Tosha Tyran – Ivory City, place of beauty and learning

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Ivory City

This display is a tribute to the late Lumiere Noir, who was a very early resident of Second Life – he started there in 2003 when SL had about 300 residents – and well known there as a teacher of building.
In Real Life an artist, photographer and finally a very dedicated teacher, he brought much of his knowledge and his passions into Virtual Worlds.
Of course he started building and figuring out the things one can do with prims from the very beginning. Lumiere the artist created things of astonishing beauty – he twisted prims as probably only he knew how to. And for Lumiere the teacher it was the most natural thing wanting to share his newly acquired knowledge with others.
So he build his very well known Ivory Tower Library of primitives in which – without exaggeration – probably thousands of avatars learned how to build.

When – somewhat later we learned about OpenSim and the fascinating new possibilities of building here, we got loads of regions and started to experiment. And of course it was not long before Lumiere started to build a replica of his Ivory Tower also in OpenSim (in Craft-World). But by now he wanted more – he got bored with his first tower, it was too much of what he had already made, he wanted something new. He talked about moving his project to Sanctuary, the little but well cared for Grid of Shaun Emerald.

The shown tower is an example of late Lumiere Noir’s and Tosha Tyran’s builds of learning the art of prim-twisting and was originally an approximately 120 x 120 x 120 prim build of about 2,000 prims. It was converted to mesh for AvatarFest so that it “wouldn’t explode the place” (quote Tosha Tyran) and can be copied!

The exhibit also includes a notecard with a full explanation of the project that was started by Lumiere Noir and Tosha Tyran.


You find the original Ivory City on Sanctuary grid. It is place to wander about and for those who want to learn the art of building with prims, it contains intuitive lessons on notecards in different languages, example builds and quite some useful and/or curious freebies.

All – except for some freebies – is build purely prims!