Eryn Galen – the Metropolis Pompeii Project

By the users, for the users, OF the users

Pompeii Project Exhibit

The showcased Roman house is just one speck in the landscape built on and with the help of Metropolis Grid that is the Pompeii Project.
The project Pompeii reconstruction aims to reconstruct the currently known buildings and objects contained within the archaeological sites of Pompeii in a virtual environment (virtual reality) as fully and completely as possible. The result of that work is meant to be accessible to the public free of charge. The project is based on a private initiative and Metropolis builder Pixel Prim is in charge of proceedings. All participants are volunteers who work without pay.
This exhibit aims to encourage builders to take part in this huge undertaking and to raise awareness of the educational possibilities of OpenSim.
You can find more detailed information here: