Anette Hummel – Mesh Clothing and Party Fun Radio

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Anettes Exhibit

Anette Hummel, long time academy director and teacher, shows off her new projects: Making Mesh clothing and Party Fun Radio.

Her exhibit is solely done in German.


anette-blenderMaking Mesh clothing is done using Blender with Avastar, this is a paid add-on program, with which the Mesh clothing is made portable. (Pivot points)
Even if it looks so easy in this picture, this is a complex process, such as the clothing is created.
For this reason, there will also be a course about it – at Anettes Academy in the grid Anettes World, where other courses also take place. Do do that, the participant needs to contact Anette to get enrolled.
The finished clothing is offered on the shopping regions.



Her other project is the Party Fun Radio, Next Life World grid radio. It exists since 2010 and as a grid radio they sonicate many events with several DJ / DJane, also in other grids.
Who wants to hear the radio can simply enter the following stream in the player: