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Condensation Land

Condensation Land started in Second Life in May 2007. After the Openspace fiasco, it was migrated to Openlife, then to its own hypergrid-enabled mini-grid, and finally to Metropolis. It includes works of (in historical order) Zonja Capalini (the Condensation Land Club, Zonja’s home, the Klein bottle, the Mirror Worlds exhibition building), Favio Piek and Ludmilla Writer (Arrabal Tango Club), Shoshisn Shilova (various sculptures and trees), Breen Whitman (Eastern Gasworks), Omurtag Milev (Temple, Conceptior and AngelicoMiquelis, three 64K sqm islands located in Condensation East) and Plastichansa Bade (various mesh objects, flying dragons). The Mirror Worlds exhibition features sculptures by Shoshisn Shilova and pictures by Florence Babenco, Zonja Capalini, Sennaspirit Coronet (Senna), Monika Finchy, Shoshisn Shilova, Mikil Tiki and Ludmilla Writer. Condensation Land and its sister sim Condensation East are currently maintained by Zonja Capalini and Plastichansa Bade abd located in the Metropolis grid. To learn more about the history of Condensation Land, please visit http://www.condensation.land/history/.
A joint project of Zonja Capalini and Plastichansa Bade, this exhibit for Avatarfest features Plastichansa’s mesh versions of some of the historical parts of Condensation Land: a mesh version of the original 2889-prim Klein bottle weighting only two prims, and a scaled-down mesh version of the Condensation Land Club weighting only four prims. Plastic is also the creator of the whole building, the trees, the sculpture on the top, and the letters.
In an attempt to offer as much information as possible while reducing visual spam to the minimum, Zonja has created a set of “Infoclocks”. An Infoclock packs a lot of information about a certain subject: basic facts, history, videos, landmarks, and even (in some cases) self-destructing temporary miniature rotating 3D mesh representations, while still being a beautiful object. The infoclock also suggests web pages and is able to provide a landmark. The clocks are gently held in hands sprouted by Plastic’s trees.
You can visit Condensation Land at hop://hypergrid.org:8002/Condensation Land/387/384/22.
Condensation Land has its own web: http://www.condensation.land/, and a blog: https://blog.condensation.land/.