOL we’ll get this sorted one way or ther other, Zin =D
[12:32]  Eryn Galen: I think we might want to start anyway Han
[12:32]  Han Held: TY, we might end up on Nadah before it’s all over
[12:32]  Han Held: yes
[12:32]  Magnuz.Binder starts making a 23774 line list over hypergrid-enabled regions in various OpenSimulator grids
[12:32]  Han Held: I was going to give some background; here’s what I typed
[12:32]  Leighton.Marjoram is Online
[12:32]  Teleport offer sent to Leighton.Marjoram
[12:32]  Han Held: Last year it looked like the OSCC was going to flake out, because of high-profile departures (JCC) I felt it was important to have some sort of “we will carry on” kind of event so I proposed AvatarFEST.
[12:33]  Franziska Bossi: eep
[12:33]  Han Held: eep
[12:33]  Eryn Galen: eep Franzi, great that you made it
[12:33]  Franziska Bossi: huhu
[12:33]  Magnuz.Binder Welcome back, Franzi. Maggie says hi too.
[12:33]  Feli Dae: gugug franzi
[12:33]  Han Held: I proposed it as an end-user focused festival showing off what users (region renters, self-hosters) do on the hypergrid
[12:33]  Leighton.Marjoram Hi everyone
[12:33]  Leslie.Kling is Online
[12:33]  Franziska Bossi: huhu
[12:33]  Eryn Galen: wb Leighton
[12:34]  Magnuz.Binder Hello Leslie.
[12:34]  Leighton.Marjoram Hi Leslie
[12:34]  Han Held: I got a lot of help ..a LOT, and we had a one-weekend exhibit with performances in November, at one point we had 55 people on a region
[12:34]  Selby.Evans We got in
[12:34]  Han Held: Hi, Leslie -I was just giving the background
[12:34]  Zinnia.Frenzy impessive
[12:34]  Leslie.Kling Hello all
[12:34]  Franziska Bossi: hello Leslie
[12:35]  Franziska Bossi: Magnuz
[12:35]  Han Held: We had exhibitors, theater performances, musical and poety readings
[12:35]  Han Held: We demonstrated that there’s a healthy community out here, but it was rushed -this time I wanted to take more time and plan out what we want to do
[12:35]  Han Held: in a more leisurely pace
[12:36]  Eryn Galen: Very grateful for that Han, hehe
[12:36]  Magnuz.Binder Yup, you set one great event in motion, Han!
[12:36]  Han Held: But the idea is the same; user-focused, non-commercial, exhibits and hopefully performances
[12:36]  Han Held: TY, y’all did …I just bossed folks around. Y’all did the heavy lifting!
[12:36]  Sunbeam.Magic is Online
[12:36]  Selby.Evans I hope we have some videos
[12:36]  Han Held: So, any questions ? anything I left out?
[12:37]  Your.Teacher Phew. Madee it.
[12:37]  Magnuz.Binder Hey, take due credit, Han. Your whip arm must have been sore for weeks afterwards…
[12:37]  Eryn Galen: Nah, fast forward: This year 😉
[12:37]  Leighton.Marjoram 😉
[12:37]  Han Held: I’m not sure if anyone got any -ask Geo Meek; I vaguely recall him offering, idk what came of that, tho
[12:37]  Leslie.Kling I guess my question is is this hosted someplace or is it on a home grid computer? just asking
[12:37]  Selby.Evans He is not able this year
[12:38]  Han Held: Hiya Strannik; we’re up to 13 people SO FAR and less lag
[12:38]  Han Held: yay
[12:38]  Magnuz.Binder Hello Teacher and strannik.
[12:38]  Leighton.Marjoram Hi Strannick and Sunbeam
[12:38]  Leslie.Kling hey Sunbean love.
[12:38]  strannik.zipper Hi Peeps!
[12:38]  Han Held: Thanks, Selby -we’ll put out a call and see who answers
[12:38]  Sunbeam.Magic Leslie!!! hugs you too tight!!!
