Transcript: 16th August Meeting, 2016

By the users, for the users, OF the users

((NOTE: for this meeting, the β€œAvatar Fest” account was run by Han Held))

[10:50] Selby.Evans entered the region (91.67 m).
[10:55] Selby.Evans entered chat range (6.03 m).
[10:55] Selby.Evans hi — nobody else here yet
[10:56] Sun.Tzu entered the region (28.37 m).
[10:56] Avatar Fest: Hi, Sun
[10:56] Sun.Tzu Hi
[10:56] Selby.Evans voice is working
[10:56] Avatar Fest: We’re at the tables, please join us
[10:57] Magnuz.Binder entered the region (28.38 m).
[10:57] Sun.Tzu entered chat range (17.80 m).
[10:57] Avatar Fest: Hi Magnuz! We’re at the little cafe, at the tables πŸ™‚
[10:57] Avatar Fest: Sits are kinda flaky….oh, they work for y’all. It’s just me, heh
[10:57] Magnuz.Binder entered chat range (17.64 m).
[10:57] Sun.Tzu Yes I think I beat them into submission
[10:58] Avatar Fest: Great to see you, Magnuz, glad you could make it
[10:58] Ada.Radius entered the region (28.38 m).
[10:58] Avatar Fest shouts: Hiya Ada we’re over here!
[10:58] Avatar Fest shouts: By the bar LOL
[10:58] Don.Smith entered the region (28.37 m).
[10:58] Sun.Tzu Remember the days fo green dot effect?
[10:58] Dabici.Straulino entered the region (27.78 m).
[10:58] Truelie.Telling entered the region (25.80 m).
[10:58] Sun.Tzu We all used to flock to the green dots
[10:59] Magnuz.Binder Gello, Avatar (Han?), Selby and Sun.
[10:59] Don.Smith hi
[10:59] Avatar Fest: I do! I always wound up in bot farms tho
[10:59] Sun.Tzu haha
[10:59] Avatar Fest: Hi, Don, welcome
[10:59] Ada.Radius entered chat range (18.80 m).
[10:59] Truelie.Telling Hello
[10:59] Dabici.Straulino helllo all
[10:59] Don.Smith =)
[10:59] Avatar Fest: Hi Truelie! W’ere over by the bar πŸ™‚
[10:59] Sun.Tzu I think we’re going to need a bigger table
[10:59] Avatar Fest: let me copy some of these
[11:00] Dabici.Straulino Hello Truellie
[11:00] Magnuz.Binder Thank you, and hello Ada, Don, Dabici and Truelie.
[11:00] Truelie.Telling entered chat range (18.94 m).
[11:00] Ada.Radius HIHI everyone
[11:00] Sun.Tzu Hi Selby
[11:00] Sun.Tzu whispers: GTSY
[11:00] Selby.Evans hi everyone
[11:00] Ada.Radius are we going to be in Talk?
[11:00] Truelie.Telling Hi Dabici, hi Magnuz
[11:00] Don.Smith entered chat range (18.14 m).
[11:00] Truelie.Telling hi Selby
[11:00] Dabici.Straulino entered chat range (2.63 m).
[11:00] Avatar Fest: I”m really glad you were able to come, Truelie!
[11:00] Avatar Fest: You can, I want to post a transcript so I’m going to be in text
[11:01] Avatar Fest: Trust me, no one wants to hear my voice :p
[11:01] Don.Smith Howdy all
[11:01] Magnuz.Binder laughs
[11:01] Avatar Fest: ok, well fuck the transcript…I’ll try to post a summary instead. :3
[11:01] Truelie.Telling well, I guess this one just sits this way, hehe
[11:01] Serene.Jewell entered chat range (6.04 m).
[11:01] Serene.Jewell entered the region (6.04 m).
[11:01] Magnuz.Binder I’m sure people would looove my Swedish accent…
[11:01] Phaandor.Pertwee entered chat range (5.86 m).
[11:01] Phaandor.Pertwee entered the region (5.86 m).
[11:01] Dabici.Straulino hello Serene
[11:01] Avatar Fest: I have two main ideas tho I’m open to others; I want to set up anyone who needs setting up
[11:01] Truelie.Telling hi sun, hi serene
[11:01] Phaandor.Pertwee ~~EEP!~~
[11:01] Avatar Fest: Hiya Dabici and SERENE glad you made it
[11:02] Magnuz.Binder Hello there, Serene.
[11:02] Serene.Jewell Hi there!
[11:02] Avatar Fest: Phaandor I was just tryin to fix the calendar…STILL
[11:02] Sun.Tzu Hello
[11:02] Phaandor.Pertwee there’s nothing to fix – except my brain maybe
[11:02] Serene.Jewell 1st question, am I dressed?
[11:02] Magnuz.Binder waves to Phaandor.
[11:02] Avatar Fest: The problem is, google doens’t list CET, and everything that would make sense is two hours ahead of GMT
[11:02] Phaandor.Pertwee huhu Magnuz!
