AvatarFest 2016

By the users, for the users, OF the users

This was AvatarFest 2016!

Thank you to Leighton Majoram for the video 🙂


The AvatarFest 2016 was a festival from Friday, September 30th to Sunday October 2nd – three days of exiting exhibitions of OpenSim creations and great performances of wonderful artists on: http://avatarfest.net:6000.

For the second time talented artists, builders and OpenSim users were showing off their diverse projects in numerous exhibits. Live-acts, DJs and other artists performed on the big stage and gave an audio treat to all visitors. Although the second installment of the user focused festival was riddled with (mainly technical) problems, a lot of visitors vouched for the popularity of the event. There was a lot to discover!

Find all information about our exhibitors and the performances from 2016. Our planning Meeting transcripts are all here.

As in the first year, many users made great pictures.

This second AvatarFest, which was again hosted on a grid independent, standalone region, was realized with the generous help and donations from so many users: Thank you so much! We received so much that it not only covered the server costs, but also contributetd a donation to the Singularity Viewer project. A special thank you goes to our sponsors and all the helping hands that make this festival possible, so credit where credit is due:

Credits for the 2016 AvatarFest go to:

– AvatarFest SIM: hosted by Lena Vanilli
– 2016 Sponsors: Outworldz.com, Minetheree Athanasios, Talla Adam, Sunbeam Magic
– On the spot festival manager: Danko Whitfield & Zinnia Frenzy
– Performing Artist organizer: Zinnia Frenzy & Sunbeam Magic
– Greeters: Zinnia Frenzy, Daubici Straulino, Sunbeam Magic
– Spontaneous Crisis Aid: cleopatra rajal