Transcript: 16th October Meeting, 2015

By the users, for the users, OF the users

[11:07] John Sheppard: is this going to be voice?

[11:07] Han.Held shouldn’t be

[11:07] Eryn Calen: hey

[11:07] Han.Held I’m not going on voice

[11:07] John Sheppard: if so I have to see if my headset is working

[11:07] Han.Held heya Eryn 🙂

[11:07] Selby Evans: can be in voice or text

[11:07] Han.Held text

[11:07] Selby Evans: I will talk

[11:07] Reyn.Softly Alan – you appear to be very seasonable

[11:08] Han.Held also I promised transcripts to people who can’t attend

[11:08] Your Teacher: Oh. OK. I can type, but I have a glass of red wine in front of me, so I plead the fifth.

[11:08] Eryn Calen: text please, so we can post it after :))

[11:08] Han.Held yeah, what Eryn said

[11:08] Alan.Tupper heeh thanks Reyn

[11:08] Han.Held ok, brb, getting set up IRL

[11:08] Selby Evans: ok han — so we have to write what is important

[11:08] Isis.Ophelia hello again

[11:09] Eryn Calen: hello again Isis :))

[11:09] Eryn Calen: hey Tom

[11:09] Tom Frost: huhu 🙂

[11:09] Isis.Ophelia still rezzing some of you are grey

[11:09] Reyn.Softly Hi Tom

[11:09] Reyn.Softly I thought I was offline – silent bunch

[11:09] Selby Evans: there is a meeting place here — want to use in Han.Held

[11:10] Your Teacher: You don’t have a white dot Reyn.

[11:10] Tom Frost: does it have chairs selby? 🙂

[11:10] Reyn.Softly I could sit down – I have a tack in my hiking sandals here

[11:10] Isis.Ophelia do we need voice?

[11:10] Your Teacher: I can hear Selby, but I think the others want to use Local Chat.

[11:10] Tom Frost: voice is not working for me atm 🙁

[11:10] Tom Frost: can’t hear, can’t talk

[11:10] Isis.Ophelia I cant talk today cuz I am coughing too much

[11:10] Alan.Tupper I agree text is probably the best option for now

[11:10] Alan.Tupper I also have the death plague

[11:11] Isis.Ophelia no voice in here thoough

[11:11] Tom Frost: (it’s something to do with my viewer and linux, i need to debug that)

[11:11] Your Teacher: Wow. Linux!

[11:11] Your Teacher: Nice one.

[11:11] Isis.Ophelia ok I see dot over my head

[11:12] Isis.Ophelia anyone talking?

[11:12] Isis.Ophelia I hear nothing

[11:12] Your Teacher: As long as you promise to proofread it first.

[11:12] Tom Frost: nice, 6 grids represented if i’m counting correctly

[11:12] Your Teacher: I have a reputation to consider. 🙂

[11:12] Eryn Calen: I will be back shortly, just getting Mystic, who is on Lumyia

[11:12] Han.Held Ok, we have seats available to us, let’s wait a minute and see if we have any stragglers then go sit down

[11:12] Isis.Ophelia ok Eryn

[11:12] Teleport completed from https://metropolis_metav/region/Cookie%20II/145/128/25

[11:13] Eryn Galen is Online

[11:13] Region found!

[11:13] Teleport completed from https://metropolis_metav/region/Eryntest/115/134/22

[11:13] Inventory item offered to MysticFire.TheFreak

[11:13] Eryn Calen: did you get the LM?

[11:14] Eryn Galen received your inventory offer.

[11:15] Teleport completed from https://metropolis_metav/region/Avatarfest/61/66/22

[11:15] Cookie II traffic monitor Pylon V2: Welcome back, Eryn Calen. Please enjoy your stay.

[11:15] todo received your inventory offer.

[11:16] Your Teacher: Do you want to follow me?

[11:16] Your Teacher: Flying?

[11:16] Your Teacher: Or a TP?

[11:16] Alan.Tupper either works for me

[11:17] Isis.Ophelia no,

[11:17] Isis.Ophelia she went to pick up someone

[11:17] Isis.Ophelia who is lost in another place or so she said

[11:17] Han.Held my radar is acting weird here

[11:17] Selby Evans: This sand box is open for anyone to visit — To rez you have to be in the Hobo sandboxers group

[11:17] Han.Held let me post the coordinates to the group

[11:17] Teleport offer sent to MysticFire.TheFreak

[11:18] Isis.Ophelia I think I got the group already

[11:18] Eryn Calen: lol sorryoh yes, much more comfy :))

[11:18] Selby Evans: If anyone wants to rez, I can invite your

[11:18] Tom Frost: herding avatars is like herding cats..

[11:18] Your Teacher: LOL

[11:18] Isis.Ophelia hahahaha

[11:18] Selby Evans: you

[11:18] Han.Held I think cats are easier 😀

[11:18] Isis.Ophelia well over 90% already here

[11:18] Han.Held Hi, Mystic 🙂

[11:18] Tom Frost: you haven’t met my cat..

[11:18] Han.Held yeah I’m ready to start

[11:18] Eryn Calen: Well, Mystic made it…

[11:18] Han.Held if everyone else is

[11:19] Isis.Ophelia I am

[11:19] Eryn Calen: sure

[11:19] Tom Frost: yepyep

[11:19] Han.Held I have a couple of things to announce

[11:19] Isis.Ophelia I cant stay longer than 1 hour then back to my bed

[11:19] Han.Held unless Eryn wants to?

[11:19] Magnuz Binder listens

[11:19] Your Teacher: What time is it where you are?

[11:19] Isis.Ophelia 8pm

[11:19] Isis.Ophelia 8.19 pm

[11:19] Eryn Calen: 20 past 😉

[11:19] Han.Held First thing; I’ve paid for an ad on SLU

[11:20] Han.Held which will run from now until Nov 16th

[11:20] MysticFire.TheFreak i see no users in mini map

[11:20] Selby Evans: 1:20 pm — texas

[11:20] Your Teacher: Howdy Texas.