[12:38]  Leslie.Kling grin
[12:38]  Eryn Galen: Leslie, to answer your question: Since last year was really rushed, we gladly took Lenas offer for a standalone and domain. The building was done on my VPS server
[12:39]  Eryn Galen: This year we wanted to build on the same region the event is done
[12:39]  Sunbeam.Magic i took a friend to Tangles the other day … hows the HUNt going ?
[12:39]  Han Held: Thank you, Leslie
[12:39]  Han Held: that leads me into the first point I want to discuss
[12:40]  Leslie.Kling not too bad. was hoping to see a few more get involved in the hunt. last time was doing much better. but it is still early.
[12:40]  Sunbeam.Magic whispers: Hello to all I missed second time in
[12:40]  Han Held: We have an offer that I’d like to accept, 3 mos hosting which would give us time to build and would simplify things
[12:40]  Your.Teacher Hello.
[12:40]  Leighton.Marjoram That sounds like a good plan Han
[12:40]  Sunbeam.Magic sounds good to me too Han
[12:40]  Magnuz.Binder Hoster, Han?
[12:40]  Han Held: I’d like to try to raise some funds to compensate them for the regions and expertise tho
[12:41]  Leighton.Marjoram How much were you thinking @Han
[12:41]  Sunbeam.Magic I’ll donate 😉 if they take Paypal
[12:41]  Han Held: I’ll let Eryn tell us, since she knows the details better than I do
[12:41]  Leighton.Marjoram I’ll donate too #PayPal
[12:41]  Han Held: Eryn?
[12:41]  Eryn Galen: Well as I said Lena offered last year, but we did all the building on my region.
[12:42]  Eryn Galen: the positive thing was it was a standalone with a separate asset database which was exactly what we wanted to keep the exhibits safe and erase the whole thing afterwards
[12:42]  Selby.Evans I can make land available on Kitely if you can use it.
[12:42]  Zinnia.Frenzy yes same here
[12:42]  Eryn Galen: Thanks Selby, but the asset thing is really important to us
[12:43]  Zinnia.Frenzy what a can’t promise is a seperate grid
[12:43]  Han Held: The seperate database is important; we guarentee that the stuff won’t be reused and we need to be able to nuke the database after the event…something that we cant’ do hosting on a grid such as kitely
[12:43]  Sunbeam.Magic and I think stand alone is better so no one grid is favored imho
[12:43]  Eryn Galen: so I was very glad that Lena again offered the standalone this year, because they have been a dream to supervie it
[12:43]  Zinnia.Frenzy great
[12:43]  Eryn Galen: Otherwise we could use my server
[12:43]  Leighton.Marjoram If the hosting has been offered and you would like to raise donations. How much are we talking?
[12:43]  Eryn Galen: but I am not so good as hoster 😉
[12:43]  Han Held: We need to be able to guarentee that people’s stuff won’t simply be run off with. 🙂
[12:43]  Leslie.Kling Would the region need to be like osgrid where you need to hook them up to the grid
[12:44]  Selby.Evans Ok — I understand controlled data base need
[12:44]  Eryn Galen: No Leslie, exactly the opposite
[12:44]  Han Held: Exactly, Selby
[12:44]  Leslie.Kling so a real grid then.
[12:44]  strannik.zipper a standalone on the hypergrid
[12:44]  Han Held: Leighton, I’m looking at at least $150USD
[12:44]  Han Held: more is better
[12:44]  Eryn Galen: we want a standalone with a completely separate asset satabase, hypergrid accessible
[12:44]  Magnuz.Binder We had good experiences with the hosting last year, so I’m for it and willing to donate too.
[12:44]  Zinnia.Frenzy a cimplete grid no ties to any body
[12:44]  Leighton.Marjoram I can donate $50
[12:44]  Han Held: Exactly, Zinnia
[12:44]  Han Held: TY, Leighton 🙂
[12:44]  Sunbeam.Magic with 15 of us that’s only 10 usa dollars each … I’m in ;))
[12:44]  Zinnia.Frenzy I can hep a bit as well
[12:45]  Zinnia.Frenzy money wise
[12:45]  Selby.Evans I can donate $100 usd — v
[12:45]  Eryn Galen: Exactl Sunbeam, I think getting the word out it will be even less for everyone
[12:45]  Leighton.Marjoram A hosted standalone seem to work last year so we should go with that again
[12:45]  Selby.Evans via paypal
[12:45]  Han Held: I was also hopeing you could help us figure out the logistics of raising the money, Zinnia
[12:45]  Leslie.Kling mmm if tangle could supply that on it’s own server. which mean you would be the only grid on it what would you think of that?