[11:02] Don.Smith yes Serene
[11:02] Magnuz.Binder Yes, beautifully dressed, Serene.
[11:02] Avatar Fest: Yep we’re not THAT kinda party
[11:03] Serene.Jewell lol thanks.
[11:03] Avatar Fest: I see everyone but maybe some rebakes are in order
[11:03] Magnuz.Binder I see everyone well.
[11:03] Sun.Tzu I see Jellies all the time
[11:03] Jamie.Wright entered chat range (6.04 m).
[11:03] Jamie.Wright entered the region (6.04 m).
[11:03] Sun.Tzu well in SL anyways
[11:03] Don.Smith i got kootys, no one wanna sit near me……< rofl >
[11:03] Phaandor.Pertwee ohhh wow – ppl appearing out of nothing
[11:03] Avatar Fest: you do? You’re the first one I’ve heard say that
[11:03] Dabici.Straulino I see everyone well
[11:03] Jamie.Wright Hello:)
[11:03] Phaandor.Pertwee looks at his glass
[11:04] Sun.Tzu preferable to dead people
[11:04] Leighton.Marjoram entered chat range (6.04 m).
[11:04] Leighton.Marjoram entered the region (6.04 m).
[11:04] Avatar Fest gets Phaandor a drink from the bar
[11:04] Truelie.Telling hi Jamie
[11:04] Avatar Fest: JAMIE
[11:04] Avatar Fest: ANNA
[11:04] Magnuz.Binder At present, there is no CET (UTC/GMT +1), but just CEST (UTC/GMT +2), since we’re on summer time here in Europe.
[11:04] Avatar Fest: WRIGHT
[11:04] Dabici.Straulino hu Jamie
[11:04] Avatar Fest: **dies of cuteness**
[11:04] Avatar Fest: πŸ˜€
[11:04] Avatar Fest: Hiya
[11:04] Dabici.Straulino hi
[11:04] Phaandor.Pertwee merci bien, Han
[11:04] Avatar Fest: Heya Leighton -glad you could make it
[11:04] Leighton.Marjoram Hi all
[11:04] Jamie.Wright LOL hi folks:)
[11:04] Truelie.Telling getting a great turnout
[11:04] Phaandor.Pertwee is ava fest han?
[11:04] Avatar Fest: Yes
[11:04] Phaandor.Pertwee ok
[11:04] Magnuz.Binder Hello Jamie and Leighton.
[11:04] Serene.Jewell Hi folks.
[11:04] Avatar Fest: It’s me! mario! I mean Han Held
[11:04] Sun.Tzu Hello again Leighton
[11:04] Avatar Fest: πŸ˜€
[11:04] Sun.Tzu GTSY
[11:05] Leighton.Marjoram Hello Magnus, Serene
[11:05] Avatar Fest: Another reason for using text :p
[11:05] Jamie.Wright Hi Magnuz, Trulie, Han, Leighton, Sun, Serene, Phaandor:)
[11:05] Avatar Fest: First off
[11:05] Avatar Fest: can EVERYONE hear voice?
[11:05] Ada.Radius I can
[11:05] Phaandor.Pertwee coucou jamie
[11:05] Avatar Fest: Is there anyone who CANNOT hear voice?
[11:05] Don.Smith atm i do not hear voice
[11:05] Dabici.Straulino no, I must try to reenable it
[11:05] Jamie.Wright Oh do I have to? Argh…ok hang on…
[11:05] Avatar Fest: Ok, Don can’t hear voice
[11:05] Avatar Fest: nor jamie
[11:05] Jamie.Wright Hi Dabici:)
[11:06] Avatar Fest: I would like us to stick to text if possible
[11:06] Serene.Jewell Do not hear voice
[11:06] Jamie.Wright I can hear it now but I’ll type back if that’s OK.
[11:06] Dabici.Straulino I do hear now
[11:06] Avatar Fest: at least for anything important; too many people can’t hear it
[11:06] Leighton.Marjoram I can hear it ok
[11:06] Jamie.Wright Just because it’s easier when my kid is busy around me.
[11:06] Don.Smith voice is enabled, but i dont hear any and my dot isnt showing on either
[11:06] Avatar Fest: if y’all wanna chit-chat is fine
[11:06] Selby.Evans serene — your av looks fine
[11:06] Avatar Fest: It needs testing
[11:06] Avatar Fest: good point!
[11:06] Serene.Jewell Toggled. Got voice.
[11:06] Phaandor.Pertwee no voice
[11:06] Sun.Tzu If you cna’t get voice
[11:06] Jamie.Wright Hearing it is fine. It’s just easier if I don’t have to talk.