[11:20] Isis.Ophelia ok Han

[11:20] Han.Held He’s giving me extra rotation for free, which is nice.

[11:20] Tom Frost: cool, need me to chip in?

[11:20] Han.Held Second thing; the website is live now

[11:20] Selby Evans: I see 10 users on main map

[11:20] Han.Held but needs to be filled out

[11:21] Alan.Tupper excellent work

[11:21] Han.Held the address is

[11:21] Your Teacher: Might be a Kitely think Selby.

[11:21] Tom Frost: ooo a website o/

[11:21] Han.Held lastly, the region should be live on the 23rd, I believe

[11:21] Han.Held I think it’s going to be at the same address

[11:21] Your Teacher: November – capital N. Aaaghh! Stop me someone!

[11:21] Han.Held when I have the URL, I”ll post it to the site

[11:22] Isis.Ophelia ok good job Han

[11:22] Reyn.Softly Excellent progress

[11:22] Tom Frost: looks good, we might change the default language to english maybe 🙂

[11:22] Magnuz Binder: Great work. You’ve been busy, Han.

[11:22] Han.Held I just did SLU; the site is courtesy of Eryn and she has been very busy 🙂

[11:22] Selby Evans: Web sire opens

[11:22] Your Teacher: You might want to unwordpress it, it does tend to be a magnet for hackers. Sad but true.

[11:23] Han.Held I was wondering about that

[11:23] Han.Held the pw is pretty secure but they don’t need pw access

[11:23] Isis.Ophelia is it a wordpress blog or hosted on your server Eryn?

[11:23] Your Teacher: Yes. The bots search for “WordPress”.

[11:23] Tom Frost: i’ll be happy to help out with sysadmin work if needed

[11:23] Tom Frost: i work for an it security company 🙂

[11:24] Isis.Ophelia sounds great Tom 🙂

[11:24] Your Teacher: BTW – I love the banner and posters.

[11:24] Han.Held I’ll let you and Eryn talk that out, Tom. 🙂

[11:24] Isis.Ophelia thank to Sofee Supermarine she made the poster

[11:24] Han.Held They are awesome -I’m using them for SLU as well

[11:24] Your Teacher: 🙂

[11:24] Han.Held Yes, we’re getting a lot of use out of them; and thanks for the reminder; I need to credit her on the website

[11:25] Isis.Ophelia thank you Han

[11:25] Han.Held I don’t see Eryn; did she leave or am I glitching

[11:25] Your Teacher: Could you set that to copy? I need to pop one in the LEN academy.

[11:25] Isis.Ophelia she didnt ask for it, but I think its something we should do

[11:25] Your Teacher: Eryn is here.

[11:25] Han.Held credit, Isis? I agree

[11:25] Reyn.Softly took a snapshot.

[11:25] Your Teacher: Well done Eryn. 🙂

[11:26] Isis.Ophelia yes Han

[11:26] Isis.Ophelia oh that board looks good

[11:26] Han.Held Yes it ioes

[11:26] Han.Held Hi Denise

[11:26] Tom Frost: got into blender again

[11:26] Magnuz Binder: Yep. I’ll feel a bit sad taking them down from my regions after the fest is over. They look very nice.

[11:26] Isis.Ophelia got a copy

[11:26] Tom Frost: i wanted rounded corners 🙂

[11:26] Your Teacher: Is there a notecard I can put in it for my students?

[11:26] Isis.Ophelia Tom I want to thank you for promoting the avatarfest 🙂

[11:26] Eryn Calen: I am here, right next to you Han. Well, my alt is. less baggage 😉

[11:26] Your Teacher: Or the official blurb.

[11:27] Isis.Ophelia I was in G+ today and saw your reshares 🙂

[11:27] Han.Held Other than that, I don’t have much to say; still have exhibit spaces open and still need performers

[11:27] Tom Frost: i’ll put a script in the board to link to the website

[11:27] Your Teacher: Great. 🙂

[11:27] Han.Held So I’ll open up the floor

[11:27] Selby Evans: save oars if the creators will let you —

[11:27] Han.Held Oh!

[11:27] Han.Held wait!

[11:27] Han.Held I do have a concern

[11:27] Isis.Ophelia listens

[11:27] Magnuz Binder: Great idea, Tom. I’ll do the same with the ones I’ve posted.

[11:27] Han.Held is everyone able to get to metro?

[11:27] Han.Held I’m alarmed by the difficulty I had this morning

[11:28] Isis.Ophelia yes, I am

[11:28] Magnuz Binder: I could get there at least.

[11:28] Tom Frost: i haven’t had difficulty on metropolis for ages

[11:28] Eryn Calen: takes a while for my first login, but no problem

[11:28] Your Teacher: I couldn’t, but it was probably me.

[11:28] Isis.Ophelia it was avatarfest not reachable

[11:28] Reyn.Softly I was okay last week

[11:28] Han.Held I’m thinking of using my vps as a fallback region or mirror in case of dificulties reaching the main region; thoughts?

[11:28] Isis.Ophelia metro was ok

[11:28] Your Teacher: I’m a relative Hypergridding newbie.

[11:28] Tom Frost: been online for all the week

[11:28] Tom Frost: what plans are there server-wise?

[11:28] Your Teacher: @Han – the more backups the better.

[11:28] Tom Frost: i could possibly maybe sort out some dedicated server space

[11:28] Selby Evans: I got to metropolitan grid — is Metro different

[11:29] Eryn Calen: yes I needed to restart it.

[11:29] Han.Held

[11:29] Isis.Ophelia Selby its the same

[11:29] Eryn Calen: Metropolis Metaversum is the official name, its

[11:29] Isis.Ophelia we need a stable server, for the final region. Do we have one?

[11:29] MysticFire.TheFreak my small grid runs on a root server own i

[11:29] Han.Held Eryn; when the time comes, would you be able to make me a copy of the oar to load onto my vps?

[11:29] Han.Held in case people can’t get to the main site?

[11:30] Eryn Calen: Sure Han

[11:30] Selby Evans: thought so, but also found grid called metro

[11:30] Eryn Calen: I am making daily OARs now just in case

[11:30] Han.Held Great; that won’t work for performers, but at least if people can’t see exhibits on one; they can on the other.

[11:30] Eryn Calen: because people are building

[11:30] Han.Held Great! 🙂

[11:31] Han.Held So that’s me. Floor’s open if anyone wants to step up to say or ask anything

[11:31] Eryn Calen: But I dont think with the final region we will have these problems.

[11:31] Tom Frost: about building, i had a 20×20 plot, but i can’t remember which one 🙂 how does it work, anyone can build everywhere or do i need to own the plot?

[11:31] Tom Frost: (btw is anyone taking notes or going over the log later to make notes?)

[11:31] Han.Held You need to join the group

[11:31] Han.Held The plot is group-owned

[11:31] Eryn Calen: I attribute a lot to my shoddy approach as hoster 😉

[11:31] Alan.Tupper I think the idea is to comb the log

[11:31] Tom Frost: ah, ok i’m in the exhibitors group so should be good then

[11:31] Eryn Calen: Tom: This will be posted as a trascript on the group

[11:32] Your Teacher: Is everything being co-ordinated in G+?

[11:32] Eryn Calen: I can show you where Tom 😉

[11:32] Isis.Ophelia Eryn I have my plot. Do I still need to join a group? I would rather not

[11:32] Han.Held Eryn, can you make sure we have groups on the final server? So we can invite performers and volunteers?

[11:32] Eryn Calen: Yes, Your Teacher

[11:32] Magnuz Binder: If needed, I probably could free a dedicated root server at Hetzner with 16 GB memory and 6 TB disk, if you need additional backup. But I’m no good at hardening it, so I’d need help with that.

[11:32] Eryn Calen: Sure Han

[11:32] Tom Frost: eryn: i figured, i’ll drop a breadcrumb 🙂

[11:32] Eryn Calen: Are groups not working on my region atm?

[11:32] Tom Frost: magnuz: that sounds pretty darn good

[11:33] Han.Held I mean on the final standalone, Eryn

[11:33] Eryn Calen: hehe, lets do that after this meeting, Tom

[11:33] Alan.Tupper looking into the specs of a dedicated server via digiworldz

[11:33] Your Teacher: As volunteers will we need a hypergrid account too?

[11:33] Han.Held I hear you, Isis, I think we could work out individual ownership if you prefer that.

[11:33] Eryn Calen: They will be on, Han

[11:33] Your Teacher: I’m a Kitely lass.

[11:33] Isis.Ophelia Alan we wanted that the final region is grid independent

[11:33] Magnuz Binder: I run some regions on it for a friend, but she’s almost never around, so I’d need to check it’s OK if I take her regions offline for a month or so.

[11:33] Tom Frost: your teacher: you could also hg there with your kitely avatar

[11:33] Tom Frost: that’s the beauty of the hypergrid 🙂

[11:33] Han.Held Yes, this is going to be done over the hypergrid, though I suppose local (to that grid) accounts could be offered –Eryn?

[11:33] Your Teacher: But for “group” messages?

[11:34] Eryn Calen: Isis, it will work without the group, but I was planning to disable building for non-group member when the Event actually runs

[11:34] Han.Held local accounts for volunteers or performers

[11:34] Tom Frost: nah, just use your home account

[11:34] Tom Frost: shows the diversity much more

[11:34] Your Teacher: Okay. 🙂

[11:34] Eryn Calen: It will be a full standalone hypergrid enabled, so in theory we can offer local accounts

[11:34] Tom Frost: all the tags ‘@somegrid:8002’ 🙂

[11:34] Alan.Tupper here’s the link to the specs for a dedicated server via digiworldz

[11:34] Isis.Ophelia hypergrid has a group bug. Groups you make in another grid, count in your local grid. And there is no way to leave them

[11:34] Eryn Calen: but I would prefer not to

[11:34] Han.Held Yes, this is true, Isis.

[11:34] Isis.Ophelia I would prefer to not need to join a group

[11:35] Han.Held Ok, that’s a good point

[11:35] Han.Held and something I”ve noticed before

[11:35] Eryn Calen: Isis: no need if you dont need to build when the event runs

[11:35] Han.Held Alternate suggestions?

[11:35] Isis.Ophelia already got 4 groups countings towards my grid groups of 50 and can not get rid of them

[11:35] Tom Frost: wait, we’re in opensim and we still have silly group limits? gasps 🙂

[11:35] Han.Held ikr

[11:35] Eryn Calen: Again: If exhibitors do not need to rezz when the event is running, there is no need to join the group

[11:35] Isis.Ophelia ok I just need to make the info boards and place them

[11:35] Your Teacher: Ouch! Reality bites.

[11:36] Han.Held 100 groups should be enough for anybody :p

[11:36] Isis.Ophelia I got only 50 in digiworldz

[11:36] Han.Held hmmm

[11:36] Han.Held Isis

[11:36] Eryn Calen: ok, someone invite me from here, please?

