Cyberserenity Vella – Mesh Project

By the users, for the users, OF the users

Mesh Project Exhibit


“As an artis it is nice to do new things sometime. I have done many exhibitions with prims so this is new for me.” says Cyberserenity Vella.

Her exhibit for AvatarFest is a mesh project with bones and and a lot of different 3D software. She is working on a bigger Opensim project and realized that mesh would probably be the way forward. So this exhibit is a test to see if she could do an art project like this.

Of special note are the lions, because she is woking on some lion heads in clay in her RL studio. Those are inspired by the lion heads in Galas mausoleum outside Barcelona, Spain which she loved when visiting a few years ago. So she took the shape and found it nice to get that shape over to the Opensim world and try to explore it further.