[11:06] Phaandor.Pertwee but its enabled
[11:06] Sun.Tzu There are two good thigns to do
[11:06] Phaandor.Pertwee damn
[11:07] Avatar Fest: That is fine for y’alls performance
[11:07] Sun.Tzu check your computer to see if multiple SL Voice are running
[11:07] Avatar Fest: Let me get the calendar up so I can check it
[11:07] Sun.Tzu on a PC that is CTRL + ALT + DEL
[11:07] Magnuz.Binder I can hear voice.
[11:07] Avatar Fest: I’m going to be back and forth
[11:07] Dabici.Straulino sometimes when we hypergrid, we must self reenable it with our preferences
[11:07] Sun.Tzu and they look for running processes
[11:07] Dabici.Straulino first desable and reenable
[11:07] Sun.Tzu other part to fix voice
[11:07] Sun.Tzu is go to setting CTRL + P
[11:07] Jamie.Wright What is the chat range here?
[11:07] Sun.Tzu in viewer
[11:07] Serene.Jewell YEs, I can hear now. Had to toggle.
[11:07] Sun.Tzu and turn off and back on
[11:07] Jamie.Wright I’m hearing and seeing type from people I don’t see nearby.
[11:08] Sun.Tzu then go to the device in audio
[11:08] Sun.Tzu and select the right one
[11:08] Jamie.Wright Hi Ada:)
[11:08] Sun.Tzu not default
[11:08] Selby.Evans serene — you have voice on — you should hear voices
[11:08] Jamie.Wright and Selby:)
[11:08] Ada.Radius Hi Jamie:)
[11:08] Sun.Tzu taht usually fixed more issues
[11:08] Don.Smith now i can hear voice
[11:08] Truelie.Telling Yay
[11:08] Avatar Fest: Ok I ahve Avatar Repetoir theatre down, and Phaa of course
[11:09] Leighton.Marjoram Hi Jamie and Serene πŸ™‚
[11:09] Don.Smith i feel like the fat kid on the playground, no one wanted to sit near me …./rofl
[11:09] Truelie.Telling you can share my bench, Don
[11:09] Avatar Fest: This should be the link to the calendar:
[11:09] Avatar Fest: hopefully it works
[11:09] Avatar Fest: It’s awesome to meet you too, Don
[11:09] Jamie.Wright I like all the kids on the playground. Hi Don:)
[11:10] Avatar Fest: I just can’t get too far from the beer :p
[11:10] Avatar Fest: Ok, Truelie, I can do that now; one hour?
[11:10] Avatar Fest: and is that SLT?
[11:11] Avatar Fest: Ok, great…saturday, 5pm SLT?
[11:11] Avatar Fest: Friday -glad I asked! Ok, let me go to the calendar a sec
[11:11] Jamie.Wright opens and closes umbrellas in total fascination “These are so cool.”
[11:11] Sun.Tzu So is Avatar Fest avatar actually Hand Held?
[11:11] Ada.Radius Avatar Repertory Theater
[11:13] Magnuz.Binder Yes, Avatar Fest = Han Held.
[11:13] Dabici.Straulino old typewritter,,,
[11:13] Avatar Fest: ok, got you added, Truelie
[11:13] Jamie.Wright Swish swish ding!
[11:13] Sun.Tzu OK thanks
[11:13] Sun.Tzu And Thanks Han Held for the invite
[11:13] Leighton.Marjoram Lol @Jamie
[11:13] Jamie.Wright πŸ™‚
[11:13] Avatar Fest: I am NOT doing descriptions -I would like anyone to send me their preferred description on G+ and I’ll add them to the events
[11:14] Avatar Fest: let me get the correct splling anand put it on the calendar
[11:14] Leighton.Marjoram is online.
[11:14] Truelie.Telling is online.
[11:14] Avatar Fest: And TY, Ada ..both for the correction and for being a part of the festival πŸ™‚
[11:14] Muddy.Bunny entered chat range (6.04 m).
[11:14] Muddy.Bunny entered the region (6.04 m).
[11:15] Magnuz.Binder Hello, Muddy.
[11:15] Avatar Fest: Hi, Muddy
[11:15] Ada.Radius thank you! I’m really looking forward to it. We’re going to do Two Gentlemen of Verona this time
[11:15] Muddy.Bunny Hi.
[11:15] Jamie.Wright ty Trilue:)
[11:15] Avatar Fest: OOOH I need to add that to the event description; be right back
[11:15] Jamie.Wright Trulie*
[11:15] Jamie.Wright Spelling…argh
[11:15] Jamie.Wright Hi Muddy Bunny:)
[11:16] Muddy.Bunny Hi.
[11:16] Truelie.Telling it’s TrueLIE, hehe… but I expect people will get it wrong
[11:16] Muddy.Bunny I’m Lynne.
[11:16] Ada.Radius If you can direct me to our parcel I can start hypergridding the stuff in
[11:16] Ada.Radius sometime this week
[11:16] Muddy.Bunny Couldn’t port across from Kitely, so I hopped to Metaverse.
[11:17] Truelie.Telling hi Muddy
[11:17] Muddy.Bunny Yes. I think it’s just me though.
