By the users, for the users, OF the users

Thinking of exhibiting your project?
Want to perform as live act or DJ?
Like to help out as greeter or organizer?


What we said last year is still true today – and with GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation = DSGVO = DatenSchutz-GrundVerOrdnung) now in place it is more valid than ever: We thought long and hard about how to avoid last year’s issues – and we came up with a sign-up process to help us manage resources and time more efficiently and make assigning resources easier while making it as painless as we can for you, who are willing to participate in AvatarFest with your time and skill – be it as exhibitor or performer or as greeter or supporter “behind the scenes”.
This sign-up is for all our benefit and we hope that it will help us all make the festival much smoother.
July 23rd: Applications for exhibitors, performers and volunteers open
August 17th: region will open for builders
September 8th: Applications close
September 29th: Region closed to builders for troubleshooting
The following links will guide you to the actual online application forms. Please note that we will need a working email address. Without this we cannot accept your application – sorry.

Please read the policies carefully as you will be required to accept them to become a part of AvatarFest. This is not to discourage you, but to avoid confusion.
The plots for exhibitors are 32×32 meters this year.

We appreciate all the help and participation for AvtarFest you are willing to give. Thank you!

Thank you in advance for helping to make the 4th AvatarFest a success!