[12:45]  Sunbeam.Magic ⁂•:._.:•⁂ⓄⓂⒼ⁂•:._.:•⁂
[12:45]  Sunbeam.Magic Selby … that’s so awesome
[12:45]  Selby.Evans or $150 if you need it
[12:45]  strannik.zipper Selby! You sugar daddy you!
[12:46]  Sunbeam.Magic lol strannik
[12:46]  Zinnia.Frenzy caps
[12:46]  Han Held: We had an offer that we turned down from a provider because they wanted their name plastered all over the promotional materials, which we couldn’t do
[12:46]  Leighton.Marjoram lol @strannik
[12:46]  Zinnia.Frenzy no
[12:46]  Leslie.Kling no this would be your own grid.
[12:46]  Leslie.Kling not tangles
[12:46]  Han Held: Because of the way Zak and Lena were at the event and responded to technical issues immediately, I’m inclined to go with them again this year
[12:46]  Selby.Evans I would not set any conditions
[12:47]  Sunbeam.Magic Zak was great indeed
[12:47]  Leighton.Marjoram I like the grid independence thing
[12:47]  strannik.zipper so we could actually have the site match a domain
[12:47]  Han Held: Yes, Lena has the domain
[12:47]  Leighton.Marjoram Agreed @Han
[12:47]  Leslie.Kling up to you all.
[12:47]  strannik.zipper
[12:48]  Eryn Galen: strannik, it does
[12:48]  Han Held: I appreciate the offer, Leslie -I’d take you up on it if we didn’t have Lena already on board
[12:48]  Leslie.Kling the offer is there if you want it
[12:48]  Eryn Galen:
[12:48]  strannik.zipper cool
[12:48]  Sunbeam.Magic shall we vote ?
[12:48]  Han Held: I feel a crash coming on
[12:48]  Han Held: sure
[12:48]  Leighton.Marjoram
[12:48]  Eryn Galen: Thanks Leslie!
[12:49]  Eryn Galen: Its 😉
[12:49]  Leslie.Kling So the grid name will be the same?
[12:49]  Han Held: Yes
[12:49]  Leslie.Kling ok
[12:49]  Eryn Galen: the region and our website are the same:
[12:49]  strannik.zipper Is there a date?
[12:50]  Eryn Galen: 23rd to 25th September
[12:50]  Your.Teacher So, ?
[12:50]  Han Held: yes, the main event will be held on the weekend of Sept 24th
[12:50]  Han Held: what Eryn said
[12:50]  Sunbeam.Magic Sept 23rd to 25th
[12:50]  Han Held: I AM wondering about expandin, however -if we have the server and the time, why just limit things to one weekend?
[12:50]  strannik.zipper argh!
[12:50]  Zinnia.Frenzy Its hard to fill a weeklenmd Han and host
[12:50]  strannik.zipper bad date for me
[12:51]  Zinnia.Frenzy yu can get the ppl but hosting is hard
[12:51]  Eryn Galen: sorry to hear that strannik
[12:51]  Han Held: I tend to agree, Zinnia; I think it’s worth exploring wether there’s interest in doing a 2nd or how we want to take advantage of the time.
[12:51]  Leslie.Kling Can you let me know as soon as possible Tmac will need to set it all up
[12:52]  Han Held: I’m confused
[12:52]  strannik.zipper Is there any chance you’d be willing to do this one week later?
[12:52]  Han Held: You’re offering a standalone for our use, Leslie?
[12:52]  Eryn Galen: Leslie, thanks for the offer, but I think we will go with Lena this zear again, since she has the experience from last year, but we will keep your offer for next year if we may 🙂
[12:52]  Han Held: OR for this winter, Leslie -I would like to do an event in Jan or Feb if there’s interest
[12:53]  Leslie.Kling yes your own grid for this event and the time you need to set it up. I will ask Tmac to do it.