[11:17] Muddy.Bunny LOL
[11:17] Sun.Tzu Lillpad approach to the Metaverse
[11:17] Avatar Fest: Ok, so using kitely from the map works…?
[11:17] Avatar Fest: You can map from there?
[11:17] Avatar Fest: Ok, great
[11:18] Ada.Radius
[11:18] Avatar Fest: I was hoping Eryn would be here since she knows which parcel is assigned to who
[11:18] Jamie.Wright Or spaces…check the beginnng and end of the paste.
[11:18] Avatar Fest: ok, are you in the grouop?
[11:19] Jamie.Wright True:)
[11:19] Avatar Fest: Ok, you should be able to bring stuff over, Ada?
[11:19] Dabici.Straulino I am here as well to see if what I would like to install would fit the rules Hope to see Eryn
[11:19] Leighton.Marjoram Ty
[11:20] Avatar Fest: you should be able to with the group tho we prefer you rez on your parcel πŸ™‚
[11:20] Avatar Fest: yeah
[11:20] Jamie.Wright Yay a Novale build! I’m hooked on those Dabici. I love your regions so much:)
[11:20] Avatar Fest: if you know the number that will be where you are
[11:20] Truelie.Telling is there a stage? and can I get perms to put up a mic, poseballs etc.?
[11:20] Dabici.Straulino yy Kamie
[11:21] Dabici.Straulino Jamie
[11:21] Avatar Fest: You’re probably right, I have to ask Eryn why it’s not up
[11:21] Muddy.Bunny I’m waiting to get my stick.
[11:21] Jamie.Wright LOL
[11:21] Arielle.Delamerlibre entered chat range (5.25 m).
[11:21] Arielle.Delamerlibre entered the region (5.25 m).
[11:22] Avatar Fest: Dabici, basically the rules are: no promotion of hosting or rentals, no adult/XXX stuff, parcel size is 32×32 or 20×20 (I think we’re out of the 20x20s) and try to stick to 500 prims tho it isn’t a problem YET
[11:22] Jamie.Wright Hi Arielle:)
[11:22] Magnuz.Binder Hi there, Arielle.
[11:22] Arielle.Delamerlibre Hi my friends
[11:22] Phaandor.Pertwee coucou ariellchen
[11:22] Avatar Fest: SOMEONE πŸ˜‰ is using over 2000, I am not going to crack down until it’s a problem, but we want everyone to shoot for that if possible. If not, we can work with it (I think)
[11:22] Dabici.Straulino ok, Avatar fest, I could go for 32-32
[11:23] Avatar Fest: Please excuse me a moment….
[11:23] Avatar Fest: I’m looking for the ART parcel
[11:23] Dabici.Straulino could we run simple script sucj as opening doors
[11:23] Avatar Fest: I think I have found it, but I’m not sure
[11:23] Jamie.Wright hides her diner from the prim count “It’s a sickness…so sorry.”
[11:24] Avatar Fest: Yes, most scripts should be ok, unless they cause too much load on the servers. I don’t know scripting so I’m relying on eryn and/or Lena for help on that
[11:24] Avatar Fest: Ok, when you have your parcels, PLEASE rez something
[11:24] Avatar Fest: ideally with who you are in the prim’s description feel
[11:24] Avatar Fest: We’ll do that after the mee…yeah
[11:24] Avatar Fest: that
[11:24] Avatar Fest: And I’ll set up Dabici
[11:24] Avatar Fest: Arielle, hiya πŸ™‚
[11:25] Arielle.Delamerlibre πŸ™‚
[11:25] Arielle.Delamerlibre nice to see you
[11:25] Arielle.Delamerlibre you are the only one I can see lol
[11:25] Avatar Fest: Ok, so that’s Dabici and Ada set up….who else needs a parcel set up for them?
[11:25] Dabici.Straulino not sure someone mention no script does it apply to all
[11:25] Avatar Fest: oh no!
[11:25] Arielle.Delamerlibre will take its time no problem
[11:25] Avatar Fest: Scripts are allowed, there was a little problem with npcs but I think that got sorted
[11:26] Dabici.Straulino ok, OS functions are enabled
[11:26] Avatar Fest: Yes, as long as they don’t bog down the server
[11:26] Sun.Tzu NPCs are much better in OpenSim
[11:26] Jamie.Wright I think just don’t overscript.
[11:26] Avatar Fest: That, Jamie; exactly
[11:26] Leighton.Marjoram Are people in the group allowed to use OS functions or are individuals going to be added.
[11:26] Muddy.Bunny One of my NPCs committed suicide today. Jumped off a cliff (we were meant to be rescuing her).
