Serene Jewell – The History Hub

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History Hub

The History Hub region on Kitely began as a collaboration of Kitely residents who organized a “History Month” in August 2016. The event was designed to highlight the many historically-inspired builds in Kitely and to encourage the creation of more of them. At the History Month region, visitors received a HUD and landmarks to allow them to visit the history-related worlds around the grid. Or they could just walk through the portals to be teleported to their destination. The month-long celebration included history related musical, literary and educational events.
History Month was a collaboration of Ghaelen D’Lareh (most of the gates,) Dot Matrix (landscaping,) Ruby O’Degee (The HUD and Giver,) Freda Frostbite (stellar event coordination,) Don Smith (that beautiful Ishtar gate and the Roman dance floor,) Graham Mills (thoughtfulness and common sense,) and Serene Jewell (everything else.)

After History Month was over Serene Jewell decided to keep the History Hub open and expand the history portals to include other history-related places on opensim. The address is Hub.

Contact Serene Jewell inworld or at to add your world to the growing list of history-related portals and landmarks.