[12:53]  Han Held: To celebrate opensim’s 10th anniversary
[12:53]  Zinnia.Frenzy Hang on we are hitting too many events Feb
[12:53]  Leighton.Marjoram Maybe an Arts festival @Han for (Jan-Feb)
[12:53]  Zinnia.Frenzy Its a very full month rl and virtual
[12:54]  Han Held: Sounds good -we’ll go with Lena for AvatarFESt and then if the offer is open, an Art/anniversary event in Feb, possibly hosted by Leslie/TangleGrid
[12:54]  Eryn Galen: I propose we keep to AvatarFest for now
[12:54]  Han Held: Yes
[12:54]  Sunbeam.Magic I like that it covers just a few days myself … maybe tag on Thursday too but that’s my opinion of length of event ;))
[12:54]  Han Held: So the consensus is that we’re going to stick with one weekend?
[12:54]  strannik.zipper Let me ask before I bail – is there ANY chance of moving the date to early October?
[12:55]  Eryn Galen: I like the weekend.. I dont really have time to attend more than that at once
[12:55]  Han Held: It is possible, let me ask what people think iin the G+ group, Strannik
[12:55]  Richardus Raymaker is Online
[12:55]  Han Held: Also, for hosts…I have asked people to volunteer as greeters
[12:55]  Han Held: and gotten a few volunteers
[12:55]  Your.Teacher Happy to be a greeter.
[12:55]  Sunbeam.Magic I’ll Greet 🙂
[12:55]  Han Held: TY 🙂 That’s more 🙂
[12:55]  strannik.zipper I mean, last year it was November
[12:55]  Selby.Evans Any time is ok for me.
[12:55]  Zinnia.Frenzy Do what I cxan
[12:55]  Sunbeam.Magic i’m a chatty kathie type A lol
[12:56]  Your.Teacher Might I suggest a bit of curating the g+ group to 2016 / 2015.
[12:56]  Eryn Galen: lol Sunny, very true, but that is good 🙂
[12:56]  Richardus Raymaker is Offline
[12:56]  Zinnia.Frenzy I am stuck with 3RG events as well so its  abit tricky
[12:56]  Han Held: Not sure what you mean by curating, Teacher
[12:56]  Eryn Galen: Your Teacher, it will be done…
[12:56]  Your.Teacher Just making sure people go to the right event. LOL
[12:56]  Eryn Galen: We are in the middle of getting our stuff together for that
[12:56]  Your.Teacher There is a lot of 2015 messages, which is nice, but people might get confused.
[12:56]  Han Held: Pop over if you have free time and just say hi to folks, Zinnia; 3RG has to be your main focus but when you can visit it would help out a bit 🙂
[12:56]  Eryn Galen: the poster you see here was only done yesterday 😉
[12:57]  Sunbeam.Magic maybe we can use one of Locked Semaphore tour buses to take folks around the exhibits too ?
[12:57]  Zinnia.Frenzy I will be about and can arrange some music and DJ if that helps
[12:57]  Leighton.Marjoram Its a nice poster I like the colors
[12:57]  Zinnia.Frenzy and some readings maybe
[12:57]  Han Held: I’m counting on folks to flood out the 2015 posts; I don’t want to delete them, and I don’t know of any way to move them out of sight
[12:57]  Leighton.Marjoram ++ Purty
[12:57]  Selby.Evans Let me know about money — I can cover the amounts — by paypal — need address
[12:57]  Sunbeam.Magic I LOVE ♥ the colors
[12:58]  Han Held: TY, Selby. Zinnia -would you be able or willing to help us figure out fundraising?
[12:58]  Eryn Galen: That would be great, guys
[12:58]  Zinnia.Frenzy Can do …
[12:58]  Leighton.Marjoram I will need a paypal account email address to send my donation too.
[12:59]  Leighton.Marjoram to*
[12:59]  Zinnia.Frenzy Have you a paypal account?