[11:27] Avatar Fest: Good question, I’ll ask Eryn, Leighton; I’m not sure how they have NPCs set up
[11:27] Avatar Fest: LOL Muddy
[11:27] Sun.Tzu I love that I can kill my NPCs now
[11:27] Jamie.Wright It’s a hard life being a NPC…lol
[11:27] Dabici.Straulino Could you also add me to the group Avatar Fest
[11:27] Leighton.Marjoram I can change my NPCs for static models if that would help
[11:27] Sun.Tzu Tehy kept going and going and giong
[11:27] Avatar Fest: Absolutely -thanks for the ping….
[11:27] Avatar Fest: sent
[11:28] Avatar Fest: People have had NPCs here and weren’t assigned as EMs
[11:28] Avatar Fest: Last year I had to add folks as EMs to do things such as particles (Torben specifically)
[11:28] Sun.Tzu It woudl be great to have a place at Avatar Fest for people to capture their essence to a notecard for later use with NPCs
[11:28] Avatar Fest: To set out his system
[11:28] Sun.Tzu Build and NPC Community Database
[11:28] Arielle.Delamerlibre I like also to be added
[11:28] Leighton.Marjoram That is one way of doing it but there are other ways in the ini files to allow individuals (UUID) or groups, estate managers etc.
[11:28] Avatar Fest: Ah, to set up the NPCs, gotcha
[11:29] Serene.Jewell left chat range.
[11:29] Serene.Jewell left the region.
[11:29] Avatar Fest: Yes, Leighton; I’m not sure how Lena is choosing to do it, and because security I’m leaving the choice up to her
[11:29] Leighton.Marjoram Absolutely.
[11:29] Sun.Tzu what is the date for Avatarfest btw?
[11:31] Leighton.Marjoram Hi Arielle
[11:31] Arielle.Delamerlibre hey Leighton πŸ™‚
[11:31] Avatar Fest: Sept 30 to Oct 2 for events, Sept 30 to late Oct (30?) to wander around
[11:32] Avatar Fest: I forget when the server shuts down :3
[11:32] Avatar Fest: Truelie, Ada, would you mind if I mention you’re performing in a press release?
[11:32] Truelie.Telling Love it!
[11:32] Sun.Tzu Okay cool. I will ask Stella about using her gaming system in OpenSim. Not sure if it woudl be this year or next bn Okay
[11:33] Avatar Fest: Awesome -that would be a huge help!
[11:33] Dabici.Straulino when will people start to set up their installation^
[11:33] Sun.Tzu Could I be added to the group?
[11:33] Jamie.Wright Anytime. Some are up already.
[11:33] Truelie.Telling some seem to be up already
[11:33] Dabici.Straulino ok
[11:33] Avatar Fest: Sure thing, Sun one sec
[11:33] Sun.Tzu TY
[11:33] Ada.Radius Any publicity is great, thank you!
[11:34] Avatar Fest: My pleasure!
[11:34] Isis.Ophelia entered chat range (5.25 m).
[11:34] Isis.Ophelia entered the region (5.25 m).
[11:34] Avatar Fest: Afk a sec, landlord irl pon phone
[11:34] Phaandor.Pertwee uh ohh
[11:34] Avatar Fest: Hiya Isis! Glad you could makeit!
[11:34] Magnuz.Binder Hello, Isis.
[11:34] Avatar Fest: brb
[11:34] Sun.Tzu TY
[11:34] Jamie.Wright Hi Isis:)
[11:34] Phaandor.Pertwee heyyy Isis
[11:34] Truelie.Telling hi Isis
[11:34] Isis.Ophelia hello smiles good to be here, just need a few, BRB
[11:35] Arielle.Delamerlibre Isis my dear nice to see you back in town
[11:35] Sun.Tzu I haven’t asked her yet, but was thinking to see if we could get Stella’s Adventure Game System (SAGS) from SL into OenSim
[11:35] Sun.Tzu OpenSim
[11:35] Sun.Tzu Allows you to use notecards to create hunts and games in world
[11:35] Selby.Evans I will be picking up info for my blog. I will assume that anything I see around here or on the calendar is public. If not, let me know
[11:35] Don.Smith forgive me asking, but i am fairly new to OS in general, i only heard about this today and still am unsure what is it all about or what we are doing here atm?
[11:35] Arielle.Delamerlibre cool
[11:36] Sun.Tzu But need to chat with Stella
[11:36] Avatar Fest: back -Isis it is really good to see you; we really missed you while you were gone!
[11:36] Sun.Tzu So no promises
[11:36] Avatar Fest: Sun, I don’t see your exhibit listed, can you refersh my memory please?
[11:36] Sun.Tzu I dont’ have one yet
[11:36] Isis.Ophelia back hello everyone :)))
[11:36] Avatar Fest: Ok, so you need a parcel then
[11:36] Avatar Fest: we can do that πŸ™‚
[11:36] Sun.Tzu Not yet
[11:36] Arielle.Delamerlibre what about the avatar fest website with general informations is there anywhere a description of the avatar fest event?
[11:36] Sun.Tzu Let me see what I can do
[11:36] Isis.Ophelia nothing is loading sigh
[11:37] Selby.Evans Don — we are planning an event for the start of SEpt
[11:37] Sun.Tzu I may not participate till next year
[11:37] Sun.Tzu but thought I would start to see
[11:37] Jamie.Wright Don it’s overwhelimg at first, all the info and interagtion/reintegration after SL etc.
[11:37] Don.Smith ahh ok
[11:37] Avatar Fest: Ah, ok. please let us know by Aug 21st…sooner is better πŸ™‚
[11:37] Sun.Tzu will do
[11:37] Serene.Jewell entered chat range (5.26 m).
[11:37] Serene.Jewell entered the region (5.26 m).
[11:37] Avatar Fest: Wb, Serene
[11:37] Don.Smith i was SL from 2006 to 2010 then took 6 yrs off virtual worlds
[11:37] Magnuz.Binder Welcome back, Serene.
[11:37] Avatar Fest: Isis, we can pick out a parcel for Arcana today too
[11:37] Isis.Ophelia oh wow just now things start to appear
[11:37] Sun.Tzu WB Don
[11:37] Don.Smith just returned a bit over 2 months ago
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia whispers: hello Don, Serene, hey
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia Truelle
[11:38] Leighton.Marjoram It took a while for things to appear for me too Isis, welcome back and great to see you.
[11:38] Serene.Jewell Thanks. That was a nasty crash. All my alerts were going off. Weird.
[11:38] Dabici.Straulino you are a lucky guy Don, you just happen to be with a bunch of passionate OpenSimers
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia thank you Leighton good to see you too
[11:38] Don.Smith Nice
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia who is behind the avatarfest ava?
[11:38] Avatar Fest: Han Held
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia Eryn is it you?
[11:38] Avatar Fest: Sorry
[11:38] Avatar Fest: πŸ™
[11:38] Isis.Ophelia ah Han hugs πŸ™‚
[11:39] Avatar Fest: πŸ˜€ Hugs
[11:39] Dabici.Straulino Spirit are you there^
[11:39] Jamie.Wright Oooh my neighbour is the Hogwarts Forbidden Forest…excellent!
[11:39] Avatar Fest: brb again, sorry -jugglign too much at once
[11:39] Avatar Fest: YES that is awesome, go see it πŸ˜€
[11:40] Jamie.Wright I’ve been cam snooping all over but yes I need to walk through it later:)
[11:40] Isis.Ophelia so good to see you all again πŸ™‚
[11:40] Jamie.Wright You too Isis:)
[11:40] Avatar Fest: Don, do you have a parcel set up?
[11:40] Don.Smith ummm, i’ll say no
[11:40] Avatar Fest: Have you asked for one, did you want one?
[11:41] Don.Smith i have land in kitely?
[11:41] Avatar Fest: Ok
[11:41] Isis.Ophelia Don, she means a parcel for an exhibit in here
[11:41] Jamie.Wright Do you build thinsg Don and do you have anything you feel like showing off? Because that constitutes and exhibit:)
[11:41] Don.Smith that would be interesting
[11:41] Magnuz.Binder I see your mesh but not your avatar, Isis.
[11:41] Isis.Ophelia if you would be interested to show what you do
[11:41] Selby.Evans don builds things
[11:42] Isis.Ophelia only condition its that you do not advertise for things you sell πŸ™‚
[11:42] Avatar Fest: Ok, tink it over and if you come up with an idea for an exhibit, give one of us a shout
[11:42] Don.Smith Master Builderous Extraordinarious, at your service
[11:42] Jamie.Wright Yeah it’s all just for fun here and connecting. You cna give stuff away if you like….he he:)
[11:42] Jamie.Wright can*
[11:42] Selby.Evans Don has a modular theater
[11:42] Isis.Ophelia welcome Mr Extraordinarious
[11:42] Avatar Fest: Exactly what Isis said. basically no promoting rentals or other for-profit things. Groups and activities are fine, but it should be someting people come to do for fun
[11:43] Don.Smith Actually, one of the 1st things i designed and built, i give away, its a Modular theater and event build, with mulitple stages and seats
[11:43] Avatar Fest: THAT is something I have to work on writing clearer
[11:43] Avatar Fest: on G+
[11:43] Avatar Fest: There’s been a lot of confusion and I want to get it sorted out
[11:43] Truelie.Telling I want to see that, Don…
[11:43] Muddy.Bunny Would it be okay for me to set up an exhibit about our LEN activities? Not for profit, not selling ought. πŸ˜€
[11:43] Avatar Fest: That sounds awesome, Don!
[11:43] Ada.Radius How about nonprofit donation buttons?
[11:44] Don.Smith its fairly big, i can show it on my land in kitely if anyone wants to see it, and copies are free to anyone who can use it
[11:44] Truelie.Telling LEN?
[11:44] Jamie.Wright We are a non profit festival of open source free culture and all things related to the hypergrid.