[11:36] Isis.Ophelia Han is ok. I am fine

[11:36] Eryn Calen: I am thinking the owner should be able to kick anyone out of a group 😉

[11:36] Isis.Ophelia I do not need to rez once the event is running

[11:36] Tom Frost neither

[11:36] Isis.Ophelia Eryn the thing its I do not appear in the hypergrid gorup

[11:37] Han.Held It’s a good logistical point, though; I’m not sure what to do from here. My best guess is to build on metro, then load from an oar

[11:37] Isis.Ophelia she can not kick me

[11:37] Your Teacher: What is the policy on griefers? I’ve only ever helped out on SL, so maybe it’s not an issue in OS.

[11:37] Eryn Calen: ouch, Isis. Thats a pretty nasty bug

[11:37] Isis.Ophelia its definetly a hypergrid bug. Ok np I am fine

[11:37] Han.Held I don’t expect griefers to be a problem

[11:37] Your Teacher: Good. That’s the only reason I can see to need a group, to give kicking rights.

[11:37] John Sheppard: I would think you would have more issues with sim limits

[11:38] Han.Held I’d be happy to give volunteers EM status if they want to be able to kick any real griefers out

[11:38] Isis.Ophelia ok now, how many expo plots are still not used?

[11:38] Eryn Calen: Your teacher, up until everything is built we are doing nightly OARs, after that everything will be on there, so even if we do get hit, I dont expect any damage

[11:38] Your Teacher: If people could also just keep a browser open to the G+ group. NP.

[11:38] Han.Held Eryn? how many slots are available at this point?

[11:38] Eryn Calen: let me count, Isis

[11:38] Alan.Tupper do we have anyone with AvaCon experience onboard yet? If not, it might be worth reaching out to them to see if they can lend any insight, etc.

[11:39] Isis.Ophelia please lets try to make a resumee and see what we still need to do?

[11:39] Eryn Calen: its 9 plots

[11:39] Isis.Ophelia where we need to put our attention

[11:39] Tom Frost: -> get more performers

[11:39] Eryn Calen: and Tom, yours is the only 20×20 😉

[11:39] Isis.Ophelia ok we need 9 more exhibitors

[11:39] Tom Frost: eryn: really, i thought i saw two.. but ah, i’ll look better 🙂

[11:39] Your Teacher: The Open Sim community conference was very good last year.

[11:39] Isis.Ophelia and some performers?

[11:39] Eryn Calen: Han: I still did not get a response from Russell. But I will try Tommy Jonas for DJ

[11:39] Your Teacher: Might be worth reaching out to them too.

[11:40] Tom Frost: would be useful to reach out to the oscc folks, they have their sim tuned for heavy usage

[11:40] Alan.Tupper agreed Teacher

[11:40] Isis.Ophelia anyone of you has contact to performers?

[11:40] Isis.Ophelia or DJs? metro has many DJs

[11:40] Tom Frost: hmm.. some.. in sl..

[11:40] Your Teacher: I can do a poetry reading in the style of Patti Smith. (Joke).

[11:40] Tom Frost: gcg has hundreds of djs!

[11:41] Isis.Ophelia ohhh BTW POETRY Oshi event is not in the calendar

[11:41] Han.Held Ok, I believe Nara Malone is interested ina plot, are you counting her?

[11:41] Han.Held Thanks for the reminder! I’ll PM her and ask her what time she wants to be on

[11:41] Eryn Calen: hehe, I did get Crystal to do a reading. I still have to get her to get a time.

[11:41] Isis.Ophelia hello Jen

[11:41] Tom Frost: would be nice to get the avatar reportary theatre

[11:41] Eryn Calen: Han: Nara has a plot, still 9 empty 😉

[11:41] Han.Held Please let me know when you get the time, Eryn and I’ll put it on the calendar

[11:41] jen.smith hello

[11:41] Han.Held Thanks, Eryn

[11:41] Your Teacher: You must have poetry. It’s what I am using to get my students to come along. 🙂

[11:41] Han.Held Hi, Jen

[11:41] Tom Frost: hijen

[11:41] Your Teacher: Will there be dancing?

[11:41] Eryn Calen: yes, that would be great, I will contact Emil. Good idea

[11:41] Reyn.Softly Hi jen

[11:41] Isis.Ophelia Tom I would love to have them, but they have not reacted

[11:41] jen.smith diid i wak into the middle of something

[11:42] Han.Held Lynne; I’d like a spot for dancing

[11:42] Selby Evans: Hope to have some from avatar Rep Theater

[11:42] Han.Held Can we set that up, Eryn?

[11:42] Tom Frost: jen: yep, feel free to join!

[11:42] Isis.Ophelia Jen we have a meeting

[11:42] Tom Frost: jen: we’re planning avatarfest

[11:42] jen.smith oh

[11:42] MysticFire.TheFreak dancing would be awesome

[11:42] Tom Frost:

[11:42] Your Teacher: Now you have walked in, you are a volunteer.

[11:42] Han.Held you can join us if you like

[11:42] Your Teacher: It’s the rules.

[11:42] Han.Held whispers: LOL 😀

[11:42] jen.smith LOL

[11:42] Eryn Calen: Han: lots of empty in front of the stage 😉

[11:42] Eryn Calen: We can simply put some danceballs out

[11:42] Han.Held That’s what I thought, is there a free dance thingy we can get for people?

[11:43] jen.smith hi reyn

[11:43] John Sheppard: I would recommend Aine’s!

[11:43] Eryn Calen: Sure, Aines Paramour Danceball

[11:43] Your Teacher: There is a very good one – yes. that’s the one.

[11:43] Magnuz Binder: Aine’s dance machine is pretty great and has survived 50+ avatars on D&J Friday parties.

[11:43] Eryn Calen: I have it

[11:43] Han.Held Sounds good, John; it has animations?

[11:43] Eryn Calen: hehehee

[11:43] Your Teacher: Really smooth dances.

[11:43] MysticFire.TheFreak i use Tashas Danceball

[11:43] Isis.Ophelia we have the paramour dance ball

[11:43] Your Teacher: Best I’ve found, and belly dancing.

[11:43] Tom Frost: i have ona i really like (dance ball), should check where i got it

[11:43] MysticFire.TheFreak i guess its free

[11:43] Selby Evans: Ada has been moving–now settling in and will be able to do things next week

[11:43] Your Teacher: Can’t go wrong with that.

[11:43] Your Teacher: It is.

[11:43] Eryn Calen: Aines is completely free, single, couple and dances with NPCs

[11:43] Tom Frost: jen: do you know any performers?

[11:44] Eryn Calen: bes around afaik

[11:44] Isis.Ophelia Eryn in front of the stage? the dance place?

[11:44] Han.Held I want to go with Aines

[11:44] Eryn Calen: Yes Isis?

[11:44] Your Teacher:

[11:44] Tom Frost: let’s just have *all* the danceballs

[11:44] Eryn Calen: lol Tom

[11:44] Han.Held whispers: LOL TOM 😀

[11:44] strannik.zipper Aines is good, but make sure that the sim has OSSL properly configured or it won’t work

[11:44] Your Teacher: Her sim is Paramour.

[11:44] Your Teacher: So jealous.

[11:44] Your Teacher: 🙂

[11:44] Your Teacher: Ah true.

[11:44] John Sheppard: It’s the club dancer, it’s got npc couples, couples and single dances all in one.

[11:44] Eryn Calen: strannik, its already configured to have NPCs running

[11:44] Han.Held Thanks, Strannik; we can test it –maybe with a shakedown event before hand?

[11:44] John Sheppard: it’s awesome

[11:45] strannik.zipper good idea

[11:45] Eryn Calen: we should test it with the final region…

[11:45] Tom Frost: btw, is already an exhibitor?

[11:45] Eryn Calen: Maybe around 7th November

[11:45] strannik.zipper has the sim been stress tested as well

[11:45] Eryn Calen: Tom: No

[11:45] Han.Held No, the region isn’t online yet

[11:45] Isis.Ophelia maybe strannik can gift us with a 2nd spinning time? 🙂

[11:45] Tom Frost: i don’t even know who is behind opensimworld

[11:45] Han.Held It’s expected to land on the 23rd

[11:45] Eryn Calen: strannik,: so far its only on my server, the final region is not online yet

[11:45] John Sheppard: Um, Hypergrid Safari went to see him.

[11:45] strannik.zipper I already have two spinning times!

[11:45] Your Teacher: You could put a call out to us on G+ to log in when you think it’s ready.

[11:45] Isis.Ophelia ok opensimworld to list the event, the final region must be online

[11:45] John Sheppard: I just caught that in my notices

[11:46] Isis.Ophelia then we can register it, put a beacon on it and write the event

[11:46] Tom Frost: we should have these meetings more often before the event (and after for post-mortem)

[11:46] Tom Frost: and have those on the final region

[11:46] Han.Held I’ll vouch for that; let me check the times Strannik

[11:46] John Sheppard: Hey Ferd!

[11:46] Han.Held welcome, Ferd, glad you found us 🙂

[11:46] Ferd.Frederix waves at everybody

[11:46] MysticFire.TheFreak great Idea Tom

[11:46] Han.Held afk, checking the calendar

[11:46] John Sheppard: DESTINATION 1 opensimworld, OSGrid


Meet Satyr Gator, founder of the premier open sim destination website.

Ask him about the origins of the website, his regions on metropolis and OSGrid, and make suggestions or comments about the way the website works and how it will evolve.

HG Address

[11:46] Eryn Calen: Hey Ferd

[11:46] Isis.Ophelia waves to Ferd, welcome

[11:46] Alan.Tupper waves to Ferd

[11:47] Your Teacher: This is so nice. I have seen the names, now I can meet the avatars. 😀

[11:47] Tom Frost: i’ll hunt this satyr down and get it to exhibit 🙂

[11:47] MysticFire.TheFreak hi Ferd

[11:47] Isis.Ophelia Han I got opensimworld beacon on my 3 regions, if you want I can care of that

[11:47] Eryn Calen: great Tom

[11:47] Tom Frost: hello ferd

[11:47] Han.Held Yep, I have you down twice, Strannik

[11:47] Han.Held Ok, Ferd

[11:47] Magnuz Binder: I met Satyr when he was inspecting my regions, and he seems nice and easy-going.

[11:48] Selby Evans: hi Ferd.Frederix

[11:48] Tom Frost: cool, should be easy then 🙂

[11:48] Isis.Ophelia who is Satyr?

[11:48] Alan.Tupper ran into him too once or twice, I agree

[11:48] Han.Held the website is live;, I have an ad campaign on SLU and the region should be live on the 23rd on it’s own standalone

[11:48] Tom Frost: isis: the avatar behind

[11:48] Your Teacher: Will there be a HUD for visitors?

[11:48] John Sheppard: what Tom said

[11:48] Isis.Ophelia ah ok but why do we need him personally?

[11:48] Han.Held No HUD at this point, Lynne

[11:49] Han.Held I don’t object to someone making one; but I haven’t

[11:49] Tom Frost: isis: to have an exhibit on the festival 🙂

[11:49] Isis.Ophelia we just need to have the final region to register it in

[11:49] Han.Held and haven’t asked anyone to.

[11:49] Isis.Ophelia ahh to have an exhibit from him? gotya

[11:49] Tom Frost: isis: you’re thinking in the wrong direction 🙂

[11:49] Magnuz Binder: OK, so I’ll run around like crazy during the weekend and post scripts to link the website from the in-world posters.

[11:49] Han.Held Magnuz

[11:49] Tom Frost: ah cool, that’s one less thing i have to do 🙂

[11:49] Han.Held I wanted to ask if you have an exhibit spot or if you are interested in putting one up?