[12:59]  Zinnia.Frenzy we arealkl currrancy or no currancy grids
[12:59]  Selby.Evans I do
[12:59]  Eryn Galen: Well I do. My first instinct was not to use the Metro paypal account. My problem is I dont want to spread my email all over the internet
[12:59]  Eryn Galen: lol
[12:59]  Han Held: TY, we don’t have a paypal set up, I’m considering seeing if we could use a grid currency to raise money
[12:59]  Eryn Galen: And this is a no currency grid 😉
[13:00]  Leighton.Marjoram you can send it to my via email: @Eryn
[13:00]  Zinnia.Frenzy ouych thats a no go
[13:00]  Han Held: the issue being that paypal sucks for privacy and neither Eryn nor I want to be stalkd; but we need to be able to show some sort of “the money is going here” paper trail
[13:00]  Leighton.Marjoram me*
[13:00]  strannik.zipper How about bitcoin?
[13:00]  Eryn Galen: Leighton I will if Selby and Zinnia dont have a better idea 😉 Thanks
[13:00]  Han Held: I don’t know anything about bitcoin; I won’t say ‘no’ but I’d like a solution Im famliar with
[13:00]  Sunbeam.Magic I’ve never had issue with Paypal and used it for 15 years now
[13:00]  Zinnia.Frenzy I know about Bitcoin and would say no
[13:01]  Leighton.Marjoram Paypal provides an excellent paper trail and tracability if needed.
[13:01]  Leslie.Kling if you make donation board or tip boards that do paypal payments. like my tip jar does. maybe that is an idea.
[13:01]  Your.Teacher I think you can crowdfund on Eventbrite (but they take a nibble).
[13:01]  Magnuz.Binder I think you can add a second, temporary mail address to a PayPal account? At least it was possible a few years ago.
[13:01]  Eryn Galen: Hmm, I am thinking of creating a new email for this and adding it to my account maybe
[13:01]  Selby.Evans I don’t deal in bitcoin — I have Kitely money, but that does not go out of Kitely
[13:01]  Leighton.Marjoram I use paypal for all my online transactions and my accountant likes that I do.
[13:01]  Eryn Galen: lol MAgnuz
[13:01]  Sunbeam.Magic and many singers now use Paypal too
[13:01]  Han Held: You can’t use paypal without one’s RL info gettng out
[13:01]  strannik.zipper any podex traded currency can be hypergrid transferred
[13:01]  Han Held: after gamergate, that’s a serious concern
[13:01]  Zinnia.Frenzy in the end it all goes back to a person
[13:01]  Your.Teacher
[13:01]  Han Held: Think of the ppl who I’ve p*d off over the years 😉
[13:02]  Eryn Galen: lol Han
[13:02]  Han Held: I was also considering something like indigogo too
[13:02]  Han Held: please forgive typos 🙁

Another crash, then resumed:
[13:05]  Selby.Evans My chat failed for a while
[13:05]  Sunbeam.Magic Han
[13:05]  Sunbeam.Magic  ❈…㋡  WeLcOmE BaCK ㋡…❈
[13:05]  Magnuz Binder: Sorry, crashed again…
[13:06]  Zinnia.Frenzy its noty a huge amount of money we can cover it here probabaly lol
[13:06]  Han Held: thanks
[13:06]  Sunbeam.Magic ❈…㋡  WeLcOmE BaCK ㋡…❈
[13:06]  Sunbeam.Magic you too Magnuz
[13:06]  Eryn Galen is Online
[13:06]  Selby.Evans We don’t have to settle method now
[13:06]  Han Held: I tink it’s time to move to eryn’s server
[13:07]  Magnuz Binder: And pardon my ghost, but I couldn’t log it out after the crash.
[13:07]  Zinnia.Frenzy leave that bit for now or we will get mired down
[13:07]  Han Held: ty, Zinnia
[13:07]  Han Held: why don’t we all head over to the avatarfest region, on Eryn’s server
[13:07]  Han Held: Let her computer take the beating for a while 😉
[13:07]  Eryn Galen: lol, its not a homey… but only a VPS 😉
[13:08]  Sunbeam.Magic I need to run off … but put me down for Greeting, Exhibits, Promotion in my magazines and any donation you need 🙂
[13:08]  Zinnia.Frenzy ty
[13:08]  Han Held: This one we’re on is on a dedicated server D:
[13:08]  Magnuz Binder: Howl it on G+ as well, Eryn?
[13:08]  Han Held: Ok, ty Sunny -thank you so much!