[11:44] Muddy.Bunny Learn English Network
[11:44] Ada.Radius (we weren’t planning to, but the question came up)
[11:44] Arielle.Delamerlibre yes Don I want
[11:44] Truelie.Telling ty
[11:44] Avatar Fest: I’m not sure about donation buttons, I tend to say they’re ok but I want to hash it out on G+
[11:44] Arielle.Delamerlibre sounds very intereisting
[11:44] Selby.Evans might be good to show it off here — or parts
[11:44] Ada.Radius Just let us know
[11:44] Isis.Ophelia Ada I would be fine with donations bottons for non profits, my own opinion though
[11:44] Arielle.Delamerlibre interesting
[11:44] Ada.Radius we’re a 501(c)(3)
[11:44] Avatar Fest: LEN…peole come and learn english? Are you charging/is it for profit?
[11:44] Don.Smith is there space here i can rez/show this?
[11:44] Muddy.Bunny I haven’t charged for 16 years. πŸ˜€
[11:45] Avatar Fest: I tend to think donation buttons are ok, but I want to look for problems before saying “yes”
[11:45] Arielle.Delamerlibre maybe you give the LM
[11:45] Isis.Ophelia Han do I need a group to build in the parcel=
[11:45] Avatar Fest: Awesome then LEN sounds like exactly the kind of thing we want to highlight. You’re very welcome here
[11:45] Isis.Ophelia ?
[11:45] Avatar Fest: Isis, you should still be in the group
[11:45] Avatar Fest: an owner, in fact
[11:45] Muddy.Bunny Cool. Do I need to talk to someone about a plot / cost of a plot etc.
[11:46] Jamie.Wright I see pics going up from Lynn, Lynn are you Muddy Bunny?
[11:46] Isis.Ophelia hmmm not sure, as I had asked Eryn to delete me last year, let me check
[11:46] Avatar Fest: Yes, me. Did I send you a group invite? We’ll get a parcel picked out for you today
[11:46] Muddy.Bunny Yes. I am she.
[11:46] Jamie.Wright Hi:)
[11:46] Avatar Fest: :p~ I had no idea
[11:46] Muddy.Bunny waves
[11:46] Avatar Fest: Hiya
[11:46] Muddy.Bunny I’m incognito tonight. Just couldn’t hop over from Kitely.
[11:46] Avatar Fest: So -I’m going to start at least one thread on G+ about the non-profit idea and clearifying it
[11:46] Don.Smith i can also create something specific for this event, if anyone has something they would like built
[11:47] Avatar Fest: Before I assign parcels
[11:47] Avatar Fest: is there anything else?
[11:47] Avatar Fest: Anything that I’m forgetting that you need from me?
[11:47] Arielle.Delamerlibre han are parcels for buildings still available? how can I get one for this year
[11:47] Truelie.Telling am I a right group to rezz guitar anim, etc?
[11:47] Avatar Fest: It would be best if what you did for your exhibit was something you created for it …it’s not required, but it’s nice.
[11:47] Avatar Fest: Truelie you should be; we will need to test that out
[11:47] Don.Smith i built a 95% accurate replica of the Ishtar gate for history month < in about 4 hours >
[11:48] Avatar Fest: Last year for performers we had to do weird things with EM status, that’s something we want to shake out in testing this year
[11:48] Leighton.Marjoram That is a lovely object Don, I saw it the other day.
[11:48] Don.Smith ty
[11:48] Truelie.Telling ok, any time we’re both available…
[11:48] Muddy.Bunny I have a mesh platform one of my students built for our games. I don’t think it’s too heavy on land use.
[11:48] Isis.Ophelia Han please send me group invitation. My Arcana avatar is not a member, she was born after the avatarfest
[11:48] Jamie.Wright I build a diner because Han inspired me to….lol…with a post about a diner:)
[11:48] Avatar Fest: Definately -what is usually a good time for you, Truelie? Either Eryn or I could be here, depending
[11:49] Avatar Fest: AAAAh, ok, sorry, Isis -I’ll send an invite πŸ™‚
[11:49] Muddy.Bunny The diner is cool Jamie.
[11:49] Muddy.Bunny Makes me want to be bop. Or something like that.
[11:49] Isis.Ophelia thanks Han, appreciated
[11:49] Eryn.Galen is online.
[11:49] Jamie.Wright Thanks:) So Don, I say build or bring what feels right to you.
[11:49] Eryn.Galen is online.
[11:49] Eryn.Galen entered chat range (5.25 m).
[11:49] Eryn.Galen entered the region (5.25 m).
[11:49] Eryn.Galen Thanks
[11:49] Avatar Fest: heheeheh, I’m incorporating that into my micronation shomehow…the diner, that is
[11:49] Magnuz.Binder Hello, Eryn.
[11:50] Eryn.Galen hi there
[11:50] Avatar Fest: Hiya Eryn
[11:50] Truelie.Telling I’ll be around a while today, and a lot on Thursday, too, I think, although might be in my Kitely avvie then
[11:50] Jamie.Wright Hi Eryn:)
[11:50] Arielle.Delamerlibre Hi Eryn
[11:50] Muddy.Bunny Could I have an invite too?