[11:49] Isis.Ophelia Tom you are right. My brain is slow today lol

[11:50] Han.Held Mine too –I sitll have the flue and no sleep

[11:50] Tom Frost: true, magnuz has some beautiful stuff to show!

[11:50] Magnuz Binder: I have two possibilities, Han: The historic statistics over hypergrid, or an astronomy exhibition. Take your pick if any sounds interesting enough.

[11:50] Tom Frost: oohoooh the first one 🙂

[11:50] Ferd.Frederix What is the status on available exhibit slots?

[11:50] Selby Evans: I like historic stats

[11:51] Isis.Ophelia Ferd 9 still free

[11:51] Han.Held Your call; I prefer the hypergrid statistics, but the festival is about showing off what matters to YOU, so which-ever you prefer.

[11:51] John Sheppard: I think we need 9?

[11:51] MysticFire.TheFreak the only thing i can exhibit is SS Opensim. and still not ready

[11:51] Han.Held I’m fine with either one 🙂

[11:51] Magnuz Binder: I’ll go for the hypergrid statistics then, Han.

[11:51] Han.Held Wonderful

[11:51] Your Teacher: My exhibit would drive people away. Grammar rules. 😀

[11:51] Alan.Tupper My November filled up fast, otherwise I’d love to do a exhibit with some social games :/

[11:51] Tom Frost: so who is in charge of going over action items and delegating?

[11:51] Reyn.Softly Grammar does rule.

[11:52] Your Teacher: Exactly. 🙂

[11:52] Han.Held ALan, think it over, if you want to put up a static exhibit we have slots open.

[11:52] Han.Held up to you, tho

[11:52] Isis.Ophelia Exhibitors plost Eryn is your woman

[11:52] Alan.Tupper Will do Han

[11:52] Eryn Calen: Han does all the coordinating and ads

[11:52] Han.Held I’m going to have to go in 10 minutes because RL

[11:52] Tom Frost: eryn: good! and doing an excellent job so dar

[11:52] Tom Frost: far

[11:53] strannik.zipper,550×550,white.u5.jpg

[11:53] Eryn Calen: no worries Han. We should pick a next time for meeting though before you go

[11:53] Tom Frost: alright.. i’ve got some website building to do myself

[11:53] Magnuz Binder: I’ll grab you for a plot later then, Eryn.

[11:53] Eryn Calen: sure, no worries Magnuz

[11:53] Tom Frost: and figure out how to box a 20×20 build and unrez it in one go just before the festival starts 🙂

[11:53] Eryn Calen: lol Tom

[11:53] Ferd.Frederix Han, please send me ads and any embeddble video – I can post it at the top of my main page and get more traffic for this when this is ready

[11:54] John Sheppard: there’s a holodeck for opensim

[11:54] Eryn Calen: I so do not reccomend that for various reasons 😉

[11:54] Tom Frost: lol

[11:54] Isis.Ophelia we dont have video yet. Any volunteer to make a video?

[11:54] Tom Frost: i’ll just put a big box around it then and hope no-one peaks in

[11:54] Eryn Calen: hahaha

[11:54] Han.Held Awesome, Ferd! Right now I just have a banner that Eryn made, I can either eamil that to you or send it on G+; which would be easier?

[11:54] strannik.zipper One thing that OSCC learned and did right was: test test and test before launching

[11:54] Your Teacher: If someone could send me the official blurb I can blog it, and add it to my Google group.

[11:54] Eryn Calen: John: I think Nara did that one

[11:54] Han.Held Yep, today underscored the need for testing, Strannik; that’s right.

[11:55] Tom Frost: your teacher: it can be found on the g+ thingy

[11:55] Eryn Calen: strannik, no use testing on my server 😉

[11:55] Your Teacher: Oh good. Thanks. I did look -honest.

[11:55] Ferd.Frederix either, my email is, or to the G+ account, too.

[11:55] strannik.zipper no, when it is moved, of course!

[11:55] Eryn Calen: your teacher:

[11:55] Tom Frost: strannik: indeed, as the festival gets closer we’ll all have to be there all the time stressing the server 🙂

[11:55] Han.Held I’ll email it to you after I log, Ferd –thank you so much! 🙂

[11:56] Han.Held Eryn

[11:56] Eryn Calen: Anyone have anything important before Han needs to go?

[11:56] Isis.Ophelia super cool, Ferd’s site are so well visited

[11:56] Eryn Calen: yes Han?

[11:56] Han.Held what’s the deal with voice on the server?

[11:56] Ferd.Frederix Anyone know if Nina Camplin is in the group?

[11:56] Tom Frost: what site is yours ferd?

[11:56] Your Teacher: Next meeting?

[11:56] Han.Held what are we using?

[11:56] Han.Held I’m open to suggestions for dates for the next meeting

[11:56] Tom Frost: one week from now?

[11:56] Eryn Calen: I think we do have Vivox, but I have to ask to make sure.

[11:56] Alan.Tupper Just to say thank you very much to Han for taking the lead on all of this!

[11:56] Han.Held I’d like to stick to the same time, if possible.

[11:56] Tom Frost: indeed

[11:56] Ferd.Frederix +Tom I’m at

[11:56] Your Teacher: Fine by me.

[11:56] Tom Frost applauds han

[11:56] Eryn Calen: ame time, one week from now?

[11:56] Isis.Ophelia Alan it was her idea 🙂

[11:56] strannik.zipper applauds han

[11:56] Tom Frost: ferd: ah, yes, i know it 🙂

[11:56] Eryn Calen: *same

[11:57] Your Teacher agrees with Tom.

[11:57] Ferd.Frederix Yes, THANK YOU Han Held!

[11:57] Isis.Ophelia apppppplause good idea Han

[11:57] Magnuz Binder: Yep, thank you to Han, Eryn and everyone else who have contributed so far!

[11:57] Your Teacher: Woohoo! Brilliant!

[11:57] Han.Held Isis, Eryn and everyone else whose done the work deserves the applause

[11:57] MysticFire.TheFreak thanks Han, Eryn and all

[11:57] Reyn.Softly Thank you Han; thank you all.

[11:57] Han.Held I’m jjust a loudmouth :p

[11:57] Magnuz Binder: Same time next week, or do we need a meeting before then?

[11:57] Eryn Calen: You di know that Held in German is hero, right, Han?

[11:57] Eryn Calen: smirks*

[11:57] Tom Frost: ok, 8 grids here now, nice

[11:57] Han.Held I want a stress test once the region is live

[11:57] Eryn Calen: lol we will have more than one

[11:58] Han.Held but I think that should be seperate from next week’s meeting

[11:58] Tom Frost: eryn: it’s that in dutch too 🙂

[11:58] strannik.zipper test the audio stream too

[11:58] Isis.Ophelia ok so next Friday, same time?

[11:58] Han.Held so let’s plan on meeting same time, next fri

[11:58] Eryn Calen: yes it should. I think we need to get those spaces filled

[11:58] Han.Held and if the region is open before then, I’ll put out a call for visitors

[11:58] Eryn Calen: that way we have realistic stress

[11:58] Tom Frost: ah yes, about the audio stream

[11:58] Tom Frost: are performers bringing their own or do we have one ourselves?

[11:58] Your Teacher: I’m very good at stressing people out, should work for grids too.

[11:58] Eryn Calen: If you have one, please bringit Tom 🙂

[11:58] Magnuz Binder: I can ask my partner Maggie to come there with her sim killing inventory…?

[11:59] Tom Frost: i tried to figure out all the rights stuff, but it gets complicated really fast in this context

[11:59] Han.Held So far it’s bring your own, I would be willing to rent one if it’s needed tho

[11:59] Eryn Calen: hehe good thinking Magnuz

[11:59] Tom Frost: i do have one yes 🙂

[11:59] strannik.zipper if performers have their own – someone needs to be switching which streams are parcel active

[11:59] Selby Evans: time works for me — you are welcome to come here if you need to.

[11:59] Tom Frost: i do have a parcel radio controller script

[11:59] Eryn Calen: that should not be a problem strannik

[11:59] Isis.Ophelia Han no stream needed, all have own, till now

[11:59] Your Teacher: I love what you’ve done with the place Selby. 🙂

[11:59] Han.Held Thanks, Selby; we’ll use this as a fallback if there’s problems.

[11:59] Tom Frost: limit it to a group and performers can switch in their own stream when they are on

[11:59] Selby Evans: this place is alway open

[11:59] strannik.zipper good idea to have a backup shoutcast server too

[12:00] Ferd.Frederix My parcel has a feed on it already. I could allow that for others to send to it – all it requires is Winamp and the port/password.

[12:00] Tom Frost: i use liquidsoap myself 🙂

[12:00] Your Teacher: Is Winamp still going?

[12:00] Han.Held So that’s basically a stream then, sorry to be dense.

[12:00] Han.Held Ferd, so that could be used as a stream?

[12:00] Isis.Ophelia about radio in between the performer events I suggest we use Radio Danko, it has good music and he is part of our group

[12:00] strannik.zipper I have a rather complex setup all feeding into my butt

[12:01] Tom Frost: isis: what’s the url?

[12:01] Eryn Calen: Isis, are you willing to collect all the streams beforehand?

[12:01] Isis.Ophelia that way we dont need to change to any other url

[12:01] Reyn.Softly Was I the only one who looked at his butt?

[12:01] Eryn Calen: That would make things so much easier

[12:01] strannik.zipper

[12:01] Isis.Ophelia Eryn I can do it, and pass the list to you

[12:01] Han.Held LOL Reyn I read about that, haven’t looked at it yet.

[12:01] Ferd.Frederix Whatver you can send to a Shoutcast stream can be used – you just need to install a shoutcast server like I have.

[12:01] Isis.Ophelia but

[12:01] Eryn Calen: wonderful, I was hoping you’d say that 😉

[12:01] Isis.Ophelia why dont you give the perfromers the right to set own stream?

[12:01] strannik.zipper You can get cheap 3 day stream rentals with great reliability from digistream in SL

[12:01] Tom Frost: strannik: i’m having an old-fashioned audio mixer which feeds into liquidsoap ..

[12:02] Isis.Ophelia see otherwise one of us must be there to set their stream url

[12:02] Han.Held Isis, I was hoping that oculd be done via group membership

[12:02] Eryn Calen: I can talk that over with our server person, Isis.

[12:02] Eryn Calen: I only do this as a hobby. I dont know too much about the server side… lol

[12:02] Han.Held If you have rez rights, I figured you’d have parcel media rights

[12:02] Tom Frost: han: isis: it can be done, i’ve got scripts for that 🙂

[12:02] Isis.Ophelia yes, I would let perfromers join the group

[12:02] Magnuz Binder: I have a ShoutCast server set up on my main server which can be used as a spare, if needed.

[12:02] Ferd.Frederix As long as the land is group owned, anyone can set the stream in the group. I think

[12:02] Eryn Calen: Han, no you dont

[12:02] Isis.Ophelia and give them rights to change media stream

[12:02] Han.Held Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, Isis

[12:02] Tom Frost whispers: if anything, a lack of servers is not going to be a problem it seems 🙂

[12:02] Isis.Ophelia then give as official the danko url, so when they are done, they can insert the url again

[12:02] Eryn Calen: And we were trying to avoid group…

[12:03] Tom Frost: what is the danko url?

[12:03] Magnuz Binder: Yeah, Tom. This is one collection with quite a few tech freaks.

[12:03] Isis.Ophelia yes Eryn, but perfromers, well its gonna be hard to make sure one with land powers is there

[12:03] Tom Frost: eryn: well the script can limit on avatar as well..

[12:03] Isis.Ophelia danko let me look for url

[12:03] Tom Frost: just need to specify the avatars in a notecard

[12:03] Han.Held Ok, I’m going to go. but the meeting doesn’t have to end …Eryn, can you save a transcript to post?

[12:03] strannik.zipper the radio switcher type script with all server URLs inserted (and tested) is an easy way to do it.

[12:03] Eryn Calen: Isis, there are various scripts which can be operated on an authirised list

[12:03] Ferd.Frederix Are there any geeks here? Then someone please turn on the windlight switch.

[12:03] Eryn Calen: so thats not a problem

[12:04] Eryn Calen: but for that its nice to have a list with all streams we will be needing

[12:04] Eryn Calen: so they can be selected

[12:04] Magnuz Binder: OK, Han. Once more thank you, and have a nice RL day.

[12:04] Eryn Calen: Thanks Han, take care, see ya 😉

[12:04] Han.Held Thank YOU, Magnuz and everyone 🙂

[12:04] Reyn.Softly Cheers, I have RL calling too.

[12:04] Tom Frost: han, see you later!

[12:05] Han.Held bye for now -I’m saving the transcript and hopefully Eryn or someone can save what comes after I log **waves to everyone and logs**

[12:05] Eryn Calen: Han, I will save the transcript no worries

[12:05] Magnuz Binder waves bye to Han

[12:05] Eryn Calen: unless I crash, lol

[12:05] MysticFire.TheFreak bye Han

[12:05] Isis.Ophelia

[12:05] Magnuz Binder: I got you covered if so, Eryn.

[12:05] Tom Frost: don’t tempt the viewer gods

[12:05] Eryn Calen: ok, so anyone have other matters to discuss?

[12:05] Eryn Calen: thanks Magnuz :))

[12:05] Isis.Ophelia ciao Han

[12:05] Ferd.Frederix Now that Han is gone, lets break out the Primweiser beer

[12:05] Eryn Calen: lol

[12:06] Magnuz Binder laughs

[12:06] Tom Frost: hehe

[12:06] Eryn Calen: I knew you would have beer 😉

[12:06] Isis.Ophelia I wish I could drink a beer

[12:06] Alan.Tupper is this beer bulletsim-vegan?

[12:06] John Sheppard: LOL Alan

[12:06] Eryn Calen: actually, Isis. warm beer is good against cold, bronchitis, flus even 😉

[12:06] Isis.Ophelia but antibiotics and beer doesnt go together

[12:06] Tom Frost: really excited about this 🙂

[12:07] Isis.Ophelia see you all latest next Friday

[12:07] Isis.Ophelia hugggs kisss be well

[12:07] Tom Frost: it’s going to be my hypergrid debut as a dj 🙂

[12:07] Alan.Tupper sure they do, in bright explosive colorful ways!

[12:07] Tom Frost: get well soon isis!

[12:07] Your Teacher: Bye. Thanks Selby.

[12:07] Eryn Calen: alcohol makes antibiotics go rocket 😉

[12:07] Magnuz Binder: Bye and get well soon, Isis. Take care!

[12:07] John Sheppard: hot toddies are wonderful for bronchitis

[12:07] Eryn Calen: nice Tom. Very exiting

[12:07] Alan.Tupper agreed

[12:07] Eryn Calen: bye Isis

[12:07] Alan.Tupper mmm, whiskey…

[12:07] MysticFire.TheFreak bye Isis

[12:07] Ferd.Frederix donuts

[12:08] Ferd.Frederix Bye, everybody.

[12:08] Ferd.Frederix Enjoy your world!

[12:08] Magnuz Binder: Bye, Ferd.

[12:08] strannik.zipper Cheers all!

[12:08] Eryn Calen: Magnuz, the real me is still on Avatarfest if you want to come around after this

[12:08] Eryn Calen: bye strannik

[12:08] Alan.Tupper alright, I guess I better go off and pretend to do work!

[12:08] Magnuz Binder: Hello, Nara.

[12:08] MysticFire.TheFreak i think i relog to my grid now

[12:08] Eryn Calen: Hey Nara… Sorry, I think the meeting more or less ended now

[12:08] strannik.zipper Hi Nara!

[12:09] Nara.Nook aww, knew I might miss it

[12:09] Tom Frost: i’ll go look up my name in avatarfest now, bye all have a good weekend!

[12:09] John Sheppard: Hey Nara!

[12:09] MysticFire.TheFreak hi Nara

[12:09] Eryn Calen: its ok. Transcript coming up soon

[12:09] Alan.Tupper Nara, no worries we’ll be posting the transcript

[12:09] Tom Frost: hi nara.. bye nara.. 😉

[12:09] Nara.Nook Hey all

[12:09] Magnuz Binder: Oh well, it’s nice to meet you anyway, Nara.

[12:09] Nara.Nook Bye Tom

[12:09] Nara.Nook You too Magnuz

[12:09] Magnuz Binder: Bye Tom. See you soon, I guess.

[12:09] John Sheppard: that thing called RL is pulling me away.

[12:09] Tom Frost: oh if anyone wants a copy of the board, grab one 🙂

[12:10] MysticFire.TheFreak and i switch grid now, cya

[12:10] Magnuz Binder: Bye, Mystic.

[12:10] Nara.Nook Igot it

[12:10] MysticFire.TheFreak what board

[12:10] John Sheppard: turn around Mystic

[12:10] Magnuz Binder: The AvatarFest board.

[12:10] Nara.Nook I have a copy of the blamgate too

[12:10] strannik.zipper You might want to make the poster face full bright

[12:10] Alan.Tupper bye for now everyone, good meeting!

[12:10] MysticFire.TheFreak i see only a fence

[12:10] Nara.Nook hopping home