Szavanna Sunshine – World music, world culture

By the users, for the users, OF the users

Sunvibes Exhibit

Sunvibes is a world music / world cultures project in Second Life and on the internet. It aims to connect people and their cultures, traditions, ways of thinking so that we can become more comfortable and accepting towards each other, learn from each others traditions and fully enjoy all things fun, vibey regardless which corner of the planet it comes from. Sunvibes aims to unite and so they don’t focus so much on one specific spot or club where they meet – rather on meeting anywhere on the grid and even beyond- on FB, Youtube, Soundcloud. They encourage peeps to collaborate in any way that feels fun.
Sunvibes is not only a music project, we are also building a resource center called the Sunvibes Workshop – that includes free textures, objects, scripts, fractals for your building pleasure.

Sunvibes does have a home in Second Life – come visit Sunvibes land, enjoy the relaxing spots, the huts, the African sky village, you can even move into one of the village huts or sky homes.

This exhibit contains an African style dancing spot with links to their web ressources.