[13:08]  Eryn Galen: I did
[13:08]  Eryn Galen: See you guys there
[13:08]  Sunbeam.Magic HUGS you ALL 🙂 ♥
[13:08]  Leslie.Kling hugs sunbeam
[13:08]  Sunbeam.Magic is Offline
[13:08]  Teleport completed from https://metropolis/region/neuanzeplaza/162/137/44
[13:08]  Greeter: Welcome to AvatarFest! – Wilkommen auf AvatarFest! – Bienvenue á AvatarFest – Bienvenido a AvatarFest!
[13:08]  Zinnia.Frenzy has entered draw distance. (29763.82m)
[13:08]  vegaslon.plutonian has entered draw distance. (29771.25m)
[13:08]  Magnuz.Binder has entered draw distance. (29773.16m)
[13:08]  Feli Dae has entered draw distance. (29774.75m)
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[13:08]  strannik.zipper has entered draw distance. (29764.92m)
[13:09]  Eryn Galen: Welcome 🙂
[13:09]  Teleport offer sent to Ramesh.Ramloll
[13:09]  Eryn Galen: Now it gets interesting hehe
[13:09]  Teleport offer sent to Selby.Evans
[13:09]  Teleport offer sent to Your.Teacher
[13:09]  Teleport offer sent to Zinnia.Frenzy
[13:09]  Magnuz Binder: If you want the region crashed, I can ask Maggie to come and open her inventory…?
[13:10]  Eryn Galen: lol thanks, Franzi does that wonderfully Magnuz
[13:10]  Eryn Galen: But do ask Maggie over 😉
[13:10]  Magnuz Binder: She’s busy with TV now, so I think I leave her to it.
[13:10]  Magnuz Binder rolls his eyes
[13:10]  Eryn Galen: lol no worries
[13:10]  Teleport offer sent to Leslie.Kling
[13:11]  Eryn Galen: Im hoping the others are coming
[13:11]  Teleport offer sent to Zinnia.Frenzy
[13:11]  Teleport offer sent to Selby.Evans
[13:11]  Magnuz Binder: Our virtual romace kind of died when we moved together and replaced it with a RL one.
[13:11]  Magnuz Binder: romance*
[13:11]  Han Held: Eryn, can you open the parcel please?
[13:11]  Han Held: no one is able to get in
[13:11]  Eryn Galen: sorry Vegas
[13:12]  Eryn Galen: I already did Han
[13:12]  Eryn Galen: oops
[13:12]  vegaslon.plutonian goodness that was an event
[13:12]  Eryn Galen: Im so sorry, I forgot it was still closed
[13:13]  Teleport offer sent to Zinnia.Frenzy
[13:13]  Teleport offer sent to Leslie.Kling
[13:13]  Han Held: wb y’all
[13:14]  Magnuz Binder: OK, so 2 regions done now, and only 23742 to go before we run out of options…
[13:14]  Han Held: So we’ve whittled down things so I want to address one last point
[13:14]  Leighton.Marjoram is Offline
[13:14]  Eryn Galen: sorry everyone. I just forgot the region was still closed 🙁
[13:14]  Han Held: Do we want to set a deadline for applications?
[13:14]  Leighton.Marjoram is Online
[13:15]  Han Held: and do we want seeperate deadlines for performers and a different application for exhibits?
[13:15]  Eryn Galen: Im in favour of a deadline, approx a week prior to the event, just to have time to stabilize the region if necessary
[13:15]  vegaslon.plutonian ah now I got to apply, never was to good on tests
[13:15]  Zinnia.Frenzy how are you arranging it?
[13:15]  Zinnia.Frenzy what timescale
[13:15]  Han Held: That’s what we’re trying to decide, Zinnia
[13:15]  Zinnia.Frenzy per day
[13:16]  Magnuz Binder: I think deadlines are good for making people feel a bit more committed, and to be able to fill in any holes in exhibits and scheules, so I say yes. 1-2 weeks in advance?
