Dabici Straulino – FATUM, the Fortune-Teller’s Home

By the users, for the users, OF the users

FATUM - Fortune-Teller's Home_001

The house of the Fortune-Teller is one of the many new builds that we, my partner Kelso Uxlay and I, Dabici Straulino, co-owner of CreaNovale Grid, are creating for a new ‘Haunted Valley’ to be located in our seasonal region Novale (hg.creanovale.ca:8052:novale).  Novale, in its new autumnal state, will be accessible from mid October to the end of November 2016.  In region Novale, we experiment with the integration of various natural landscapes, seasonal activities and humour.  We aim at offering immersive experience for nature lovers, explorer and photographers.  For Fatum, we tried to imagine and create the many artefacts that could be found in the home of a very talented and diversified Fortune Teller.

Come and visit FATUM, who knows, you may learn about your future…

Note: Fatum (Fr. Destin; En. Fate; De : Schicksal).  Fortune Teller (F. Voyante; De. Wahrsager)