[11:50] Isis.Ophelia hey Eryn
[11:50] Eryn.Galen Jamie πŸ™‚
[11:50] Eryn.Galen Isis:))) WHOOOHOOOO
[11:50] Phaandor.Pertwee Hi Eryn!
[11:50] Eryn.Galen You are back!
[11:50] Eryn.Galen Hi Phaa
[11:50] Avatar Fest: I thot I sent you wone, sorry, Muddy….
[11:50] Truelie.Telling hi Eryn
[11:50] Avatar Fest: That’s the avi you’re going to build with?
[11:50] Isis.Ophelia yessssss and very happy to see you all :)))
[11:50] Muddy.Bunny NP
[11:50] Phaandor.Pertwee Han, Arielle is asking if parcels are still available?
[11:50] Eryn.Galen ok, Im going to just stand here because nothing is rezzing for me
[11:50] David7.Bravin is online.
[11:51] Muddy.Bunny Thanks.
[11:51] Isis.Ophelia Eryn takes very long to rez, just be patient
[11:51] Phaandor.Pertwee take yyour time Eryn
[11:51] Isis.Ophelia but I am wondering how it will be rezzing for 30 people
[11:51] Avatar Fest: I believe we have some left though I haven’t tallied up how many we’re down…but I think we have plenty (too many?) left over
[11:51] Magnuz.Binder At least you’re rezzed to me and looking great as always, Eryn.
[11:51] Avatar Fest: So Arielle should be able to get one
[11:51] Truelie.Telling eryn rezzed quickly but Isis is still an orange cloud
[11:51] Phaandor.Pertwee oh cool
[11:51] Eryn.Galen We have some yes
[11:51] Arielle.Delamerlibre thx Han
[11:51] Ada.Radius Will I be able to get my parcel today, or should we set up a time?
[11:52] Eryn.Galen This is actually the first time things are not rezzing for me
[11:52] Avatar Fest: Ada do you have a bit, I was going to have people set up their parcels today
[11:52] Isis.Ophelia the available parcels are the ones with a number?
[11:52] Avatar Fest: Yes, Isis
[11:52] Eryn.Galen it might be because I tpd here immediately after logging in at home
[11:52] Dabici.Straulino Same Question as Ada, about parcel setting
[11:52] Arielle.Delamerlibre takes a lil bit time maybe
[11:52] Ada.Radius OK, when today? (I need to leave at noon for a bit, but maybe not long)
[11:53] Isis.Ophelia then would you please give me the Nr 14? that should be big enough for me
[11:53] Avatar Fest: Dabici you should have full ability to add media, edit the description etc; anything else we can work out
[11:53] Avatar Fest: yes. let me cam over and mark it
[11:53] Eryn.Galen Han, sorry, but thats exactly what does not yet work, so thats why Lena is trying to get land sales working
[11:54] Isis.Ophelia Truelle, did I rez now?
[11:54] Isis.Ophelia probably some texture missing on my outfit
[11:54] Dabici.Straulino great
[11:54] Eryn.Galen But Ada, we can work something out
[11:54] Truelie.Telling yes, Isis, I see you now
[11:54] Eryn.Galen Making one of you guys Estate Manager might work
[11:54] Isis.Ophelia cool!
[11:54] Avatar Fest: Ok, so Muddy, Ada and I believe Dabici need parcels
[11:54] Dabici.Straulino will you show us where our lots are?
[11:54] Avatar Fest: am I forgetting anyone?
[11:54] Magnuz.Binder I see you too now, Isis.
[11:54] Muddy.Bunny Could I have number 7? If it’s free?
[11:54] Isis.Ophelia Eryn would you please sell me parcel 14`?
[11:55] Truelie.Telling love the shoulder pet
[11:55] Eryn.Galen Talking with Arielle in IM Han. She will come later to reserve her parcel
[11:55] Isis.Ophelia left chat range.
[11:55] Avatar Fest: Ok, sounds good
[11:55] Dabici.Straulino I would like a 32×32 if possible
[11:55] Eryn.Galen Han can, She has the Master AV today
[11:55] Eryn.Galen hehe
[11:55] Arielle.Delamerlibre yes where do I have to go for it?
[11:55] Arielle.Delamerlibre ahh sorry I see
[11:55] Avatar Fest: Ok, Dabici, would you come with me?
[11:55] Arielle.Delamerlibre lol using the cam could be good
[11:56] Selby.Evans must go now — good meeting
[11:56] Avatar Fest: I’ll set you up, if everyone will excuse me a sec
[11:56] Jamie.Wright I’m going to say bye and wander to RL needs but have a good day everyone:)
((there wasn’t a formal β€˜meeting is adjourned’, at this piont I went and set up parcels for folks -Han Held))