[13:16]  Han Held: I would like it over two weekends; I have to ask on G+ to see if folks are intereswted in that or not
[13:16]  Eryn Galen: Personally, I would do it as last year Zinnia: Advertise on G+ mainly and let people carry the word
[13:16]  Zinnia.Frenzy Thats hard to do
[13:16]  Leighton.Marjoram */glad name tags are back/*
[13:16]  Han Held: I’m inclined to do that too, Eryn
[13:16]  Leighton.Marjoram Seemed to work ok last year. 🙂
[13:16]  Zinnia.Frenzy I can assure you after 2 days you will be on your knees
[13:16]  Eryn Galen: exactly Leighton
[13:16]  strannik.zipper Will there be a schedule of grid testing before the event?
[13:16]  Han Held: Big question is -I think we’ll fill up on exhibits faster than performers
[13:17]  Han Held: Strannik; yes
[13:17]  Eryn Galen: Zinnia: now sure what you are talking about just now. Can you recap please?
[13:17]  Han Held: whatever hosting we go for, we’ll spend a lot of time doing load tests
[13:17]  Han Held: once every two weeks, maybe more
[13:17]  strannik.zipper excellent!
[13:17]  Han Held: That will also help motivate ppl and keep their interest
[13:17]  Zinnia.Frenzy 2 weekends is hard if you need hosting and tech suport
[13:17]  Han Held: We’ll have the hosting already, that’s why I’m thinking of it
[13:17]  Eryn Galen: ahh. I thought we settled on one weekend after all?
[13:18]  Leighton.Marjoram We can see it as difficult or see as a challenge and we have last year under our belt.
[13:18]  Eryn Galen: Or did I misunderstand?
[13:18]  Han Held: Strannick can’t come in Sept, so I told him that I’d ask in group to see if we can do two weekends or not
[13:18]  Eryn Galen: Ahh
[13:18]  Eryn Galen: Well the exhibits will be there for a months anyway
[13:18]  strannik.zipper or just move to one weekend in Oct?
[13:19]  Eryn Galen: its just the performances that we would need to get
[13:19]  Han Held: If we can get someone on a Saturday to perform, and others to pop in and hang out; I don’t see any reason not to…we’ll have the server
[13:19]  Magnuz Binder: You may need to check that we can have tech support for two weekends as well then, Han.
[13:19]  Han Held: Eryn, can you ask about that?
[13:19]  Zinnia.Frenzy And people to host 2 weekends
[13:19]  Eryn Galen: I can if you give me a second date Han 😉
[13:19]  Han Held: I’m going to ask in group if ppl would be willing to come and hang out
[13:19]  Eryn Galen: The date we do have checked out positive
[13:19]  Han Held: Ask Strannick what works for him 🙂
[13:19]  Han Held: *strannik, sorry
[13:20]  strannik.zipper any date *after* that weekend is fine
[13:20]  Eryn Galen: hehe
[13:20]  strannik.zipper c’est la vie!
[13:20]  Han Held: Well, the date can be changed 🙂
[13:20]  Leighton.Marjoram /can finally see Han/
[13:20]  Han Held: we’ll ask in the group
[13:20]  Han Held: yay
[13:20]  Eryn Galen: 30th to 2nd October I can ask
[13:20]  Magnuz Binder: I work full time, but weekends and evenings are usually OK for me. 1 or 2 weekends doesn’t matter much.
[13:20]  Eryn Galen: me too 🙂
[13:21]  Han Held: Basically
[13:21]  Han Held: the main event one weekend, with some events on the following Saturday
[13:21]  Han Held: possibly more if there’s interest
[13:21]  Eryn Galen: so in case that works, do we want to completely change of make it two weekends?
[13:21]  strannik.zipper I coordinate a RL festival which is the issue – one think I have learned is to find a good date and use the same time every year
[13:21]  Zinnia.Frenzy I may be in transit from France but wuiill try and work around it
[13:21]  Jessie Campbell is Online
[13:21]  Han Held: We need to ask on the group, to see if ppl will fill the two weekends
[13:21]  Han Held: I think it would be great, but only if ppl are willing to do stuff
[13:21]  Leighton.Marjoram Maybe find out if clubs are having nights that weekend and ask if they would like to move here for the weekend.
[13:22]  Zinnia.Frenzy I cant Han I know I can’t
[13:22]  Han Held: That’s ok, Zinnia 🙂
[13:22]  Eryn Galen: I think we were lucky to have as many performers as we did last year Han, but lets try
[13:22]  Zinnia.Frenzy one is ok … hugs
[13:22]  Han Held: *hugs* if we can’t get ppl on the 2nd, we’ll go with one
[13:22]  Han Held: NO PRESSURE 🙂
[13:22]  Zinnia.Frenzy I can sort music
[13:22]  strannik.zipper Last year I DJed for 7 hours straight 😉
[13:22]  Han Held: Yes you did you wonderful glorious madman =D
[13:23]  Zinnia.Frenzy I am sure some of our operfiormers will come onboard
[13:23]  Zinnia.Frenzy peerformers
[13:23]  Han Held: I’m looking at it like this
[13:23]  Leslie.Kling I to will DJ again and also place a display as well
[13:23]  Eryn Galen: that would be great Zinnia 🙂
[13:23]  Han Held: we may get more interest and NEED two weekends to fit everyone in
[13:23]  Leslie.Kling for the treasure hunt
[13:23]  Han Held: TY, that would be awesome, Leslie
[13:24]  Han Held: We can set up a space for your display near the enterance
[13:24]  strannik.zipper BTW – if any of you are around tonight at 7PM grid time, I will be spinning tunes on Pirate’s Atoll
[13:24]  Han Held: Here on metro?
[13:24]  strannik.zipper on digiworldz
[13:24]  Zinnia.Frenzy I will be in bed its late in Europe
[13:24]  Han Held: Cool 🙂
[13:24]  Magnuz Binder: That’s 4 AM my morning, so I’m afraid not, Zannik.
[13:24]  Han Held: So, is there anything I’m forgetting that y’all think I should go into?
[13:24]  Eryn Galen: hmmm I will probably be fast asleep, sorry strannik.
[13:24]  strannik.zipper
[13:24]  Han Held: or should we wrap it up?
[13:25]  Zinnia.Frenzy Its a start Han covered a lot
[13:25]  strannik.zipper wrap it and ship it!
[13:25]  Han Held: LOL
[13:25]  Han Held: Another meeting in two weeks?
[13:25]  Leighton.Marjoram Sounds perfecto
[13:25]  Han Held: I don’t want to wear folks out
[13:25]  Eryn Galen: Ok, If I may:
[13:25]  Han Held: yes
[13:25]  Magnuz Binder: We need some input through group about dates, settle funding, and then fine-tune at a new meeting?
[13:25]  Zinnia.Frenzy can do but agenda
[13:26]  Zinnia.Frenzy so we know what we want tio do
[13:26]  Zinnia.Frenzy or you can waste a load time
[13:26]  Han Held: On a personal level I want to say group frustrates me WRT getting feedback, it seems like I get better feedback inworld
[13:26]  Han Held: Agreed, Zinnia; I’ll write up a loose agenda
[13:26]  Eryn Galen: We have a few who want to help, a few wanting to exhibit and or perform already, which is a great start. We still need to make a decision about donations and we will ask people about a second date or possibly moving the date.
[13:26]  Zinnia.Frenzy thanks
[13:26]  Han Held: Okie-doke; I’m going to save this and post it
[13:27]  Han Held: Thanks for coming and thanks for helping out, ya’ll 🙂
[13:27]  strannik.zipper cool
[13:27]  Eryn Galen: Thanks for stepping up and pushing Han 😉
[13:27]  Magnuz Binder: Thank you for getting this rolling again, Han!
[13:27]  Leighton.Marjoram a pleasure as always Han. Heres to AvatarFest 2016
[13:27]  Zinnia.Frenzy hugs np and thanks for inviting us
[13:27]  strannik.zipper yes, thanks Han!
[13:27]  Leslie.Kling Hans let me know about teh region and if you need us for a server. I to will leave you to it.
[13:27]  Han Held: **hugs all around**
[13:28]  Han Held: Ok, thanks Leslie. I’ll be in touch 🙂
[13:28]  strannik.zipper toasts with the Guinness in front of him
[13:28]  Leslie.Kling great hugs all
[13:28]  Zinnia.Frenzy take care bed for this Euro buny